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  1. Operative

    Swamp Map

    Ghillie suit and a SR25 and you are done! Love that map.
  2. Operative

    What Song Are You Listening To?

  3. Operative

    Raven Six - Development Thread

    Yep, that's the idea About SOAF, don't even bother with that, it's a bad Ghost Recon + Raven Shield mashup brought to the lowest denominator,
  4. Operative

    Raven Six - Development Thread

    Can't you put the different armor types as the classes and then include all kits to all them?
  5. Operative

    2011 Ford Mustang *Update 5/27/14

    How I envy you. Here this beauty would cost around R$135k-180k (US$67k-90k) (without adding the taxes!) Even if it was officialy imported by Ford, it would still end costing a lot.
  6. Operative

    Non Player platoon AI follow player?

    Yes, if they have guns.
  7. I watched some of those, but not all 13. I think some of the footage are post collored.
  8. Operative

    Blackfoot Studios

    Was going to post it Ledanek, saw it on Facebook. Amazing stuff. This really got me interested now, never saw a game that could offer me these options bundled with the so wanted realism.
  9. Operative

    Riley cannot post

    What actually the issue? Jokes aside, I had the same problem. It kept saying me the post was empty.
  10. Every politician that got involved in WW2 battle plans and general frontline tactics failed. Thank god Hitler wanted to voice his opinion and the reich had to obey.
  11. Operative

    Site redirect from Google search.

    Norton won't catch anything because it's not a 'virus' in the common sense. It's a change in the registry. EDIT: I tried to replicate it, cliked the link at google search several times. Nothing different happened.
  12. Operative

    Site redirect from Google search.

    Yep, it's a known virus (specifically an adware). It's commonly not dangerous, just annoying.
  13. Operative

    Guess who came to drop by this winter

    Nice. Here's summer. 28ºC now. Friday we will probably reach the peak this week at 34ºC Never saw snow, in my whole life
  14. Operative

    Russian Vehicles

    Don't know if you reported and the admins got it working again, but I just downloaded it right now. The link is working.
  15. Operative

    Russian Vehicles

    Blakarion Op For Vehicle Pack