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  1. The Heroes Unleashed downloads are all 7z-compressed on "ultra" setting without any problems. Currently the mod is over 4GB in size and downloads are just about 1GB - a nice 75 percent reduction.
  2. Thanks, Rocky! I edited my post. And thanks to wombat, mig, Tinker, Ingeloop, and Gache for the kind words and for not having forgotten me!
  3. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b5 Update Is the audience listening...? After my (slightly longer than planned) hiatus I am happy to announce that I finished the next update (v1.0.0b5) for Heroes Unleashed. It's a major one - with tons of balancing and fine tuning, and again there are new maps, weapons, and game types. Additionally, I have created another add-on mod, plus an info sheet with a comprehensive listing of all weapons in Heroes Unleashed and their key specs (as usual, those bonus items are "hidden away" in the X-TRAS folder). I should have the update patches and
  4. Announcement - Cancelation of Cooperation In the last couple of weeks, real life has handed me a lot of additional work which continues to consume more and more of my spare time as well. Consequently, I have a lot less time for the development of Heroes Unleashed than originally planned, and the little time left for modding has recently become less and less enjoyable, mainly due to some rather disappointing experiences with some new members of the development team. I have therefor decided to withdraw my open invitation for the participation of others, disband the current development tea
  5. Yeah, Mauti has been there for Mac gamers from the very beginning of GR (actually since R6). He is still hosting all the great mods, forums, and articles for Mac users at his site and has lend a helping hand since the initial beta release of HU. Without Mauti there would probably not be a Mac installer, for example. He's currently rebuilding the DAMN Battle League for 2009 - a huge undertaking - you should check it out (details here).
  6. It depends - have you played through the new campaigns in single-player yet? If not, and you are interested in SP at all, I would suggest playing those without any mods at first. If you have finished them before, I highly recommend e.g. Frostbite, Year of the Monkey, and CENTCOM - all must-have classics, and they provide great new full-scale campaigns with new maps etc. and a completely new look for GR. There are many other important mods that you should not miss in the download section, but the ones mentioned are a good place to start.
  7. Sorry for being a bit late to the party - RL keeps me quite busy. Joshua, good idea about a weapon stats overview. In HU I'm still 'experimenting' with different setups for ballistics and handling during the beta phase, but once that is done I'll see if I find the time to add a weapons chapter in the ReadMe. The OpFor weapons in the "equip" folder are indeed for enemies/NPC's - an their stats are actually worse(!) then those of the player weapons. They have longer stabilization times, higher turnbands, less accuracy etc. to compensate for the increased OpFor AI, otherwise there would s
  8. I probably should have mentioned that your official job is to drive me (even more) insane! Nope, that was *my* job. Maybe that's why it didn't work out. That job was already taken.
  9. Hey look - another Apex! Thanks, hope you'll enjoy Heroes Unleashed!
  10. NMM's web site is still online and all downloads are live, I think. Haven't seen a Rainbow Ops mod, though.
  11. It actually spanks everything else with "Tom Clancy" or "Ghost Recon" in the title... and then some! Good ol' Ghost Recon is played more than all other Tom Clancy games COMBINED (well, almost)!
  12. Just stumbled upon Ghost Recon's Xfire Rank for today (03/03/2009): This becomes even more impressive when compared to other tactical shooters (or what they categorize as such) on Xfire (03/03/2009): Not too shabby for a game from 2001, wouldn't you agree?
  13. I probably should have mentioned that your official job is to drive me (even more) insane!
  14. Now that the new Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b4 update has been published, we have a little wishlist for future versions going over at HeroesUnleashed.net, so if you want to see a particular feature to be implemented, please feel free to post it either over there or in this thread. We cannot promise to include everything in the future, but at least we will have an idea of what is wanted. Oh yes, I'm saying "we", because some very nice people have joined me in the active future development of Heroes Unleashed. Maybe you noticed that Crash (aka twcrash), Mauti (aka DAMN Mauti), Poema, and Snake
  15. Yes, I wholeheartedly second that suggestion! Desert Siege and Island Thunder add so very much to the game, and most mods (and online game servers!) require them both to be installed. The Ghost Recon Gold or Ghost Recon Complete package is probably your best option and certainly worth its price. You would not regret buying this!
  16. And congrats to you, Crash! All the help you (and your TechWarriorZ!) are providing with the ongoing development of Heroes Unleashed is very much appreciated. I know it's not always easy with me and my neurotic behavior, so extra special thanks for your patience! I'll try to be less of a control freak in the future... although chances are dim. Here is yet another example of my obsessiveness: The mod banner says 100+ maps. Before the v1.0.0b4 update, Heroes Unleashed already provided 128 maps and now it's 140 maps - still "100+" maps! Let's change it to 200+ maps once (if?) we
  17. Nice to hear! Meanwhile I have uploaded 1.0.0b4 full install versions for those of you who have not previously downloaded the mod. Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b4 Full Install for Mac Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b4 Full Install for PC
  18. Well, I only have a single (Ghost Recon) mod creation under my belt, so it may be more appropriate for other more prolific modders to answer here, but I will give it a try, anyhow. My real life/business background is somewhat tech/programming-related, but I don't think it played a major role in my (first) modding endeavors. What drove me to learn the "tools of the trade" are the games themselves, the fun I have playing them, and an almost neurotic need to make them fit my taste even more. As it happened, I started up on other games and worked with several different (modding) en
  19. Here it is - the next (beta!) version of Heroes Unleashed (v1.0.0b4). It contains a number of bug fixes and fine-tuning of many features, plus there are new maps, weapons, and a couple of game types for you to enjoy. The update comes as installer applications for Mac and PC that automatically patch your installation of Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b3 to the new version 1.0.0b4. Below are the first couple of download links. Have fun with a new version of Heroes Unleashed! Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b4 Update for Mac Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b4 Update for PC
  20. Still working on the updater applications, but should be ready tomorrow. You have the pre-release, so your TechWarriorZ can play the new version already- it's really just minor installation quirks I'm working on. You know - it has to be perfect.
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