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  1. GD=_)Mullet added a post in a topic Open maps in the editor?   

    Hi all.

    So i'm following the wiki and dav's very helpful vids, but i'm stuck at trying to get the editor to open...

    i'm on windows 7 and it's being very stubborn in letting the editor.bat file open.. just flashes up a cmd window then nothing happens.

    copied and pasted the same lines from the wiki into the editor.bat as i'm working with the (coop)urban_conflict map also.

    the regular editor from the root GRAW:2 folder opens fine.

    what could i have missed?

    thanks in advance, Mullet.

    edit: i am a dummy.. just had missed the inverted commas around the file path in teh .bat

    carry on.. hehe
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