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  1. -=Brigand=- added a post in a topic GRAW2 Multiplayer is back!   

    With a little delay .. I going to say thank you Struth, it's always fun to see the possibility of using our good old GRAW 2
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  2. -=Brigand=- added a post in a topic Black Velvet, ready for beta   

    Hi John,

    Good job, I like the sniper are well positioned (hidden)
    The first time I tried this mission, there was a trigger that did not work, I have not noticed and not very careful, but I think it was one where you have to destroy the two MI-17, there was no enemies

    we are stuck on the extraction point indefinitely, another day there was no problem and the mission was successfully completed, it was probably a small bug.

    Another small detail, as we move forward and go back mainly by the left flank, I noticed that there were some Units IA
    Retracing our steps (with the extraction point in the back) towards the first pass left side, there are some IA forgotten there ...away ...

    It is always a pleasure to use your missions, our good old GRAW 2 (capricious)

    Thank you for your work

    Sorry for my bad English
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