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  1. Sorry John and all, not been around lately....but going off triplex's comment, i remember a few weeks ago John saying to me "Here Ron have a look at the Alpha version and tell me what you think of the tower effects".........So I downloaded it and blew the tower, John mentioned " When you blow the tower get some distance from it and tell me what you think?!"........... ........Pretty cool!
  2. John I said almost from the start, shortly after the Alpha tests that it was pretty much ready to go! Ron
  3. I've still to play again - can the regulars that use my server for beta testing please read this topic http://www.ghostreco...67&#entry561367 (scroll down to the last post) and as well as TAW and =GE= who else is beta testing on there servers? Admins pls don't move this post as I need the Beta and mission makers to see it as there more likely to see it here than anywhere else on the website. Cheers Ron
  4. lol @ Viper! - I've yet to Download and install v1.1, its been really busy on my server with trying to update ArmA 2, whilst keeping BF:BC2 fans happy etc......my Head admin for WBG is on hols and left me in charge! aaarrrggghhhh! I hate servers!! lol
  5. I had A2 and sold it. I got sick of the damn game crashing, but If I knew that GRAW 2 was going to be worse then I'd have forgiven it! ACE 2 never worked with me, during the long and tedious beta session ( updating with Six-updater literally every other day) it all got a bit much and not fun! I have Operation Arrowhead on pre-order and I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Hi guys, I was searching the web for a PSP game for my little nephew when I came across Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for £14.99 in a sale on play.com. I don't have the game but my gaming clan have a server and love it, so I bought it last night. I refuse to pay more than £20 for any game! So if anyone who doesn't have it and like me was waiting for the price to drop, then I can't see a new sealed copy been sold cheaper else where! -=CLICKY=-
  7. Nice! thx for my own kit, it works well!
  8. Cool, I'm looking for ward to it! And Zero please will you assist me ( when 2.3 is out for all to use) in, the installation of the mod? I place the mod bundle in the Mod Folder situated in GRAW directory, I add the context files, rename them and giggle them about. but thats all it says in the instructions - Do i have to write anything in the server config file?
  9. I take it your building a PC or replacing a GPU card for someone whom doesn't want a gaming machine? I used to have an old 8600GTS which only just managed 25 fps in arma 2 never mind GRAW!
  10. I've heard a lot of folk excited about this and I was told I should be too but after seeing the 'arcadey' look about it and that invisible mode that they we all saw off Crysis, I think I'll be staying away from this one! It comes out almost at the same time as the new Medal Of Honor game which I know more people are excited about and thats one game that will defo be seeing my PC!!!
  11. Sniper Scope please Rahn on the MK14 Ron
  12. Well I'm happy with my first Kit but why not make a kit for all that is simply an LMG and a sniper rifle?? I'm been greedy having 2 lol
  13. daddy, If you get me a link for the file I'll stick it on my dedi server and test it for you?
  14. Thanks Rahn , appreciate it
  15. Hi John, Its what you feel comfortable with, DELL are a big no no! And so is PC world!!! I bought a machine from CyberPower in 2008, it was a good machine but since then I've learned so much about PC's, I have upgraded everything in it barr the CPU. £1600 will certainly buy you an excellent ready made PC, but almost everyone in the gaming world will tell you that its a better option to build your own. I just dont let myself get bogged down with fancy names and numbers of components etc! It also depends on what you call 'future proof', me I say 4 years, some gamers on here are that keen and have so much money to waste they'll upgrade every 6-12 months! lol If you don't want the hassle of building a machine then buy one form either: Scan computers up here near me in Bolton: http://3xs.scan.co.uk/ShowSystem.asp?SystemID=1134 its £40 over your budget but will last for years! Another great builder is Cude247 PC specialist aren't brilliant but OK for smaller budgets.