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  1. JohnTC02

    Supermoon, photo from last night (20 03 2019)

    Great pic squad_e ๐Ÿ‘ Didn't get any pics but it sure looked nice.
  2. JohnTC02

    GR Community SDK

    Alexkimov, I have deleted your blank post. ๐Ÿ‘
  3. JohnTC02

    Camapign on coop mode

    Thanks for clearing that up Pagey, totally forgot!
  4. JohnTC02

    Camapign on coop mode

    Its been a lot of years since I've played GR:AW2 but I don't think you can play campaign missions over LAN, I've forgotten a lot of what I know so maybe someone here will know better.
  5. JohnTC02

    Forums Logged Out Issue

    Haven't seen anymore issues since you changed all accounts to the default theme Rocky, have you updated the forums in the past few days, I'm just wondering if there is a conflict with the dark theme.
  6. JohnTC02

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Dannik, have a great day!
  7. JohnTC02

    Merry Christmas Ghosts!

    Merry Christmas all, santa did ok by me but I still didn't get that porsche I keep asking for!
  8. JohnTC02

    A new sort of spam ?

    Yeah I hate spammers with a passion, normally the site spam filter catches all known spammers but some do get through, this is when I spring into action
  9. JohnTC02

    A new sort of spam ?

    I caught this spammer in the forums yesterday he made at least 20 posts in various forums, I deleted all posts made by him (his name here was adc580888) and banned his ###### from the site, what you had in your inbox was just a notification of a deleted post from a thread you are subscribed to. So no there is no virus here but just a stupid spammer making multiple posts in a very short time.
  10. JohnTC02

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Rocky, hope you have a good one. Oh and leave the forums alone on your birthday, have a heart attack free day! LOL!
  11. JohnTC02

    Operation Stronghold

    Thanks KRP it's great to hear you liked it, I forgot I made a campaign for GR, brings back fond memories.
  12. Haha, the old popcorn emoticon says it all, "look out mad admin on the loose"
  13. Any chance you could include an English translation in your posts? We are an English forum so most here are unable to contribute to this thread.
  14. JohnTC02

    There is so much game here!

    You are all intitled to your opinion but please keep it friendly.