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  1. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    rsb.bmi Can you still upload this file for Max? my not working.
  2. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    Thank you very much.
  3. RussiaGhost

    script no download

    Can anyone post a working link to this script?
  4. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    i all settings set in this file for obj, this job all time in export as default. blender folder\2.79\scripts\addons\io_scene_obj you can add this file in this path for blender. __init__.py
  5. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    This my settings for export obj in blender. 3d max after closing happens to hang in the processes. I do not know why.
  6. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    3ds no exported texture in blender.
  7. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    what format will you transfer from the blender to 5 3d max? 5 3ds max no read fbx 7.1 as in blender. fbx 6.1 no good read uv. i use ounly obj or if i use fbx , i use fbx convertor.
  8. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    How do you export the smooth group? The blender does not have such a function as such.
  9. RussiaGhost

    Video Tutorial Series

    Why you can not do everything at once in 5 max? Blender does not know how to read rsb. Many things in a blender are much more convenient than in 5 max. Soon there will be a blender 2.8t many interesting things will be the same.
  10. RussiaGhost

    Kasperskiy see virus in site

    My antivirus see in site script virus.
  11. RussiaGhost

    GR Community SDK

    Done. 3d max correctly reads the texture for 1 game. The plugin for the 2009 version is assembled the same way.
  12. RussiaGhost

    GR Community SDK

    Hi all. I convert rsb plugin for 2016 3ds max. As flipped image in 3ds max plugin?
  13. RussiaGhost

    Ghost Recon not Launching on Windows 7 64Bit

    Everything works on both 7 and 8.1, too. Все работает на 7 и на 8.1.
  14. RussiaGhost

    Ghost Recon not Launching on Windows 7 64Bit

    in windows 7 64 bit normal job GR original disk no steam version.
  15. RussiaGhost

    Desert Siege Files

    Hello everybody. Can anyone send me emails from Desert Siege files? I need this version of the game and not 1.4 or 1.3.5 GhostRecon.exe igor.exe font.res Ike.res Strings.res I only need these files and nothing more. my emai advanced8888@rambler.ru