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  1. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Los Cobos   

    Sorry John and all, not been around lately....but going off triplex's comment, i remember a few weeks ago John saying to me "Here Ron have a look at the Alpha version and tell me what you think of the tower effects".........So I downloaded it and blew the tower, John mentioned " When you blow the tower get some distance from it and tell me what you think?!"...........

    ........Pretty cool!
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  2. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Operation: Jalisco   


    I said almost from the start, shortly after the Alpha tests that it was pretty much ready to go!

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  3. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Operation: Jalisco   

    I've still to play again - can the regulars that use my server for beta testing please read this topic http://www.ghostreco...67&#entry561367 (scroll down to the last post) and as well as TAW and =GE= who else is beta testing on there servers?

    Admins pls don't move this post as I need the Beta and mission makers to see it as there more likely to see it here than anywhere else on the website.


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  4. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Operation: Jalisco   

    lol @ Viper! - I've yet to Download and install v1.1, its been really busy on my server with trying to update ArmA 2, whilst keeping BF:BC2 fans happy Head admin for WBG is on hols and left me in charge! aaarrrggghhhh! I hate servers!! lol
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  5. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Why Arma2 and BIS will always win me over....   

    I had A2 and sold it. I got sick of the damn game crashing, but If I knew that GRAW 2 was going to be worse then I'd have forgiven it!

    ACE 2 never worked with me, during the long and tedious beta session ( updating with Six-updater literally every other day) it all got a bit much and not fun!
    I have Operation Arrowhead on pre-order and I'm looking forward to it.
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  6. =WBG=Ron added a topic in BattleField series   

    BF: BC 2 - For those who don't have it - On Sale
    Hi guys,

    I was searching the web for a PSP game for my little nephew when I came across Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for £14.99 in a sale on

    I don't have the game but my gaming clan have a server and love it, so I bought it last night. I refuse to pay more than £20 for any game!

    So if anyone who doesn't have it and like me was waiting for the price to drop, then I can't see a new sealed copy been sold cheaper else where!

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  7. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Rahnmans_coop_kits Revisited   

    Nice! thx for my own kit, it works well!
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  8. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Rahnmans_coop_kits Revisited   

    Cool, I'm looking for ward to it!

    And Zero please will you assist me ( when 2.3 is out for all to use) in, the installation of the mod?

    I place the mod bundle in the Mod Folder situated in GRAW directory, I add the context files, rename them and giggle them about. but thats all it says in the instructions - Do i have to write anything in the server config file?
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  9. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs saying the wrong memory amout   

    I take it your building a PC or replacing a GPU card for someone whom doesn't want a gaming machine? I used to have an old 8600GTS which only just managed 25 fps in arma 2 never mind GRAW!
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  10. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic UbiKimi Release new solid info   

    I've heard a lot of folk excited about this and I was told I should be too but after seeing the 'arcadey' look about it and that invisible mode that they we all saw off Crysis, I think I'll be staying away from this one!

    It comes out almost at the same time as the new Medal Of Honor game which I know more people are excited about and thats one game that will defo be seeing my PC!!!
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  11. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Rahnmans_coop_kits Revisited   

    Sniper Scope please Rahn on the MK14

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  12. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Rahnmans_coop_kits Revisited   

    Well I'm happy with my first Kit but why not make a kit for all that is simply an LMG and a sniper rifle??

    I'm been greedy having 2 lol
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  13. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic A Few Missions ready for testing   


    If you get me a link for the file I'll stick it on my dedi server and test it for you?
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  14. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Rahnmans_coop_kits Revisited   

    Thanks Rahn , appreciate it
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  15. =WBG=Ron added a post in a topic Advice on buying a new PC   

    Hi John,

    Its what you feel comfortable with, DELL are a big no no! And so is PC world!!!

    I bought a machine from CyberPower in 2008, it was a good machine but since then I've learned so much about PC's, I have upgraded everything in it barr the CPU.

    £1600 will certainly buy you an excellent ready made PC, but almost everyone in the gaming world will tell you that its a better option to build your own. I just dont let myself get bogged down with fancy names and numbers of components etc!

    It also depends on what you call 'future proof', me I say 4 years, some gamers on here are that keen and have so much money to waste they'll upgrade every 6-12 months! lol

    If you don't want the hassle of building a machine then buy one form either:

    Scan computers up here near me in Bolton: its £40 over your budget but will last for years!

    Another great builder is Cude247

    PC specialist aren't brilliant but OK for smaller budgets.
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