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  1. ApexMods added a post in a topic Escape from Tarkov (EPIC)   

    Escape from Tarkov looks like a very promising contender for a future tactical realism crown, indeed. Admittedly, I'm extremely sceptical of the whole always-online MMO survival aspect and the dangers of resource grinding and trading etc. this entails, but the core gameplay mechanics and the developers' attention to detail in this regard surely are impressive and give reason for optimism.
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  2. ApexMods added a post in a topic Ghost Recon on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later   

    Thanks for the bump, Rocky. I've updated the wrapper again (current version 2016-10-18) e.g. to be fully macOS 10.12 Sierra compatible. Integrated the helper app for easier usage. There's a noticeable graphics performance boost in this one, but also a little instability that can cause a freeze when returning to the menu. It's no deal breaker, but I'm working on a fix, nonetheless.
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  3. ApexMods added a post in a topic Red Storm Rising 12-mission campaign   

    Hmm, I didn't touch the mission files, IIRC. Had no need to, either, as everything worked fine. Maybe Variable13 can chime in, what the issue might have been. Does the Ike.log say anything interesting?
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  4. ApexMods added a post in a topic "Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions   

    Many thanks to Burner, wombat50, and bitshot for sharing with the community (I'll update the OP as soon as my editing issue is resolved).
    It's so great to see this growing into an impressive catalogue of GR modding assets, and I hope many a new GR modder will make good use of what's on offer here.
    Ghost Recon Forever!
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  5. ApexMods added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

    Thoughts on Wildlands
    For anyone who knows me, it's probably not a secret that I deeply disdain later iterations of the game series and hold only Red Storm Entertainment's Ghost Recon from 2001 in highest regard. I've expressed the reasoning for my preference in these forums countless times and in much detail, so I'll try to just briefly sum it up here in a few words.
    Ghost Recon (2001) is not just any tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter, it is THE KING of tactical realism squad-based military first person shooters. It's the first one, the progenitor of the species. It boldly went where none had dared venturing before. It opened the doors. It set the standards. It laid the course for an entirely new genre.
    The "sequels" deviated from this course more and more on their frantic pursuit of cash-grabbing "broader market appeal" through "narrowing the player skill gap", and they eventually got completely lost on their way, forever stuck in the nether realms of cheap console-centric cinematic on-rails action, amongst a host of other COD-wannabe also-rans, desolately void of identity, character, and heritage.
    With Future Soldier and Phantoms, the series had reached a new low, and I simply cannot overstate my absolute contempt for those titles. Not necessarily for the kind of gaming they represent (there's plenty of room for all kinds of flavours out there, and that's probably a good thing), but for their spineless betrayal of heritage, for their coarse abuse of the Ghost Recon name.
    Just as its recent predecessors, Wildlands once again throws the Ghost Recon name on a package and promises, once again, a return to the series' roots, to its original values. By now I have heard these Sirenes' songs too many times to be lured into false optimism, to take these promises at face value. My hopes have been shattered too many times to be raised by this kind of marketing talk ever again.
    No more talk. No more promises. Just show me! Show me that you mean it! Show me that you understand, that you grasp the concept of what Ghost Recon used to stand for, that you finally realize what a tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter true to the game's magnificent heritage has to be about! Put your money where your mouth is and take a risk by daring to be different once again!
    Now, from what I've seen of Wildlands so far, there is potential. (Damn, there's that optimism again!)
    The nonlinear open-world aspect is the first and most obvious sign of life, and contemporary settings without sci-fi fantasy gear, as well as the lack of a cover system at least hint at an honest realism approach. Cooperative play with and against formidable(!) AI (including squad-control and avatar-switching) is, of course, an absolute must-have, as are realistic ballistics (one-shot-one-kill), severe wound impairment, permadeath, and full selection of character stances, including lean and peek.
    And there absolutely(!) has to be an option to use first person view exclusively. I know you love showing off your character models, but there simply is no third-person perspective in reality, so there cannot be one in a true tactical realism setting. The same goes for all those overbearing HUD elements. Unless there's an option to turn them all completely off, this is going to be a deal breaker.
    In conclusion, against all odds I'm willing to give Wildlands the benefit of the doubt at this time. Let's see what the future holds and hope for the best, once more. And if the developers should fail us again, there's always the old King to return to.
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  6. ApexMods added a post in a topic Weapons mod.   

    Yes! I love it when you're cooking up stuff.
    Well, for a standalone mod, I'd start with a makeover of all original weapons from GR, DS, and IT, something along the lines of what Earl started with Standard Upgrade. While there are now more detailed replacements available for many of the originals, especially some of the OPFOR weapons are still in dire need of better visuals.
    With the exception of Earl's work in Spetsgruppa Vympel and Udmurtia Spetsnaz, I feel Russian weapons in general are by far too underrepresented in GR mods, and I'd have a wish list a mile long for that one alone (here's an old example of some candidates).
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  7. ApexMods added a topic in GR - Mod Finder   

    "Hunted Mod"?
    Can anyone identify where this is from:
    Video description mentions "Hunted Mod"?
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  8. ApexMods added a post in a topic Red Storm Rising 12-mission campaign   

    Appetizer intro:
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  9. ApexMods added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Modders Hall Of Fame   

    Yes, my apologies. Quite an oversight on my part.
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  10. ApexMods added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed   

  11. ApexMods added a post in a topic CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)   

    Calling pz3! Come in, pz3! 
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  12. ApexMods added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Intros - PC/ XBOX / Gamecube   

    Where did all the intros go?!? Someone find them please!
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  13. ApexMods added a topic in GR Games Room   

    Anyone up for running and managing a 24/7 GR dedi?
    Looking for people to cooperate on this.  Please post here or PM me if interested.
    Ghost Recon Forever!
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  14. ApexMods added a post in a topic Anyone Still Play the Original Ghost Recon?   

    GameRanger still has Ghost Recon servers popping up now and then, especially during the weekends, and you can always host there yourself. In my experience it never takes too long for others to join, once you start a Ghost Recon game room.
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  15. ApexMods added a post in a topic GR Server Hosting Companies???   

    I've been down this road myself in the past. There's not that many providers that will offer the required hardware, as you will need to find a machine that has discrete hardware graphics acceleration required for GR's dedi. At the same time, many of the software tools needed to keep the machine up and running are quite old and may need an older Windows operating system to run. Windows 2003 Server used to be our weapon of choice, IIRC.
    The easiest (and cheapest) solution would probably be a home setup on some old PC and a DynDNS account, so people can easily connect.
    Please let us know how it goes.
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