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  1. JohnTC02

    Life Hacks

    Tried it with an Android phone but it didn't make any difference, must be a feature unique to the iPhone. 😁
  2. JohnTC02

    Multiple Myeloma

    Cancer is a horrible disease, I lost my wife to it in 2015, sorry to hear ZJJ, will be thinking about you.
  3. JohnTC02

    Hospital for New Years

    Hope all goes well Dannik.
  4. JohnTC02

    Happy New Year Ghosts!

    Happy New Year to all! ZJJ, I've made the same new year resolution as last year, nothing..... at least I cant break it!
  5. JohnTC02

    What's up?

    Well there is a blast from the past, as mentioned here I have missed you here and our long chats we used to have.
  6. JohnTC02

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Rocky, hope you have a good one
  7. JohnTC02

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    vinitafajita, please stop spamming the forums with the same question in different threads, I have deleted some of your posts.
  8. JohnTC02

    Supermoon, photo from last night (20 03 2019)

    Great pic squad_e 👍 Didn't get any pics but it sure looked nice.
  9. JohnTC02

    GR Community SDK

    Alexkimov, I have deleted your blank post. 👍
  10. JohnTC02

    Camapign on coop mode

    Thanks for clearing that up Pagey, totally forgot!
  11. JohnTC02

    Camapign on coop mode

    Its been a lot of years since I've played GR:AW2 but I don't think you can play campaign missions over LAN, I've forgotten a lot of what I know so maybe someone here will know better.
  12. JohnTC02

    Forums Logged Out Issue

    Haven't seen anymore issues since you changed all accounts to the default theme Rocky, have you updated the forums in the past few days, I'm just wondering if there is a conflict with the dark theme.
  13. JohnTC02

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Dannik, have a great day!
  14. JohnTC02

    Merry Christmas Ghosts!

    Merry Christmas all, santa did ok by me but I still didn't get that porsche I keep asking for!
  15. JohnTC02

    A new sort of spam ?

    Yeah I hate spammers with a passion, normally the site spam filter catches all known spammers but some do get through, this is when I spring into action