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    im looking for mature people to play co-op

    I'd be up for it. FR-me. gamertag: viberunner
  2. Hi, I heard there is an issue with GRAW2 in that if you do not complete all Single Player achievements within the first 50 achievements, you can never get them. There is 45 achievements, but with DLCs this increases. I have all DLC, free and paid-for, and want to play them. But first I must finish all Single Player achievements. So, I'm left with just two I'm having trouble with: #1. Obtain All Intel Out of Combat. #2. Initiate All Fights. Pretty much, what is the best map to do these on? The advice from The Net is to do these two in a chopper/gunner mission, but perhaps because I patched, this just doesn't work. What maps do you suggest, and any tips?