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  1. Why not addon? Parts 1 and 2 got up without errors. Uninstalled reinstalled restarted the computer all the same.
  2. RussiaGhost

    Light Tools and RSB Editor

  3. Who can share these programs? All links are not working already. On the laptop I do not have these programs.
  4. RussiaGhost

    Ghost Recon in Arma 3

    This is more like some kind of breed to the original. There, AI cannot even do anything normally in buildings. Even with extreme patches in STIM. They simply pass through walls or do not follow the route at all.
  5. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    This default settnigs OBJ export for blender 2.8 RC2. __init__.py In 2.8 I like many things more, for example, work in the window uv. Nodal editor of materials works everywhere, context menus are added to the right button as in 3D max and a lot more convenient and enjoyable to work with.
  6. RussiaGhost

    Tank Drive

  7. RussiaGhost

    Tank Drive

    I changed the vertical sync to fast and it became normal.
  8. RussiaGhost

    Tank Drive

    if in game big fps this bug i see. if i use record video in fraps fps = 60 and this no bug.
  9. RussiaGhost

    Tank Drive

    Anyway. If I turn on fraps to record a video, they move normally. Nvidia Ge force 1660 TI 6 GB video card.
  10. RussiaGhost

    Tank Drive

    All the tanks in the game for some reason move very slowly. What is this glitch? Windows 10 64 home.
  11. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    rsb.bmi Can you still upload this file for Max? my not working.
  12. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    Thank you very much.
  13. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    Can anyone post a working link to this script?
  14. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    i all settings set in this file for obj, this job all time in export as default. blender folder\2.79\scripts\addons\io_scene_obj you can add this file in this path for blender. __init__.py
  15. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    This my settings for export obj in blender. 3d max after closing happens to hang in the processes. I do not know why.