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  1. Hostage Actor/Team no use weapon. Captive Actor/Team save weapon. If it is an ally, the weapon remains with him, he did not check whether it will be used or not. This works for allies in mission 4.
  2. Found how it works. 2 Rules. 1. For models, there should be multi material from at least 2 slots. 2. The texture for the face should be Head.rsb Then it will be normal to take the face texture from the atr file. All other names will automatically work only as a mandatory texture for the model and if it is removed the model will have a white face.
  3. I can assign 2 materials directly. So he reads only him. I also tried to read it with multimaterial, although from the example with bones he also reads everything normally.
  4. If you do not impose a texture on the face model in 3D max, the game will have a model with a white face, even if the texture is written in the atr file. How to register texture work for a model? <ModelFace>will_jacobs_head.rsb</ModelFace> <BlinkFaceName>will_jacobs_head_blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName> I registered it.
  5. <ActorFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ArmorLevel>2</ArmorLevel> <ActorName>_Бакур_ _Папашвили_</ActorName> Change Name as Your language. <ClassName>rifleman</ClassName> <ModelFace>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver.rsb</ModelFace> <BlinkFaceName>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver_blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName> <DesertModelFace>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver.rsb</DesertModelFace> <DesertBlinkFace>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver_blink.rsb</DesertBlinkFace>
  6. Now I spend more time on work, so there is little time for modeling and studying it.
  7. Now, for me, the creation of a searchlight and team map in Photoshop is still not clear. Now I’m studying a blender more for modeling, but he can’t read rsb
  8. Each time I’ve been convinced for a long time that the series has lost the hardcore of 1 part and turned into a regular action. Now there are no realistic shootings, planning tactics and recruiting a team and assigning them weapons and equipment, there are not even injuries and the player can fall from great heights. Now the series has been turned into a standard action with beautiful graphics. An open world of beautiful graphics is certainly beautiful and cool, but why is all the hardcore removed from the game, answer me?
  9. Why not addon? Parts 1 and 2 got up without errors. Uninstalled reinstalled restarted the computer all the same.
  10. Who can share these programs? All links are not working already. On the laptop I do not have these programs.
  11. This is more like some kind of breed to the original. There, AI cannot even do anything normally in buildings. Even with extreme patches in STIM. They simply pass through walls or do not follow the route at all.
  12. This default settnigs OBJ export for blender 2.8 RC2. __init__.py In 2.8 I like many things more, for example, work in the window uv. Nodal editor of materials works everywhere, context menus are added to the right button as in 3D max and a lot more convenient and enjoyable to work with.
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