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  1. How is this possible?!? Maybe with a trainer of sorts?!?
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    The Ghost

    Almost two decades, and good ol' GR still keeps getting more and more shiny new mods. I love it! โ˜บ๏ธ
  3. Sounds yummy. Keep up the good work, Jack! ๐Ÿ‘
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    What's up?

    We always come back. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Current Version (Mac & PC): Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0 (2018-04-13) Welcome to Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed! My fellow Ghost Recon fans, It is my honor to finally be able to make a contribution to our Ghost Recon family in the form of a new mod. I have been working on this "swiftly, silently, and invisibly" for many years, and now that the time has come for my mod to see the light of day, I am overjoyed to be able to give something back at last. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is my tribute to the Ghost Recon community. The mod's aspiration is to honor the makers and fans of this great game, to be a token of appreciation for everyone who helped to expand the ever-growing Ghost Recon universe over the years, with their support, ideas, enthusiasm, and sociability. All of you made our beloved game the timeless classic it is today. Enjoy the mod! Apex
  6. The friendly folks over at Ghost Recon Hideout are carrying the torch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon online multiplayer, with a whole list of active game servers, including in-game voice communication, and accompanied by player forums to chat about the game, and life in general. Meet up for friendly co-op games or PvP/TvT battles, and take part in tournaments and other special events. I urge you to join the GR Hideout Discord and jump back into the fun of Ghost Recon multiplayer! Long live Ghost Recon!
  7. "Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions Dear Ghost Recon fans, As it gets increasingly difficult to contact mod authors about usage permission requests for all of that Ghost Recon mod content created over the past decade, maybe it is time we start pooling mod resources that may be used in new modding projects. This thread asks mod authors to grant permission for using their content in future mods, under provision that they are properly credited, and new mods are non-commercial and publicly available, and recursively grant the same permission to others. A complete listing of all mods available under the GR.net "Sharing is Caring" license model (a Creative Commons license, legal details here) will be maintained in this opening post for easy reference. The list will also include mods that already grant / do not deny sharing permissions e.g. in their original documentation or through statement by their author. Hopefully the collection of usable content will streamline the permission process to encourage new mod endeavours and maybe even entice some of the early Ghost Recon modders to return to the scene. Please note that many mods have a multitude of contributors, and usage permission may not always include all of a mod's content, as authors can probably only grant permission for their own work and not the work done by others. While we should try to collect blanket permissions for complete mod content this may not always be possible, so you may need to refer to a mod's documentation and/or individual posts here for details. We think at this late point in Ghost Recon's life, more than a decade after its release, that anyone who still cares or who ever cared for this game and this community should welcome the idea to share mod resources. This is our chance to prolong the life of our beloved game even further by enabling the dedicated few still willing to freely give their time and effort to the community. In conclusion we kindly ask all of you to please join us in our effort to serve this community to the best of our abilities, and to pay tribute to the game that brought us together in this corner of the internet and that keeps giving us so much joy. Long live Ghost Recon! Your GR.net Team Willing to Share? Whatever content you created, whether missions, models, textures, etc. - it may be of use to other modders, so please post in this thread if you are an author willing to share your work with the Ghost Recon modding community. Just state the name(s) of the mod(s) you have created and their download location and they will be added to the list of mods in this opening post. Looking for Permission? If you are looking for permission to use content from mods not yet listed here, please try to get in contact with the mod authors via email, private message, etc. and point them to this thread asking them to declare their permission by posting here. Already Have Permission? If you are one of the lucky ones to get in contact with an original mod's authors and recently got permission for your mod, please use this opportunity to contact them again, requesting to extend permission by posting in this thread. No Way to Contact Author or No Reply? Once you have tried everything within your power to reach a mod's authors, but there is no way to get in contact or all of your emails or personal messages remain unanswered, it's probably fair to assume they simply do not care anymore, and after a grace period of 30 days the mod will be listed here as shareable. Sharing Mod Not Listed? Do you know of a mod that allows / does not expressly forbid sharing but is not yet listed here? Post in this thread and state the mod's name, download location, and its permission status to have it added to the list. Mods with "Sharing is Caring" Permissions 101st Airborne Division 2009: Desert Siege (Armoured Core 4) (by Combatech) 3DS Characters (by WytchDokta) 9-Man Powerboat (by Phlookian) 9MS Mod (by Tinker) ACE High Resolution Reticles (by ACE_COH) ACOG and Elcan Reticles (by Ingeloop) ACOG Reticles (by Ingeloop) Afghan Police (by Cobaka) Air Strike Tools (by thales100 et al) Airport (by H-Hour) Armenia SCARed (by Giampi, Janie42, Cobaka, Streinger) Auscam (SASR) (by Stalker) Aussie Skins (by Callmehobbes) BajaBravo's Skin Pack (by BajaBravo) Black Hawk MH-60 Model (unknown author) Black Hawk MH-60 Model (Low Poly) (by Tinker) BlackOps: OpFor Vehicles (by Blakarion) BlackOps: US Vehicles (by Blakarion) Blood Oil (by Tinker and the GR.net community) BMP Model (unknown author) Burner's Flashbangs (by Burner) Cobaka Ghost Recon Maps (by Cobaka) Commando Crazy's Basic Skins (by Commando Crazy) Chems Model Pack (by Chems) Chems Model Pack 2 (by Chems) Christmas Tree Model (by Tinker) Claiming Liberty (by RileyFletcher_01) Cloak-and-Dagger (by Jack Wachter) Dauphin Helicopter (by Cobaka) Decennium Interface (by ApexMods) Dekela's AK-47 (by Dekela) Dekela's Weapons (by Dekela) Desert Black Hawk (by Cobaka) Desert Siege Cinematic Version (by Giampi) DOG-ZEBRA (by Dog-Zebra) Dummy Vehicle (by Tinker) DYNACOMP (by Parabellum et al) Element11 Free Stuff (by Element11) EOTech M40GL Reticle (by Doc Calliban) Frostbite (by Frostbite team) Geisterspaehtrupp (by Dog-Zebra) Grass Camo Attachments (by Hana_JP) GRS Map Pack 1 (by iso6, Ken 'the Judge', and Nami) GRS Map Pack 3 (by Hana_JP) Hammer's Vehicle Pack (by Hammer) Hammer's Vehicle Pack II (by Hammer) Heroes Unleashed (by ApexMods) H-Hour's 17 Server Side Missions Pack (by H-Hour) H-Hour's Object and Texture Pack (by H-Hour) Hokum Helicopter (by Cobaka) Infinity (by Zeealex et al) Invisible Threat (by Zeealex) Italian Peacekeeper Skins (by Cobaka and Ingeloop) Jodit Haile Winter Edition (by various modders) Little Bird Helicopter (by Chems) Lynx Helicopter (by Cobaka) M4 SOPMOD Mod (by Prozac) M16A4 Addon (by Prozac) M24 Ballistic Rifle (by Doc Calliban) M92 Italian Desert Skin (by Dog-Zebra) M92 Italian Desert Skin (by Dog-Zebra) Migryder's Festival Mod (by wombat50 et al) Mike Schell's Reference Map (by Mike Schell) Mike Schell's Wrinkles (by Mike Schell) Mp3 (SoAF for GR) (by Giampi) Mytoan Sniper (by Killer) Natsanwa's Model Pack (by Natsanwa) Natsanwa's SCAR Pack (by Natsanwa) Nk's Ghosts (by NkOgNiTo) NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle (by Stalker_Zero) OPCOM (by Dog-Zebra) Operation: Save Santa 3 (by Tinker) Operation Stronghold (by JohnTC02) Osama Character (by James) Panther Helicopter (by Cobaka) Panoramic Night Vision (by Doc Calliban) Phlook's Placeable Object (by Phlookian) Project Novo (by Zeealex) Project Sentry (by H-Hour) Puma Helicopter (by Cobaka) Punisher's 3ds Max Files (by Punisher) Rambo Mod (by Hana_JP) Real Weapons Sounds (by thales100) Red Five Map Pack 1 (by bitshot) Red Five Map Pack 2 (by bitshot) Redlight (by Cobaka) Return to Monkey Island (by Parabellum) Rockall (by Tinker) Russian Player Mod (by Chudy Picio) Sabotage (by Prozac) SANDF (South African National Defence Force) 2.0 (by Giampi) SANDF 2.0 Mission Pack (by Giampi) Serpentine Dream Theory (by MrMoon) Silent Warrior 1 (by Swartsz) Silent Warrior 2 (by Swartsz) Silent Warrior 3 (by Swartsz) Sininen HUD (by Zeealex) SpecOps Campaign (by Zeealex) Stalker V1 Redux (German Special Forces) (by Stalker) Swamp Airfield (by RSE) Tactical Net (by Tinker) Taskforce Thresher Project: Sons of Thunder (Armoured Core Series) (by Combatech) Texas Militia (by RileyFletcher_01) The General (by Dog-Zebra) The Outpost (by H-Hour and El Oso) The Pond (by Giampi and Cobaka) The Punisher (by Giampi) VW Iltis (by Cobaka) Weapons of War (WoW) v2.0 (by Prozac) Weapons of War (WoW) v3.1 (by Prozac) Wet Sun (by Giampi) Wildcat's Boonie Wrinkles (by Wildcat) Wildcat's Woodland Skins (by Wildcat) Wildcat's Wrinkles (by Wildcat) WD Camo Pack (by WytchDokta) Zodiac Model (by El Oso) ... to be continued... All listed mods are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  8. Ghost Recon on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later (incl. macOS 10.13 High Sierra) Introduction As Mac OS X 10.7 and later no longer support legacy PPC applications like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, an easy solution for playing PPC games on modern Macs is a Wineskin wrapper to run the Windows/PC version. Just download and expand the archive, launch the included Ghost Recon app and follow onscreen instructions to install the game e.g. from original PC CD-ROM, GOG setup executable, or by copying the Ghost Recon folder from a PC. Next to playing, the Ghost Recon Wrapper facilitates dedicated server hosting and mod management, and it provides easy access to essential game settings and logs, as well as a variety of other useful tools. A nice side-effect is that all Ghost Recon mods for PC are now fully Mac compatible! Enjoy Ghost Recon (and mods) for PC on Mac! Requirements โ€ข Mac OS X 10.6.8 - macOS 10.13.x โ€ข 1.0 GHz processor โ€ข 1 GB RAM โ€ข 128 MB graphics card โ€ข 4 GB available disk space โ€ข TCP/IP connection (for network / internet play) โ€ข Tom Clancyโ€™s Ghost Recon (2001) for Windows/PC DOWNLOAD GHOST RECON WRAPPER FOR MAC (continually updated, latest version 18-05-14)
  9. For anyone who knows me, it's probably not a secret that I deeply disdain later iterations of the game series and hold only Red Storm Entertainment's Ghost Recon from 2001 in highest regard. I've expressed the reasoning for my preference in these forums countless times and in much detail, so I'll try to just briefly sum it up here in a few words. Ghost Recon (2001) is not just any tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter, it is THE KING of tactical realism squad-based military first person shooters. It's the first one, the progenitor of the species. It boldly went where none had dared venturing before. It opened the doors. It set the standards. It laid the course for an entirely new genre. The "sequels" deviated from this course more and more on their frantic pursuit of cash-grabbing "broader market appeal" through "narrowing the player skill gap", and they eventually got completely lost on their way, forever stuck in the nether realms of cheap console-centric cinematic on-rails action, amongst a host of other COD-wannabe also-rans, desolately void of identity, character, and heritage. With Future Soldier and Phantoms, the series had reached a new low, and I simply cannot overstate my absolute contempt for those titles. Not necessarily for the kind of gaming they represent (there's plenty of room for all kinds of flavours out there, and that's probably a good thing), but for their spineless betrayal of heritage, for their coarse abuse of the Ghost Recon name. Just as its recent predecessors, Wildlands once again throws the Ghost Recon name on a package and promises, once again, a return to the series' roots, to its original values. By now I have heard these Sirenes' songs too many times to be lured into false optimism, to take these promises at face value. My hopes have been shattered too many times to be raised by this kind of marketing talk ever again. No more talk. No more promises. Just show me! Show me that you mean it! Show me that you understand, that you grasp the concept of what Ghost Recon used to stand for, that you finally realize what a tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter true to the game's magnificent heritage has to be about! Put your money where your mouth is and take a risk by daring to be different once again! Now, from what I've seen of Wildlands so far, there is potential. (Damn, there's that optimism again!) The nonlinear open-world aspect is the first and most obvious sign of life, and contemporary settings without sci-fi fantasy gear, as well as the lack of a cover system at least hint at an honest realism approach. Cooperative play with and against formidable(!) AI (including squad-control and avatar-switching) is, of course, an absolute must-have, as are realistic ballistics (one-shot-one-kill), severe wound impairment, permadeath, and full selection of character stances, including lean and peek. And there absolutely(!) has to be an option to use first person view exclusively. I know you love showing off your character models, but there simply is no third-person perspective in reality, so there cannot be one in a true tactical realism setting. The same goes for all those overbearing HUD elements. Unless there's an option to turn them all completely off, this is going to be a deal breaker. In conclusion, against all odds I'm willing to give Wildlands the benefit of the doubt at this time. Let's see what the future holds and hope for the best, once more. And if the developers should fail us again, there's always the old King to return to.
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    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Dude, stop teasing and give us a mod already!
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    2 new Calendar Events

    Maybe for once I could try and make it to this one.
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    DEDICATED SERVERS - List Them Here!

    Ghost Recon Hideout
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    Ghost Recon Hideout (GRHideout.com)

    Wish I had more time to play, myself. Checked in on the GRH Discord a couple of times and there's always dozens of players! Again, anyone looking for some multiplayer action, join the GRH Discord.
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Thank you. Always nice to hear. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Thanks, mate. Looking forward to your feedback!
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, I'm ambivalent about the auto-saving. Maybe will include a way to disable via add-on mod in the future.
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    Video Tutorial Series

    Yes, please. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Full downloads for GRHU 1.0.1 and GRHU Demo 1.0.1 are up at ModDB: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.1 (Mac/PC) Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed Demo 1.0.1 (Mac/PC) I'm on the road and cannot upload to GR.net until next week. Maybe Rocky finds some time for this?
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Some maps do not allow setting AI waypoints due to their original setup. Please check the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual for details. Ghost Recon's command map supports maps up to 400 by 400 meters. Anything bigger than that and the CM won't work. This, too, is mentioned in the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual.
  20. Updated the wrapper again. Fixed some graphics driver issues with High Sierra (visual artifacts) and (hopefully) improved compatibility with different Mac / macOS combos. Should now also be easier to install GR and mods via executable, e.g. GOG installer. Auto-resolution for Retina displays and windowed play should work a little better, too. For those interested, Rainbow Six: Black Ops, Raven Shield, and Sum of All Fears all work too and are automatically added to the menu when installed at their default location (Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/). Will probably try to make their detection less strict in future versions. I tried to get GameRanger to work, but so far no luck. Apparently, for PC that stupid thing needs the bug-ridden virus magnet Adobe Flash Player... didn't even know this relict from the stone-age still existed! ๐Ÿคฎ Would love for people to leave some feature requests! Dunno whether to work on e.g. Steam/GameRanger support first, or rather add automated/unattended GR dedicated server functionality, or expand support for other games, or...
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Thanks, boss. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've thrown together quick bugfix update patches for both HU and HU Demo: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.1 Update Patch Heroes Unleashed Demo 1.0.1 Update Patch I'll be adding updated full downloads later, hopefully today.
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Thank you, Eisenhauer! Glad to hear. I appreciate the feedback. Sorry it took so long to fix, but the cause of the crash was a bit of a head scratcher at first.
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Sorry about the confusion, you only need the first strings.res file for full HU 1.0.0. The second file is for the HU Demo (which is a completely separate trial version of the HU mod).
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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    A little heads up that I found the culprit responsible for the HU 1.0 multiplayer issues. Turned out that a little error in "/shell/strings.res" causes the multiplayer crash in both full HU as well as the demo. I'm working on more elaborate updates for both, but in the meantime here are the fixed files for HU 1.0.0 as well as HU Demo 1.0: HU_strings.res.7z (for full HU 1.0.0) HU_Demo_strings.res.7z (for HU Demo 1.0) Just drop into the respective mod's "shell" folder to replace the old file, and you're done. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    GR Differences on Consoles

    Exactly this. It would be relatively easy to add audio cues or "action music" to missions and game types for the PC version of Ghost Recon via mods. Personally, I think it's an immersion killer and would compare it to those brainwashing background laughter tracks in cheap TV sitcoms.