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  1. Haha, the old popcorn emoticon says it all, "look out mad admin on the loose"
  2. Any chance you could include an English translation in your posts? We are an English forum so most here are unable to contribute to this thread.
  3. You are all intitled to your opinion but please keep it friendly.
  4. Think the lines take up to much space in the forums so we have decided that the Admin's office needs a good clean, you will find the cleaning stuff in the cupboard
  5. Now why did I know you would do that!
  6. Shame on you Alex, teacher has given you 100 lines "I must not post #### you in the forums!" Remember big bro is watching you!
  7. He has been warned Alex and put on post moderation.
  8. Colt, if you need help here then there are ways to ask for it, calling GR a fake game is not the way to go about it. I'm putting you on post moderation for now so a moderator will have to approve your posts before they will show on the forums. Rocky may wish to review your posts then decide on your future here.
  9. Happy birthday Rocky! If it makes you feel any better I'm still older than you!
  10. Looking good Rocky, no problems here on the iPad.
  11. We have been supporting good old GR since 2003 I can't see that changing in the next 13 years!
  12. Lightspeed, you should now be able to edit your OP, if I've done it right that is!