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  1. Lightmapping is takeing a lot of time 4h or even more that;s why the map makeing is so boring ... (lol) without light mapping your map will be dark. Finally when the lightmapping and cube mapping are done you have to add them inside texture_scope.xml file f. ex.: <?xml version="1.0"?> -<scope> <texture_set name="atlas_characters"/> <texture_set name="atlas_weapons"/> <texture_set name="atlas_vehicles"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_mexico_city_tiles"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_sky"/> <texture_set name="atlas_gui"/> <texture_set name="atlas_graffiti"/> <texture_set name="atlas_water"/> <texture_set name="atlas_props"/> <texture_set name="atlas_plants"/> <texture_set name="atlas_brush"/> <texture_set name="atlas_general"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_hacienda"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_dam"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ground_dam"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_terrain/atlas_terrain_dam/"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_special_bump"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_special_diffuse"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_terrain/atlas_terrain_juarez/"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_training_grounds/atlas_training_grounds_bump"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_training_grounds/atlas_training_grounds_diffuse"/> <!-- Level specific textures --> <!-- texture_set name="custom_levels/your map, folder name - look below --> <texture_set name="custom_levels/daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a"/> <!-- texture_set name="custom_levels/your map, folder name/lightmaps/folder name/atlas_daro48_bhcompetition" - look below --> <texture_set name="textures\custom_levels/daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a/lightmaps/bh_competition/atlas_daro48_bhcompetition"/> <!-- texture_set name="textures\custom_levels/your map, folder name/silhouettes/sil"/ look below --> <texture_set name="textures\custom_levels/daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a/silhouettes/sil"/> <texture_set name="textures\custom_levels/daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a/cube_map"/> <!-- Mission 03 --> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ghetto"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_industrial"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ground_industrial"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_terrain/atlas_terrain_industrial/"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_terrain/atlas_terrain_ghetto/"/> <texture_set name="atlas_mission_specific/mission03"/> <!-- Mission 05 --> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_bump"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_diffuse"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_storefronts_bump"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_storefronts_diffuse"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_church_bump"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_city/atlas_city_church_diffuse"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ground_city"/> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_terrain/atlas_terrain_city/"/> <texture_set name="atlas_mission_specific/mission05"/> </scope> and you have to change the file path inside you textures folder: data\textures\custom_levels\daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a\lightmaps\bh_competition\atlas_daro48_bhcompetition like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> -<atlas_set allow_autoload="true" category="" name="custom_levels/daro48_bh_competition_v1_6a/lightmaps/bh_competition/atlas_daro48_bhcompetition"> ... /> if you generated an atlas of course
  2. if you mean to change the environment inside the mission here are 2 triggers from mission.xml file: <trigger name="t_night_switch" interval="1" preserved="false" once ="false"> <condition type="InUse" name_id="night_switch" state="false" /> <event name="e_night_switch" /> </trigger> <event name ="e_night_switch"> <element type="StopTrigger" name="t_night_switch" start_time="0"/> <element type="SetEnvironment" environment="default"/> <element type="StartTrigger" name="t_day_switch" start_time="1"/> </event> <trigger name="t_day_switch" interval="1" preserved="false" once ="false"> <condition type="InUse" name_id="night_switch" state="true" /> <event name="e_day_switch" /> </trigger> <event name ="e_day_switch"> <element type="StopTrigger" name="t_day_switch" start_time="0"/> <element type="SetEnvironment" environment="daro48_day"/> <element type="StartTrigger" name="t_night_switch" start_time="1"/> </event> and here is a part of the environments.xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <env_manager_project> <setting name="adaption_luminance_max" value="0.390499"/> <setting name="adaption_luminance_min" value="0.12995601"/> <setting name="hdr_path" value="data\levels\sky\textures\hdr_new"/> <setting name="lightmap_cube_exposure" value="1.3921109"/> <setting name="lightmap_cube_gamma" value="1.658933"/> <setting name="lightmap_energy" value="1"/> <setting name="lightmap_exposure" value="1.4627661"/> <setting name="lightmap_gamma" value="1.728723"/> <setting name="lightmap_min_luminance" value="0"/> <setting name="rotation" value="327.08569"/> <env name="daro48_day"> <adaption_light_effect value="m01_morning"/> <posteffect value="jarhead"/> <sky value="jarhead"/> </env> ...
  3. I don't understand your question do you mean world_info.xml?
  4. If you could make a script to any other can uise it it would be great! When I scripting op satellite for Rosen following after team leadder, even when the teamleader died he didn't following afer nex player on the list. He just run to my spawn position.
  5. R.I.P. My condolences to his family.
  6. Hi Klaus, Hi Erika After release Rosen, someone should touch him, in that way you will activate "tracing" script. The team leader (first player on the server) should fallback to hangar and wait there for him. From now he is directly responsible for the lives of Rosen. When Rosen will die, mission fails and server will load next map. Thank you for playing my map and I'm realy glad you like it Best regards to both of you Daro.
  7. Hello kaapo it's really nice to have you back here All the best for both of you and Happy New Year
  8. I'm sorry to hear that John Thank you for your contribution and support you showed. I wish you all the best away from the console
  9. Hello John and Blame @John I think it's time to test your next map We had very long break. Now it's time to resurrect this game @Blame here is a short film for you: http://youtu.be/2AQLnJ-XggQ
  10. Hello! Almost a year ago I create a coop mission called operation satellite. What was in my mind: I tried to create a map for players who can play as a team and as a team can cover every possible direction of battlefield. The most important thing is to protect your team leader, because I created a script which trace him and sending AI at his last known position. You can play this one in few ways: at day/night single/multi player. AI are triggering by your behavior, which means, if you are careful enough, and as first target you will kill the snipers and small patrols the number of enemies will be much smaller. Your primary target is to rescue Rosen. Rosen will follow only after your team leader. You will see who it is after he join him. Normally the team leader is first player on the server. Don't run, keep Rosen close to you and escort him safely to ZULU. Minor targets are communicating towers. In multiplayer mode are small backspawns. here is link for it: Download Entry Witam! Prawie rok temu stworzyłem mapę o nazwie satellite. Co było moim zamierzeniem: Starałem się stworzyć mapę dla graczy, którzy potrafią grać jako drużyna i jako taka potrafią kryć (ogniem) każdy możliwy kierunek pola walki. Najważniejsza rzecz w przypadku tej mapy, to chronić swojego dowódcę, ponieważ napisałem skrypt, który namierza go i wysyła nieprzyjaciół na jego ostatnią znaną pozycję. Możesz grać na kilka sposobów: w dzień lub w nocy, samemu lub w drużynie. AI pojawiają się poprzez Twoje zachowanie, co oznacza, że jeśli jesteś wystarczająco ostrożny i jako pierwszy cel strzału wybierzesz snajpera lub małe grupy patrolowe, liczba wrogów okaże się dużo mniejsza. Twoim podstawowym celem jest uratować Rosena. Rosen będzie podążał jedynie za dowódcą. Zorientujesz się kto nim jest gdy sam do niego podejdzie. Standardowo dowódcą jest pierwszy gracz na serwerze. Nie biegnij, trzymaj Rosena blisko siebie i doprowadź go do punktu ZULU. Mniejszymi celami są nadajniki radiowe, które musisz zniszczyć. W wersji dla wielu graczy czasem wróg może pojawić się za Twoimi plecami. Tu jest link do mapy: Download
  11. Hi John. I did the test today and all working fine. Even the guy talking something about take off my pants? But i have polish folder not english, so here what i did I renemed my local folder to local org and copied all folders except sound to your mods. named your regular weapon folder to local and it worked. Nice work Cheers, Daro
  12. I psssed this map on signgle player mode today. Everything was perfect. All your(s)? new props are working just fine For me the map is ready for release. The sounds are working well, but without them I haven't any ptoblems to open jail gates. You should be happy from sound you put on those animations xDD Excellent job John! Cheers, Daro
  13. Hi John! I think i've found something. Multiplayer mode embassy, first floor objective. When I came closer to the laptop the server crashed: Tue Aug 21 16:22:09 2012 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - stack overflow C STACK: PhysXCore (???) : NfCreateCoreSDK PhysXCore (???) : NxCreateCoreSDK ??? (???) : ??? PhysXCore (???) : NxCreateCoreSDK ??? (???) : ??? Renderer: threaded Physics : normal multiplayer triggers were starting after Vicmaal joined, to that moment I've played on easy mode.