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    Blind thought me how to make maps and one of the first things he tought me was never to use someones map without permission, well it seems that the people over ar the gamer planet think otherwise. If they are right then I can just take anyone's map and do whatever i want without asking first, shoot in that case i could pump out a dozen maps a week. Read the thread over there if what Fish is saying is right I think I'll start whipping out some more maps I already have a few landscapes in mind, Oh and by the way I don't need to ask first..and not only that i don't need to give the original creator credit..... Gamer Planet Permission Thread Seems that every thread i have started on this subject keeps getting closed I think this is a valid argument, Please don't close this thread I want to see what All map makers think,
  2. =TS=Crosshair2

    New OGR Maps

    Die_Tryin and Respawners_Joy Are stolen maps, taken without permission, they belong to =TS=hitman68 and Team Stealth
  3. has not set their status

  4. =TS=Crosshair2

    Fishmongers new maps

    It seems that you used =TS=hitman's Map Backspawn to use as your own and didn't even give him credit OR Most importantly you didn't even ask permission, this is NOT acceptable Fish You should know better You need to meet hitman in teamspeak and talk to him about this. We have many map makers and i have been asked dozens of times if someone can do this same thing and i have never allowed it """ Not without Permission """ You know how to find us Fish here is our TS IP
  5. =TS=Crosshair2


    It's to bad the tournament didn't turn out, although we are recruting members so stop by and see what we have to offer. here are just a fiew things you can rent teamspeak servers and have a complete website setup and configured. we also have many other servers L4D2 and BFBC2 just to name a fiew Team Stealth...visit us today!
  6. =TS=Crosshair2

    New Crosshair2 Maps

    stealth2 and stealth projects has been released grab them from our map cyclewww.crosshair2.com
  7. =TS=Crosshair2


    nice to see tournament signups although for thoes of you who have found your way to our tournament threw this post you must register on team stealth and complete your registration before signing up otherwise your entry will show up as unregistered and be removed please try again
  8. =TS=Crosshair2


    Yes thank you john all 16 slots are almost full future turnaments are already being organized
  9. =TS=Crosshair2


    HELLO I'm =TS=Crosshair2 /AKA =VMTR=Crosshair2, We are currently running two GR:AW servers and a third will be launched for our Ghost Recon COOP Tournament, seems quite popular so we will be running a number of them back to back so if you miss the first one you can reserve a spot for the next. We are also Recruting new members, to sign up for the tournament simply register on our siteTEAM STEALTH and fallow the TOURNAMENT Signup link in the Navagation block. Tournament outline is in the tournament forum and the signup page contains a list of rules (that are subject to change) Cash Prize To The Winner!!!!
  10. =TS=Crosshair2

    More Crosshair2 Maps

    hmmmmm. well here is a list of maps that can be found and downloaded from my map cycle list, just click on the map to download Airfield 1 Airfield 2 cry tango Overpass p1 Overpass p2 Stealth Time Out stay tuned Team Stealth will have lots more maps comming out soonTeam Stealth
  11. =TS=Crosshair2

    "Cross country" yet another map

    crosshair2.com Instead of making maps i started to teach my crew how to do it here is the first of many to come Cross country get it from my mapcycle list
  12. =TS=Crosshair2

    OGR_COOP map "airfield 1"

    Team Stealth another new map this one is a bit diferent from what i've done in the past lots of random events. I wanted to make a map that would be dificult to predict hoping to eliminate the board effect you need to locate and kill carlos to activate zulu this is part one of a two part map i'll have part two finished shortly. download this map and many more from my mapcycle list while tou're there pick up bulavard assult........ the original wouldn't run dedicated so it's been redone this one runs smooth on dedi servers enjoy the remake completly diferent. also team stealth is hosting a tournament for graw come register and sign up prizes will be given away team stealth
  13. =TS=Crosshair2


    OK here we go, this tournament is for all registered users, rival and alli clans all are welcome we have a tournament signup module in the navagation box BUT WAIT!!!! before all =TS= members fill all spots depending on interested parties and the ammount of public response i'm gonna cap our involvment at 5 two man teams and reserve the rest of the slots for our public supporters. OUR tournament module is fully functional, this is ware you register your team, and view the tournament bracket, each team will need to enter their match info ((( who won , lost etc. etc. it's easy to navagate and questions can be directed to myself or filitov in regards to it's operations. Put the word out lets get the team slots filled up. If this goes well we will host additional tournaments giving everyone a chance to participate four tournaments, the winner of each tournament will go into the champion catagory and then we will host a final count down to the ultimate champion THIS IS A GR:AW T.D.M. Tournament I did mention a prize didn't i, ok here it is to the winning team two $25 dollar gift cirtificats for newegg AND your purchase MUST be threw our newegg link on our front page. Thats it Stay tuned for more details as they unfold Official game rules #0 two man teams only #1 there will be no camping at the enimys' spawn #2 you are only allowed to participate once if your team looses thats it you're finished. #3 all participants must be registered with the Team Stealth website #4 gernades and heavy guns will be disabled for the tournament #5 you must be 18 years of age or older #6 visit Team Stealth to register team stealth reserves the right to modify or add to the rules prior to but not after the begining of the tournament. MAY THE BEST TEAM DOMINATE!!!!!
  14. =TS=Crosshair2

    OGR_COOP Maps "stealth" + "ai_1"

    hi everyone, i am releasing two more maps stealth ai_1 enjoy the fun and remember most of my maps are running on =TS=[Team Stealth] Server join us anytime!!!!! here is my map cycle list ware you can find my new maps and download them see you on the battlefield.crosshair2.com
  15. =TS=Crosshair2


    sorry for the late reply, yes feel free to add it i also released two more maps today pick them up stealth and ai_1Team Stealth the maps in this link are also direct download links duck hunt and stairway to hell i don't think thoes are in your downloads grab them also