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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    As I said, for the full 1.0.0 release I mainly focus on fixing bugs and working on the mod's technical underpinnings, e.g. file and folder structure, model and texture properties and dependencies and so on, and consequently for now there (probably) won't be any changes to e.g. equipment/kit selection, ballistics, weapon sounds etc. The HK416/417s in question are modeled with Nightforce 2.5-10 x 32 NXS scopes (10x magnification), and the MP5SD you talked about before is fitted with an EOTech M550 Series Holographic Weapon Sight (no magnification) combined with an AN/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device (no magnification either) on a QD lever equipped ring mount for the MP5. The manual/semi-auto fire rate of each weapon in HU is calculated depending on weapon category to provide (relatively) realistic manual shots, especially for AI, because with the semi-auto RoF set to the same as full-auto, AI (and some human players) will manually shoot their guns just as quickly as if set to full-auto, which I'd consider an unrealistic immersion breaker.
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    Been a while..... HEY!

    Hey, Snake! Nice to see you drop in!
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Full HU 1.0 is in the works. Mainly under-the-hood stuff, so don’t expect too much new content. Focus is on bug fixes and organization (stability, compatibility, modularity, modability). It’s still a mountain of work, but I’m getting there... soon. 🙂 PS: I love this game.
  4. ApexMods

    Hex editing .map file

    Yes, Alex has done amazing work with his GR community SDK! While I didn’t find the time for trying them myself, the new 3DSM and PS plugins, as well as his 010 Editor templates should make life a lot easier for GR modders. Absolutely Inspiring work, Alex! Thank you so much!!!
  5. ApexMods

    Hex editing .map file

    Thank you very much, Wombat, for your hard work on this! Everything will be worked into the next HU v1.0 Update.
  6. ApexMods

    HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    Jack, thanks for the offer, but I have a slightly different approach in the base GRHU mod and don‘t want to deviate from the course, especially since I hardly find enough time to work on my own mod plans and ideas, as it is. 🙂
  7. ApexMods

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Of course! Glad you like the Legacy add-on. It was a lot of work putting it all together like this, but well worth it, even for the nostalgia alone. 🙂
  8. ApexMods

    Happy New Year!

    A belated Happy New Year to all of you folks! Been a long time. Too long. Hope you're all doing fine? Very happy to see Rocky still has things running smoothly, and all the usual suspects keep the flame of GR alive!
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    Hex editing .map file

    Here I am.
  10. ApexMods

    "Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions

    Will have to update this later, assuming Jack Wachter is onboard?
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    Ghost Recon Modders Hall Of Fame

    Hall of Fame updated.
  12. Ghost Recon Modders Hall of Fame It has been bothering me for some time now that there is not a single thread in these forums dedicated to all the people who gave their time and energy to develop mods for our favorite game to be used freely by all of us. As a token of appreciation for their work, I would hereby like to introduce the "Ghost Recon Modders Hall of Fame" - a thread for you to post the name of any person you consider noteworthy in the GR modding community, together with the name(s) of the mod(s) that person has created or collaborated on, and/or a short explanation why you want them in the Hall of Fame. This is not about who might be more important than another - all mentioned names will be listed in the first post alphabetically. Just post whoever comes to your mind at the moment, it does not matter whether the name has been posted before or is already listed in the Hall of Fame. And post again when you think of another name to be listed, as often as you like. One rule: Name only ONE person per post! If you want to enter more than one name, post the first one and wait for somebody else to post before you go again. Or you could just wait a couple of hours and play Ghost Recon. I really don't want to be intolerant about the One name per post rule, but I think every single name deserves individual attention, and allowing just one name per post makes you think about your choice more carefully. Hope you can agree? Now, without further ado - here are the people who carried the torch of GR modding: 10mm Auto 9MS AFZ Akira Alpha Squad American Vengeance Squad ApexMods Argyll AUS_Viper AV Apollo BajaBravo Basia Battleborne Big Blue Soul Biro_AS Blakarion Blake a.k.a. The Blakeness Bludawg Chavez_AS Chems Cobaka Cobra 6 Cocobolo CommandoCrazy DAMN Mauti DeadPreacher Deleyt DOG-ZEBRA Don Miguel DRAG Raven DTD Pro Mod Team Earl eSkwaad Foxhound GAK Firestar GWDS H-Hour Hammer Harntrox Ingeloop Jack57 Janie42 Javaman Jay John Sonedecker Joseph "Piggyson" Drust Karma KRP 56 Lightspeed Lisa2ck Migryder Mike Schell MONOLITH Monoman MrMoon Natswana Neutron NGRU 2pt NGRU Crazy1 NH2S NYR32 OG Gulf Zero - SBTO OSO Parabellum Phlookian Piccolo Prozac Punisher Rebar Right-Hand RileyFletcher_01 Rocky Ruin Sarc SD Special Detachment SEALZ Serellan Sixpence Sleeper Slugg SnowFella Stalker Streinger Suicide Commando Swartsz Thales Thumper Tim Leary Tinker Tof Variable13 WardenMac Whisper_44 Wolfsong wombat50 Worm WytchDokta X69RZX Yodasplat Zeealex to be continued...
  13. ApexMods

    GR,DS,IT Dedicated Server

    Thanks for the server! Will try to hop on one of these days.
  14. Hear hear! GR is still the ruling King of tactical realism in my book.
  15. ApexMods

    HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    Congrats on the release, Jack Wachter! Nice to see a new third-party add-on for HU!
  16. Sorry, DropBox seems to have broken all my download links, including the wrapper. The one inside the Heroes Unleashed XTRAS folder should still wok on Mac OS X 10.12.x Sierra, and I'm currently working on a new one, which I'll try on 10.13 High Sierra soon. Hope I get the DropBox issues sorted out shortly, too.
  17. ApexMods

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Hi guys and gals! It's been a long time. At work so I can't talk too much at the moment, but wanted to let you all know that the old fart Apex is still around, slowly chiseling away at GRHU.
  18. I noticed there are few vehicles modded for GR with dynamic lights, and I couldn't find any with working rear lights. Never delved too much into this myself (last time I touched 3DSM was about a decade ago, I fear), so I was wondering if head lights are complex to implement and whether rear lights are possible at all?
  19. This is one of the reasons why I randomize enemy positions and plans in Heroes Unleashed. No way to win by just memorizing where enemies are. Still, this speed run is an impressive feat, nonetheless.
  20. Ghost Recon's 15th Anniversary Tribute Art Contest >> LINK TO COMPETITION PAGE HERE << On today's occasion of Ghost Recon's 15th anniversary, we're happy to announce GhostRecon.net holding a prize contest open to anyone, worldwide. Paying homage to our favorite game's unique history, we ask you to submit self made creative works that honor the Ghost Recon game series, its makers, its community, maybe even this web site. We want you to let your inspiration flow and come up with any art form for any game in the series, even Wildlands, that may serve as tribute to our beloved Ghost Recon, whether it's a simple drawing or painting on a piece of paper or done on your computer, photograph, screenshot, wallpaper, web site banner, forum avatar or signature, a poem, short story or other written work, a song or other musical arrangement, a movie clip e.g. of gameplay or machinima, a mod or other kind of game addition like e.g. a 3d model or texture pack. Basically anything you create can apply. Whatever is your chosen art form, skill level, or field of expertise, you decide on the medium to use. All we ask is that your work relates to the Ghost Recon game series (from the original up to Wildlands) in a creative way, and that the work you submit is your own. Entries may be the product of collaboration with others, as long as all participants are credited. Contest winners are chosen by GhostRecon.net staff based on a work's creativity, relevance, execution, and community spirit. The contest begins today and lasts until December 20th, so you have five weeks to submit your entries in this forum thread e.g. by embedding or linking your work (e.g. YouTube, file sharing sites, etc.) Contest winners should receive their prizes just in time for the holidays. Prize details will be determined shortly, but we can already tell you that there will be some nice goodies among them... Submit self-made Ghost Recon tribute artwork and win amazing prizes! PRIZE LIST Steam Ghost Recon Complete Packs We have EXCLUSIVE GhostRecon.net Steam Ghost Recon Complete Packs not officially available anywhere else, containing all of the Ghost Recon games shown above, including Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, which you can't even buy on Steam! A unique chance for the full Ghost Recon collection in your Steam library! GhostRecon.net's Ultimate Ghost Recon Mod Collection & Watch All Ghost Recon, GRAW, and GRAW2 mods, plus countless extras, on a slick 64GB USB 3.0 stick, and a special Ghost Recon watch we stole retrieved acquired from Rocky's personal Ghost Recon vault! Ghost Recon Insignia Patches & T-Shirts so you can show the world your allegiance to our King of tactical shooters! and some super-secret Ubisoft-sponsored surprises which may or may not contain... wait, it's supposed to be a surprise! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Now go and be creative! Good luck to all participants! Long live Ghost Recon! >> LINK TO COMPETITION PAGE HERE << Rules 1. Open to everyone 2. Entrants must post their submission in this competition thread in the forums 3. Closing date for entries is 20th December 2016 4. Two entries per person maximum. The entries posted at midnight on 20th Dec '16 will be the versions judged. 5. This competition is run by GhostRecon.net, a Ghost Recon fan site not affiliated to Ubisoft 6. T-shirts may differ slightly from those shown 7. Winners will be selected by a panel of non-entrants selected by and including site administrators Contestants (as of 12/10/2016) Current entries will be listed here for an overview of competing contestants. squad_e with Ghost Recon Hip-Hop Remix Heycrowe with Ghost Recon Wildlands - Hold the Line video and GRW: A Survival Mode Story fan fiction short story Zeealex with a full character remodel and render of Ghost Recon Specialist Lindy Cohen BAM REDF0X with Ghost Recon Wildlands - I'm a Ghost video pz3 with Ghost Recon 15th Anniversary Edition mod (WIP) -Niom- with Ghost Recon Wildlands artwork one and two Lowlandernam with Ghost Recon artwork Bodark Wildlands Artwork Bodark Real Me Wildlands Video Zeealex Ghost Recon Artwork
  21. ApexMods

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    I'm not talking about economic necessities, the problem with many of todays crop of devs is a complete lack of ingenuity, the absence of any philosophical, artistic, or at the very least creative ambition. When I look at some of the big AAA "mainstream" games and their insane budgets, I cannot help to ask myself how it is even possible to churn out humongous projects like that without an inch of originality, let alone any aspiration to answer a higher artistic calling. Luckily, the indy dev scene has picked up the torch and keeps the flame alive, because without them todays gaming industry would present a pretty bleak outlook on the future of game development. The lowest common denominator approach simply cannot stand on its own, because its ultimate consequence will always be continuously decreasing standards for everything and everyone. Without someone breaking free from convention and going it alone, we end up with nothing but regression. I simply don't want to accept that it is too much to ask for just a modicum of artistic integrity from todays AAA developers. Of course, not everyone can be expected to exhibit the amount of creative talent and philosophical depth of e.g. a Brian Upton (who cofounded Red Storm Entertainment, designed both RS and GR, and went on to write one of the most significant books ever about game design), but if someone made the life choice to become a game developer, they should be expected to exhibit at least some character traits that differentiate them from Wall Street shysters, and maybe even game publishers should rethink their business model if it would just as easily fit a fastfood chain. So in conclusion, no, I cannot accept "market appeal" as an excuse for bad and unoriginal game design, and the history of gaming has shown time and time again that brave design decisions with an emphasis on deep player involvement on both emotional and cerebral levels do not have to stand in the way of economic success. It's just the easier, the quicker, the less risky, and ultimately the more cowardice way to simply trot behind the creative curve and push mindless console shovelware to 9-year-olds, and while it may be "commercially viable" and "economically making sense", it's still nothing more than developers selling their souls and whoring themselves out for the sake of mammon.