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  1. Note that this is going to be a bit of a spoiler, nonetheless I think it makes sense to start talking about it in advance of the Heroes Unleashed beta 9 release. I've spent an insane amount of time to create a universal mission script that can be used as a framework for basically any kind of mission imaginable. As a matter of fact, I've used this same template for all campaign missions in GRHU beta 9. My reasoning for constructing such a template is the repetitiveness of adding essentially identical features to new missions again and again; e.g. queuing of on-screen message boxes, dynamic weather changes, AI detection and alertness routines, AT and demo charge counters, objective triggers, mission failure and completion queries, intro and outro cinematics, etc. are part of all GRHU missions, and it would not only have been quite a pain to add the exact same script blocks over and over again, boring repetition also increases the danger of making mistakes, so a reusable template both serves comfort as well as helps to avoid scripting errors. The concept is quite easy, most if not all building blocks for any kind of mission are already present in the template, so to build a new mission from scratch, basically all you have to do is pick a map, import the script template as mission script, connect map properties with corresponding script variables (serving as placeholders for map-specific attributes), edit appropriate objective descriptions and enable their script groups, and voila... mission complete. Admittedly, due to script engine limitations I've had to fall back to an extremely nondescript naming convention for script components to save space (IGOR's compiler can only handle script source code with a maximum length of 64kb). As a result, at first sight the script may look like very complex and indecipherable gibberish, but there is a very simple structure underneath the myriad of script tags, and I've started to write a (preliminary) documentation to make usage of the template easier. The template is still somewhat of a work-in-progress, but it works well and already offers the following features: Limited IGOR editing required (yet fully customizable) 18 full objectives (with X-option) incl. triggers Automatic game saves Boosted enemy AI Comprehensive score system (objectives / survival / stealth) Dedicated server compatible Demolition charge and antitank weapon counters Difficulty tiers Easily customizable Elaborate exfil / end condition triggers End movie options (for campaign use) Enemy contact feedback Hero unlocking option (for campaign use) Infil chatter options Intricate stealth / detection / enemy alertness system Intro and outro cinematic options (incl. vehicle infil / exfil) Medal awarding option Messages / dialog boxes with message queueing Mission abort upon failing main / key objective Nonlinear play (any objective order, exfil anytime) Perfect score message Player respawn alert Random "kill confirmed" messages Realistic dynamic weather incl. complete weather change Single player and co-op multiplayer compatible Support for (temporarily) invincible platoons Support for hidden reinforcement platoons and vehicles Support for non-combatants / civilians Support for random actor locations and plans Support for random insertion detection Win / loss condition triggers In conclusion, I wanted to bring this up as I hope the template script can serve as a foundation to be used by other modders / scripters to much more easily create new missions or even entire campaigns in the future. The template can be found among the many goodies contained in the XTRAS folder of the Heroes Unleashed beta 9 release, which is due shortly. I hope this thread will spark some discussion about the template, and I'll be providing support here for anyone willing to give it a try.
  2. ApexMods

    Universal Mission Script Template

    Yes, you are absolutely right. We need one compact archive of all required tools with comprehensive documentation and easy-to-use templates. Quite an undertaking to put everything together, but should be a worthwhile investment of time and effort. Any volunteers? Alex?
  3. ApexMods

    Universal Mission Script Template

    I actually try to do just that with the Heroes Unleashed mod. All the mod tools and documentation needed can be found in the mod's XTRAS folder.
  4. ApexMods

    Adding specialist in MP

    IIRC, all platoons need to have the same number of actors for this to work correctly.
  5. ApexMods

    Adding specialist in MP

    What does your .kil file look like?
  6. Please girl, that debacle was entirely my fault. You guys did what you could, and I very much appreciate it! We'll be better next time!
  7. URGENT NOTICE For a special event on extremely short notice, I'm looking for people willing to help spruce up the Heroes Unleashed mod's presentation by creating all kinds of promotional materials, e.g. video clips, logo designs, wallpapers, site banners, forum avatars, signatures, etc. Please don't hesitate to post here or PM me if you're interested in helping out. Thank you.
  8. ApexMods

    DEDICATED SERVERS - List Them Here!

    Thanks for the heads-up, mate!
  9. ModDB promotion. Was a big failure. Hope I'll be better prepared next time.
  10. ApexMods

    MAP file structure

    AFAIK, reverse-engineering a file format to create a new import/export utility doesn't break the EULA. It's exactly what Mike Shell and others have done since the Stone Age with all converters, exporters and other tools etc. Seriously, if Ubisoft dared interfering now, after 15 years of completely neglecting the fan base, I'd say it's time to nuke them from orbit for good. Where on earth is the GR and IGOR source code available?!? First thing I'd do is lift the compiler ceiling above 64kb to allow for some serious scripting!
  11. ApexMods

    Helicopter speed turn

    I think Harntrox (or was it Raven?) successfully modelled a helo as tank (or vice versa).
  12. ApexMods

    Adding specialist in MP

    Make sure to have the correct LOD entries in the .atr files.
  13. ApexMods

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Just 9 hours left to vote for Heroes Unleashed at the Mod of the Year Awards over at ModDB. Shameless promotional plug, but would love to make it to the top 100 (slim chance, though).
  14. ApexMods

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    Well said, my friend. Very well said, indeed. I pretty much try out every single "tactical" shooter upon release, only to find that with each new iteration, basically all of them are moving further and further away from anything that would invite realistic deliberate gameplay, and I often wonder if there are either no developers or no players left out there willing to engage more than a dimly flickering solitary brain cell. The irreversible harm that CowADoodie and its herds of domesticated console cattle have caused not only to the genre but game development in general cannot be overstated. This may sound somewhat elitist or like an old fart rambling on about the good old days, but I remember a time when games used to be rather clever, made by clever people for clever people. Nowadays it seems like they are increasingly made by greedy incompetent morons for fools and simpletons, or people who simply just don't care, hurriedly gobbling up anything "new" served to them again and again, never standing still to wonder why the continuous feeding frenzy ultimately still fails to satisfy any hunger. So an underground niche it is then, to ask for more then mindless cursory distraction and instant gratification in a tactical shooter. Well, fair enough, I guess.
  15. ApexMods

    Pc gaming has changed horribly

    I pray that data caps, upload throttling, port blocking, and other censorship will be the downfall of those greedy ###### providers soon. While I hate Google with a passion, at least their fibre ambitions put some pressure on the local cable warlords. The wave of TV cord cutting sweeping across the world right now is another promising sign that times are changing for the "media tycoons", the robber barons of the information age. If it was up to me, I'd send all those monopoly-maintaining ###### and their cronies in legislature off to life in prison for their anti-competitive business practices.
  16. ApexMods

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    In-game it's done via campaign, but there's a folder "GR Unlocked Maps & Specialists" in the mod's XTRAS that allows unlocking everything "manually" (HU uses the same specialists database as the base game). The extraction timer is somewhat necessary as you can extract anytime (regardless of completed objectives) during a campaign mission, so players need to be made aware that they are about to extract when lingering around the exfil zone. Admittedly, the sound is a bit loud, so I'll change that in the next update. IIRC, the only mission you should get the "not enough AT" message if you bring the default of 2 AT weapons is the last Desert Siege mission, as that one indeed requires 4 antitank rockets to complete successfully (as mentioned in the mission briefing). All other campaign missions that require AT can be successfully completed with 2 or less antitank weapons, and that includes "Fever Claw" (the Vilnius / Ruined City mission in the GR campaign). The first campaign mission is a homage to the original GR demo mission and it was added as a sort of prelude or overture to the Heroes Unleashed campaign, signalling that you are indeed playing a custom campaign, albeit one that follows the original campaign trilogy. Admittedly, lack of weapons zoom for iron sights and non-magnifying optics makes it a lot harder to successfully engage distant enemies, but then that's also true in real life, and this is what HU is all about - realism. A big caveat here is screen size and resolution. Anything below at least 1280x720 resolution is basically unplayable, and only with 1920x1080 on 24-inch displays and up, the experience begins to sufficiently approximate real-life visual conditions. At over 27 inches and e.g. 4k resolution any iron sight zoom would feel like cheating.
  17. ApexMods

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    I'd like to let some time pass before working on full HU 1.0 to get enough feedback and especially bug reports so any remaining annoyances can be fixed in one go. The way real life has been treating me recently I also have to hope for better times to come so I can allow myself more spare time and maybe a vacation here and there once again. I hope that beta 9 can provide enough gameplay value for the time being. Access to most (IIRC all) weapons is available via unlockable "Specialists" in SP.
  18. ApexMods

    GR Map Max files?

    There are some in the XTRAS folder of a certain mod.
  19. ApexMods

    Hunted Mod

    Bump for progress?
  20. ApexMods

    Helicopter speed turn

    Helicopters were added to Ghost Recon as an afterthought in the Island Thunder expansion, years after the game's initial release. From what I could gather, their handling and behavior is largely, if not entirely, hardcoded and quite frankly a complete and utter mess, without any resemblance of real-world capabilities whatsoever. Sadly, I don't see any way to improve upon this much through soft modding, as source code access would be needed to fundamentally alter how helos work in the game.
  21. ApexMods

    Vehicles with Dynamic Lights

    Thanks, pz3. Would the hard-coding allow for front and rear lights?
  22. A huge thanks for your ongoing spectacular work, Richard! Is there any way to alter the trainer in order to auto-return to default view point during (analog) zoom, whether initiated via key or e.g. mouse / scroll wheel?
  23. The Endless Ghost Recon Weapon Model Wish List As I didn't want to derail pz3's weapons mod thread and yet have an apparently insatiable craving for additional firearms to appear in good old Ghost Recon, I hope you folks can forgive me for starting yet another weapon model wish list. If you don't object, I suggest we keep this thread pinned, so it can serve as our collective register of "missing" Ghost Recon weapons. Every now and then, e.g. while browsing the internet, I stumble upon yet another interesting assault rifle, SMG, shotgun etc. and think to myself "better make a note of that one, would make a nice addition to GR", only to completely forget about it later, and maybe some of you can relate to this. Anyhow, with this thread in place, I invite all of you to add your latest object of desire to this probably ever-growing catalogue, so if some of our nice 3DSM modellers are looking for new candidates, they'll have a place to turn to for inspiration. Without further ado, I hereby declare The Endless Ghost Recon Weapon Model Wish List open for business. Note: Please post the correct designation as well as a picture of the weapon in question. Thank you.