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  1. On 25/05/2018 at 11:12, Lightspeed said:

    So I've just downloaded this mod and very excited to try it out tonight.

    Regardless of how it goes, I have to take my hat off to you Apex for this staggering mod - I consider myself one of the original GR diehards but this is next level. :D 

    I will report back after I've had some fun!

    Thanks, mate. Looking forward to your feedback!

  2. On 24/05/2018 at 01:48, ArmedLightning said:

    HU - No Auto-Save

    Touching on a prior topic buried long ago, I've never been a fan of the auto-save function as each save  (last checked in v1.00) weighs in at several MB each and can quickly add up. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a miser when it comes to SSD space. After some brief reading, I dived into Igor (having never touched it before) in an attempt to isolate the script function related to the auto-save. Fortunately, "Apex" was consistent in his work so isolating it was pretty easy. The hardest part was the tedious slog through each .GTF and .MIS file to excise the applicable block. At any rate, for those who are still interested, here are the files that I've modified. I've only done limited play testing, so if any mistake was made along the way it's unlikely I'd catch it due to the sheer volume of missions available. Currently it's based on the v1.01 update and packaged as on unofficial add-on. Others have expressed interest in this feature, so rather it never see the light of day, I wanted to share it here. Hopefully some of you find it useful. Finally, it would be nice to see the auto-save eliminated from future updates. If i recall correctly, I think Apex himself said he wasn't partial to the feature in a response to another post. Let the players spam Quick-save if they choose. With tools like AutoHotkey, Logitech Gaming Software, etc.,  they can setup similar behavior if it's really that important to them.


    Nice work! 🙂

    Yeah, I'm ambivalent about the auto-saving. Maybe will include a way to disable via add-on mod in the future.

  3. On 17/05/2018 at 20:45, Eisenhauer said:

    I have found a problem on the mission map 152 can be specified on the command map no waypoints for AI. I think the problem I had on other maps.

    Some maps do not allow setting AI waypoints due to their original setup. Please check the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual for details.

    8 hours ago, Eisenhauer said:

    new error map 175 does not show anything on command map

    Ghost Recon's command map supports maps up to 400 by 400 meters. Anything bigger than that and the CM won't work. This, too, is mentioned in the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual.

  4. Updated the wrapper again. Fixed some graphics driver issues with High Sierra (visual artifacts) and (hopefully) improved compatibility with different Mac / macOS combos. Should now also be easier to install GR and mods via executable, e.g. GOG installer. Auto-resolution for Retina displays and windowed play should work a little better, too. For those interested, Rainbow Six: Black Ops, Raven Shield, and Sum of All Fears all work too and are automatically added to the menu when installed at their default location (Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/). Will probably try to make their detection less strict in future versions.

    I tried to get GameRanger to work, but so far no luck. Apparently, for PC that stupid thing needs the bug-ridden virus magnet Adobe Flash Player... didn't even know this relict from the stone-age still existed🤮

    Would love for people to leave some feature requests! Dunno whether to work on e.g. Steam/GameRanger support first, or rather add automated/unattended GR dedicated server functionality, or expand support for other games, or...

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  5. A little heads up that I found the culprit responsible for the HU 1.0 multiplayer issues. Turned out that a little error in "/shell/strings.res" causes the multiplayer crash in both full HU as well as the demo. I'm working on more elaborate updates for both, but in the meantime here are the fixed files for HU 1.0.0 as well as HU Demo 1.0:

    HU_strings.res.7z (for full HU 1.0.0)

    HU_Demo_strings.res.7z (for HU Demo 1.0)

    Just drop into the respective mod's "shell" folder to replace the old file, and you're done.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  6. GR_Hideout.png


    The friendly folks over at Ghost Recon Hideout are carrying the torch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon online multiplayer, with a whole list of active game servers, including in-game voice communication, and accompanied by player forums to chat about the game, and life in general.

    Meet up for friendly co-op games or PvP/TvT battles, and take part in tournaments and other special events.

    I urge you to join the GR Hideout Discord and jump back into the fun of Ghost Recon multiplayer!

    Long live Ghost Recon!


    Discord-Logo small.png


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  7. On 2/15/2017 at 01:13, shakealeg1212 said:

    i think its because the ps2 version was made easier and more accessible to console players. the music cues were essentially firefight warnings.

    Exactly this.

    It would be relatively easy to add audio cues or "action music" to missions and game types for the PC version of Ghost Recon via mods.

    Personally, I think it's an immersion killer and would compare it to those brainwashing background laughter tracks in cheap TV sitcoms.

  8. 9 hours ago, nyleken said:

    Decided to actually run through a Black Ops mission to the end. Had a blast, except for the part where 2/3rds of my team got wiped out by the warlord ambushing us. Concealment is no joke, I legitimately could not see his squad despite the tracers flying around. I was forced to flank him by using the river bank as cover, which actually worked for once! ###### was advancing due to our low volume of fire, so I didn't see him at first. Fortunately his last remaining teammate exposed himself, and the warlord was right next to him.

    RESULTS: 4 KIA, infil zone successfully defended, intel retrieved, 2 Ghosts reach exfil zone. Pyrrhic victory.

    Lesson learned: always secure an area before moving on. Bounding overwatch recommended.

    Nice mission report, nyleken! :thumbsup:

    Always a good idea to cover all angles when moving in GR.

    8 hours ago, Kyle_K_ski said:

    THANK  YOU once more for all of your hard work Apex!

    Supplying additional and alternate mods that work with HU is a very thoughtful bonus.

    I'm having issues with reloading Saves from the GR campaign, Mission 1.  I'm hoping that a potential workaround from half a year ago will work for me.

    Thanks, Kyle. Much appreciated!

    All save game issues with campaign missions should be resolved, a workaround no longer needed. I have no idea why mission 1 should give you any trouble loading saves.

    8 hours ago, Kyle_K_ski said:

    Is there any way to improve the range of body movement in the game into something far more natural?  I play Raven Shield a lot, and not being able to lean while moving is very frustrating.  Fighting inside structures is already very hard in the game, to not be able to lean while moving through a structure - it amplifies the difficulty in immersion-breaking ways.  So, can leaning be enabled while one's body is moving?

    There's no easy way to add moving while leaning, as this would probably require changes to the game executable.

    8 hours ago, Kyle_K_ski said:

    I'm not a fan of the default camouflage.  While I understand the reasoning for its presence (timed for 2008), for a multitude of very valid reasons, it's a camo that's been/being rightfully abandoned, and going with Multicam, particularly the one developed by Wombat50, would be far more ideal.  I'd also seriously consider creating a customized and fictional camouflage, something unique to this elite group of warriors that doesn't deviate too far what's worn today, perhaps a blending of two well tested and PROVEN to be truly effective Multicam-type with Crye-type camouflages.  Continuing to supply different types of helmets/head-gear based on the class type would also be appreciated (baseball hats for a sniper in urban environments, Ghillie suit for flora, etc.).

    I don't particularly like UCP either, and mainly implemented it for authenticity reasons. I have something new planned for future HU updates, but cannot say how long it will take to complete.

    8 hours ago, Kyle_K_ski said:

    Is there any way to organize the weapon kits by type?  And to list them in an order that helps ensure the fewest number of clicks?  As it stands right now, clicking through there'll be carbines, then SMGs, the full length rifles, then back to more carbines, then some marksmen rifles, then more SMGs.  It doesn't stay true to a predictable pattern.

    For example, for Riflemen one could start out with a full-length and suppressed assault rifle, one that has a magnifying scope and tandem-mounted holosight attached to it.  The most effective rifle would be the default listing, and then alter from there.  So, for Riflemen it would be: full length assault rifles (all of them listed in one cluster and not broken up into micro-clusters), carbines, SMGs, marksmen rifles, and finally LMGs. 

    Demolitions would start out with a carbine, then SMGs, full length assault rifles, etc.

    Aside from a couple of default primaries for each soldier class, HU's weapons kits are sorted alphabetically. I guess it's a matter of personal preference how to best sort them, and I'm working on something to let players more easily customize their single player kits to their individual taste.

    5 hours ago, Kyle_K_ski said:

    Out of all of the "Extras" kits that Apex so kindly included, my favorite, easily, is the one customized for Navy SEALs.  Most of the firearms include scopes, which is always a big bonus for me.  I think that the HKs also include a "two-stage" magnification filter, which is REALLY nice, and would be great to see featured on at least one of every weapon that's included with HU. 

    That multi-stage magnification is available for all weapon optics in HU that feature variable zoom in reality. Scopes with fixed magnification in real-life only have a fixed zoom level in HU, as well.

  9. 10 hours ago, Lmoy said:

    Apex, I must thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this mod. Ghost Recon was one of the first video games I ever played, and all these years later it remains one of my all time favourites. What you've done with it is incredible. I'm loving Heroes Unleashed; you've really brought out the potential in the game. So again, thank you!

    Welcome to the forums, Lmoy, and thank you very much! Nice to hear you enjoy HU.

    10 hours ago, Lmoy said:

    I have an issue trying to run multiplayer though. I'm trying to play a co-op campaign with a friend of mine, and we played the first several missions in vanilla with no issue, but now that we've both installed Heroes Unleashed, the game always crashes shortly after starting the mission, but only for the one who isn't hosting. It also instantly crashes if the hosting player commands the others' fireteam to go on recon. We're both running exactly the same mods (just HU and HU Legacy Zoom, and DS/IT of course), with the same game version, the same mod load order (DS>IT>HU>LZ). Everything runs perfectly fine in singleplayer and for the hosting player. We're using Gameranger to play together, rather than a direct connection. Could that be it?

    I've attached the crash log, if that helps.


    Thank you for the comprehensive bug report, I very much appreciate this! It's strange that 1.0 gives you such trouble. I haven't had crashes in multiplayer myself, but then I mostly tested on LAN. Will try to reproduce the error on my end, and see what may be causing it. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

  10. 23 hours ago, Jack Wachter said:

    Apex, is that you giving the briefings?

    Nope. That's either John Sonedecker or Right Hand. Those two missions are based on their excellent BattleBorne mod. Like all other missions in Heroes Unleashed, I re-scripted them from the ground up, while staying true to original objectives. I think they fit in nicely with the first part of the campaign.

    22 hours ago, kothen said:

    Hey Apex I was wondering if it is possible to unlock ALL the weapon kits in either the campaign and missions or both? Perhaps even the uniforms.

    There is no add-on to unlock all equipment kits for the standard SP team, but in single player you have access to all of them via unlockable specialists.

    For the single player platoon in Heroes Unleashed, I have created over 250 individual characters, each with their own set of face and body textures for separate default, desert, and jungle models plus attachments, totaling over 3,000 files. So to make just one extra unit available in SP, I'll have to design another full set of 3,000 texture and model files. For the current seven units, meaning Delta, Marines, SAS, KSK, Vympel, Alfa, SEALs, that's over 20,000 files.

    This is actually on my to-do list for future updates, but it probably won't happen shortly.

    22 hours ago, kothen said:

    I saw there was SP kit unlocks in the addons but when I put the Delta Folder it messed up my weapon info. 

    I just tried the HU - SP Kits Delta add-on and experienced no issues. What exactly is messed up on your end when you use it?

    22 hours ago, kothen said:

    Also is there anyways to increase the brightness? The Gamma settings don't help. 

    There is the HU - Brighter Night Vision add-on to increase night vision brightness, or you could use the HU - Legacy Night Vision add-on to go back to vanilla.

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