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  1. And Global Battlefield is the newest kid on the block!
  2. Yes I would recommend the CB ladder. I've played on all so far, and this has been the best so far!
  3. I take it that they were noobies too then. Either that or you were *cough* cheating!! Sorry but that's the only way it could have happened.
  4. Any more news as to when the league will start officially??
  5. Glitching!! Get rid of it. It's very annoying that I daren't go anywhere near a crater or bunker in this game without the fear of getting called a cheater. Have the ability to force start a server/chuck a player off the server even if I am not the host, and just a person that the host trusts enough to control what happens on the server whilst he/she may be gone. But mostly get rid of the glitching. Not that I use them, but I know of two places in GR that have got some major glitching areas and I wouldn't be surprised if there are some people out there that know and use of many, many
  6. Ok, so don't spawn kill. I''ve no problem with that, but how long should I wait for a player to leave his spawn area then? Should I wait for him to go out of view altogether? Maybe what we can do is draw an imaginary line across each map which states "you may not cross"?? If you are getting continuously spawn killed, it's because of a couple of reasons: 1. The server you are playing on has chosen too play with too many. 2. You and your team are not looking after not covering your spawn area well enough. If the above is correct then I'd recommend playing with less respawns and
  7. Depending on how big this zone might be, I would say that people will still complain about spawn campers, I personally would wait for someone to leave that zone and then kill them as soon as they leave it, hence spawn killing. I still think it's an ok thing to do, just make sure you and your team work well and that you are able to stop the other team taking control of the map too much. Or like others have said, just play with one respawn instead.
  8. It does work, and I would also recommend using Team Speak. Most people will say use Team Speak 2, although if you have too many technical problems then try Team Speak 1 instead. Hopefully GR2 will include an optional in built comms system though.
  9. IMO spawn killing is fine. Although I don't go looking for it, ff a team are not going to cover and cover their spawn area then this will happen. If this is something that annoys you then I would say go onto All Seeing Eye instead, you seem to get a better class of player on there. But there is no rule saying that spawn killing is illegal, and although it's a pooer when it happens to you, it's part of GR like, and you've just got to get used to it.
  10. It's just to make sure that we're at the top of the list m8 The early bird catches the worm... If you are interested, I would recommend that you visit our server one night and see what you think. Introduce yourself on the night and we can go from there. Our server IP is: ghostslayers.myftp.org Hope to see you online soon.
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