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  1. Hi, the link for the 64bit version for the most recently uploaded trainer is broken, could you please contact RichardG and let him know so that he can upload a fixed link? I really love Ghost Recon and need this fix. I have an older version of the trainer but because the camera is fixed on only one side of the character It makes it difficult to peak left sides.

  2. I'm not talking about economic necessities, the problem with many of todays crop of devs is a complete lack of ingenuity, the absence of any philosophical, artistic, or at the very least creative ambition. When I look at some of the big AAA "mainstream" games and their insane budgets, I cannot help to ask myself how it is even possible to churn out humongous projects like that without an inch of originality, let alone any aspiration to answer a higher artistic calling. Luckily, the indy dev scene has picked up the torch and keeps the flame alive, because without them todays gaming industry would present a pretty bleak outlook on the future of game development. The lowest common denominator approach simply cannot stand on its own, because its ultimate consequence will always be continuously decreasing standards for everything and everyone. Without someone breaking free from convention and going it alone, we end up with nothing but regression. I simply don't want to accept that it is too much to ask for just a modicum of artistic integrity from todays AAA developers. Of course, not everyone can be expected to exhibit the amount of creative talent and philosophical depth of e.g. a Brian Upton (who cofounded Red Storm Entertainment, designed both RS and GR, and went on to write one of the most significant books ever about game design), but if someone made the life choice to become a game developer, they should be expected to exhibit at least some character traits that differentiate them from Wall Street shysters, and maybe even game publishers should rethink their business model if it would just as easily fit a fastfood chain. So in conclusion, no, I cannot accept "market appeal" as an excuse for bad and unoriginal game design, and the history of gaming has shown time and time again that brave design decisions with an emphasis on deep player involvement on both emotional and cerebral levels do not have to stand in the way of economic success. It's just the easier, the quicker, the less risky, and ultimately the more cowardice way to simply trot behind the creative curve and push mindless console shovelware to 9-year-olds, and while it may be "commercially viable" and "economically making sense", it's still nothing more than developers selling their souls and whoring themselves out for the sake of mammon.
  3. Yes, you are absolutely right. We need one compact archive of all required tools with comprehensive documentation and easy-to-use templates. Quite an undertaking to put everything together, but should be a worthwhile investment of time and effort. Any volunteers? Alex?
  4. I actually try to do just that with the Heroes Unleashed mod. All the mod tools and documentation needed can be found in the mod's XTRAS folder.
  5. IIRC, all platoons need to have the same number of actors for this to work correctly.
  6. What does your .kil file look like?
  7. Please girl, that debacle was entirely my fault. You guys did what you could, and I very much appreciate it! We'll be better next time!
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, mate!
  9. ModDB promotion. Was a big failure. Hope I'll be better prepared next time.
  10. AFAIK, reverse-engineering a file format to create a new import/export utility doesn't break the EULA. It's exactly what Mike Shell and others have done since the Stone Age with all converters, exporters and other tools etc. Seriously, if Ubisoft dared interfering now, after 15 years of completely neglecting the fan base, I'd say it's time to nuke them from orbit for good. Where on earth is the GR and IGOR source code available?!? First thing I'd do is lift the compiler ceiling above 64kb to allow for some serious scripting!
  11. I think Harntrox (or was it Raven?) successfully modelled a helo as tank (or vice versa).
  12. Make sure to have the correct LOD entries in the .atr files.
  13. Just 9 hours left to vote for Heroes Unleashed at the Mod of the Year Awards over at ModDB. Shameless promotional plug, but would love to make it to the top 100 (slim chance, though).