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  1. Kasbek

    GRAW 2 Multiplayer Campaing Bots

    ah bots on your team doesn't work. however you can do a multiplayer campain on xbox live and have more people join your game. or you can change the difficulty to normal or default instead of hard. some maps have AI support but that depends on the map. Like i said man i'll help you guys out whenever you need help my xbox live gamer tag is Kasbek
  2. Kasbek

    GRAW 2 Multiplayer Campaing Bots

    ...i don't fully understand your question. There are only two settings for multiplayer campain: Re-spawns and difficulty. Does that help? Also hit me up if you want to play co op GT: Kasbek
  3. Kasbek

    Movie posters...

    Hahah thats funny! I didn't even know there where posters on that level. Next time you need another squad mate hit me up GT: Kasbek
  4. Kasbek

    Map Overview

    hmmm the only problem with that is the screen has lines when i take a picture with a camera.
  5. Kasbek

    Map Overview

    Does anyone know where I could find all the multiplayer maps including the throwback and the co op collection maps? I have some but they have the objectives for territories and I dont want that.
  6. is ready for teamplay

  7. Kasbek

    Seeking defend achievement advise...

    I can help you get the achievement if you need help still, or if anyone needs help getting it
  8. Kasbek

    nneeed friends to play

    I will play with you whenever man. Just add me GT: Kasbek
  9. Kasbek

    GRAW 2 Multiplayer Campaing Bots

    Hello John. There is a way to play with a bunch of bots on your team. Play team territories with two teams. Then under advanced settings put "AI Assistance" on.
  10. Kasbek

    Throwback DLC not working Offline

    I got it to work, i just redownloaded the content.
  11. Hello Ghost, this is my first post. I just joined 5 minutes ago, but I am already excited to get to reading more topics! First off Great game and I have had no problems at all whatsoever. However, I downloaded all the DLC (including No Where) but the only DLC that I don't see when playing the game offline is the 2 free Throwback Map packs (they are both on my hard drive one is called Classic map pack and the other is called Throwback pack #2 and yes I am using the same gamer tag i used to download it in the first place). I go to mulitplayer and set up a game and switch the mode to co op elimination and I go to browse the maps and sure enough If I am online I see all the DLC maps all 50 something of them. When I turn off my wireless I still can play the dlc maps untill I leave the lobby and try and get back in. Then the 2 map packs dissapear. :0 I have tryed emptying my harddrive's catche and re-downloading the two map packs over and over again but I still can't play the free map packs offline. I really really want to play the maps when I am uinable to find xbox live. Thanks for any help and shoot me an invite If you are trying to play GRAW 2 sometime Kasbek