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  1. Hey everyone, SSCE Hockey Zone, one of the oldest servers available on the online game Subspace/Continuum (whatever you want to call it), is just about to start the 16th season of the Realistic Subspace Hockey League (RSHL). If you've never played SS/Continuum, it's basically an online space shooter in the same spirit as Asteroids, with improved graphics and gameplay. Hockey Zone is a mod of this game that turns it into a fast-paced game of hockey. Players can choose one of 8 ship types (6 player ships and 2 goalie ships, each with its own advantages and disadvantages), join an RSHL team, and battle it out for the Blackie Cup (named for one of the original employees of VIE, the company that made Subspace), the oldest and most prestigious trophy in the history of online pseudo-sports. The first Blackie Cup was awarded 11 years ago, in 1998. Anyway, the game is really fun, and really looking for new players. Subspace is one of the oldest games on the internet, and HZ is so fun that it's still around today. So hopefully we'll see you there. There are plenty of teams with roster openings and plenty of time to sharpen your skills before the season starts. Resources: Go here to download the Continuum game client, which you will need to play HZ. Center Ice: The Official Site of the RSHL. Go here for all news and info regarding the zone and the league.