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  1. Wow John.... we looking forward to see that in your new projects.... Very impressive, thanks for make this game better for us.
  2. Sure Anthony, I´m very busy these days, but I will find the way to share some GRAW2 sessions with you mate. Send me a private with your email to contact.

  3. Rick

    Hi. I haven't seen you for ages. I can never find the Killerbees server up these days and I have been back playing Borderlands. I am interested in getting a regular evening session sorted out if you're interested but need to find a server although I am happy to host my own. However when I tried that before it seemed to have connection problems for other players but let m...

  4. Hey John, I didn't have any problems at all with your last maps. I can play it smoothly without issues or crashes, apart the usual GRAW2 crashes, of course. I get FPS enough to share with kaapo if I will be able do that Is strange that they can play other complex maps without trouble or lag, but seems they need some hardware upgrade. I experience no differences with the other maps, but my system is quite updated in hardware. Regards, keep going mate.
  5. Ok John, another great mission, very nice job. No issues so far. Done in a bit more of an hour killing 163 AIs, in easy mode (alone), well not so easy when the server is in hard settings, . Only two minor comments or suggestions. 1. A sniper can be added up there, covering the objective, could be deathly... (may be it is in position in hard mode, don't know) 2. Is strange that the bot under the stairs spawn at trigger 22 (just when one is going up the steps), maybe it can spawn at the previous trigger. Again, nicely done John, thanks for your work.
  6. Hi. No FPS issues for me. Smooth and very playable, at least for me. EDIT. At 1920x1200, all video settings to the top.
  7. Tried v1.1, no issues and no icy textures, at least for me (didn't realized with v1.0, though). Fine job again, John.
  8. In addition to the previous stats boxes, I love the "current server status" module, you can quickly check without start the game, if there are some partners already in to join they (as I prefer not to play alone). Very nice job, Jody.
  9. Well, I bought the DVD and added a small donation as a way of thank you a minimal part of the fun I have got in this forum. Thanks so much for you effort that makes us enjoy even more our favorite game (GR:AW 2 for me).
  10. Very Nice John, we enjoyed every corner of this map... Thanks again for your work.
  11. Hey Bob, tried v2.3, loads fine and enjoy much more the mission now (had fun looking for the heavy sniper on the VIP's location).In the other hand, I had the same issue that Rahnman states. Once I get "Checkpoint one Activated" message it stays there all time. When I completed the "hold position" objective around the VIP's car, it lighted up the "Checkpoint two Activated", then faded out and again I got the "Checkpoint one Activated", then alternativately showed checkpoint one and two, but always activated one of these messages on screen. Despite of that, great improvement and nice job again Bob. Thanks for your effort, making us enjoy even more our favorite game.
  12. Hey Bob, v2.2 don't load for me. It stucks at the loading splashscreen, and I waited 5 mins. Version 2.1 loads ok. I don't get the error that Rico states about the limousine.
  13. Great John! Still have not finished (a bit long for a single player in one session, but nice for a team), and I found no major issues so far. The only thing I found is that some AIs got their patrol trajectory blocked by objects, but don't know if it have some workaround. Blocked by a ramp, at start: Near by there is an invisible wall that force you to go round it (same happen in coop version): Other guy blocked by the truck trailer (the dead one): Other two bots blocked by the ammo crate and a pillar (tagged, nearby the depot objective): I know it may require hard work, but what about to include a objective (removing one of the current secondary), of blow out the helicopter on the elevated heli pad to avoid the boss escape? Any case another great campaign mission mate. Need a rest, then will load the savegame and finish it. Good job! Regards. EDIT. Was a bit hard to finish it, because don't know why every time I loaded the savegame, all AIs on the map (and new spawned later too) know my exact position shouting that have located me, and the open fire at first sight. Well, good job mate, I only miss the havoc when climbing to the HQ, but nice finish.
  14. Hey guys, As there are tons of kits, and in the brief time you have to start a game or respawn, you only can check a few of those combinations. So, if you want to take sometime to select the more appropriate kit for you, I edited a graphical document that list all the available kits. I love those with flashlights . Here you have: Rahnman's Weapons Mod v4 Kit List Hope it can help . Regards.
  15. Yeah, I can say is the perfect complement for Rahnman Mod... very nice Jody & Rahnman.