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  1. Minor Quibbles Adjustment Mod concept

    IIRC you could just copy the enemy weapons files from Droopys mod into your own mod. this would eliminate the aimbot enemies while keeping the rest of the game virtually unchanged.
  2. Minor Quibbles Adjustment Mod concept

    not to sound discouraging but Droopys realism mod already is the best AI-lite mod. I used to use a personal mod that used droopys realism, kafees soundpack, earls standard upgrade, and the not a game (NAG) mod. you could certainly build up from that until you realize youre just reinventing the wheel by creating another HU. HU not only removed the fog but completely redid enemy spotting distance to compensate, vastly improved what droopy built, re scripted missions with varying enemies, and added all new equipment to tie it up nicely. if youre like me and sometimes you feel HU changed too much from the beloved original, apex included a Legacy mod which is basically my custom mod on steroids.
  3. Arma 3 Out Takes 12.2.2017

    thats exactly how i feel about arma. different strokes for different folks
  4. Ghost Recon original series/modding

    ive played every console version of GR before i made the switch to the PC version. to answer your questions 1. If you've gotten accustomed to the Xbox version (the best console version, even has some improvements over PC version) then I doubt you'll enjoy Jungle Storm. JS was a garbage game. The graphics were horrible for a PS2 game, the UI was reworked for the worse and new JS campaign wasn't anything to write home about. Some of the maps were just retextured GR/DS maps, some felt like they were outtakes from GR/DS/IT, I'd say there was one map that really stood out. The campaign itself was nothing memorable either. IIRC JS was mainly a Ubisoft project to combat SOCOMs success on the PS2. Most of the tactical gameplay had been completely watered down. IMO JS measures up as a weak mod than an actual expansion. Desert Siege had a memorable campaign and some of the best maps in the series, highly recommend you play it in its entirety. Xbox version actually did get all the DS maps available for single player (in the form of DLC which you can track down demo discs with the maps) however most of them have don't have the original DS missions/objectives so you can't really play the "real" DS campaign. 2. I wouldn't know, but honestly if youd go through that much trouble modding an xbox game why not get the PC version? It's still readily available with plenty of mods and i think still think the vanilla game still holds up. As far as the controls, get a controller and use Xpadder, thats what i use. i play GR from my couch on a huge tv with an xbox controller mapped just like the xbox version. hope this helped!
  5. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    i think the biggest improvement id like to see is the kits redone. even with the new fast scroll feature there are far too many kits to choose from. I think every weapon has its place in the mod but they should be organized better. i suggest they be organized by type and nationality in the form of add on mods. for instance there is a huge selection of eastern european weapons, why not remove them from the 100s of other kits available and keep them as an add on mod for those interested. also it seems the rifleman class is underutilized. for instance the support class has many options for AT4/LAW/GLs and even scoped weapons. carrying a machine gun ammo and a rocket launcher just isnt ideal, rifleman are much more versatile in that aspect. give rifleman LAWS/AT4/GLs instead of support. as far the as demo class, the javelin missile system is over kill. that thing is huge and heavy. for a swift and silent SF team to lug one around seems unrealistic. now im not sure if the SMAW is used by army SF but that would work as an alternate. or maybe load each demo guy with 3 LAWs and give rifleman some too. my 2 cents!
  6. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    always glad to see you pop in! i'm currently loving the HU-Legacy add on mod. It's just about everything I ever wanted in a mod. hope to see it in future versions
  7. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    I'm a bit late, but outstanding work Wombat! those mulitcam skins are some of the best skins i've seen yet. i remember a few years ago you were working on various explosion and smoke effects. would you ever consider throwing those into this add on mod?
  8. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    here is a cool article reviewing Ghost Recon and Heroes Unleashed b9. it's always great to hear that GR is still being discussed and Apex's work is being appreciated. http://gamingpastime.com/ghost-recon-pc-review/
  9. I'm glad there are some COH fans here! i've been getting my butt kicked lately by the AI!
  10. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    I still argue that The Ghosts would be fielding Multicam for the first time ever. Multicam was being tested in 2008 and I think its safe to say a super elite (fictional) unit has the liberty to use a camo pattern that was in existence during the events covered. Though nothing beats the nostalgia for BDUs and PAGST gear. And thanks for the quicksave fix wombat! I usually play through missions without saving but it's still nice to have just in case!
  11. can somebody help me please

    i think there is a solution in the XTRAS folder of heroes unleashed
  12. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Checking in, i've spent quite a bit of time on b9 lately and have yet to encounter any bugs or glitches.(save for the few issues mentioned earlier) also if i get bored enough, i may make an add on mod that brings back the skill points.
  13. ITT: You convince me to try ARMA

    Thanks for the well thought out opinions everyone. I managed to snag ARMA 3 on a steam sale so i'll be sure to check it out.
  14. Cold War Flashback

    Couldn't agree more. It upsets me that people won't even try this game simply because its a Ubisoft title. IMO they knocked it out of the park on this one. Just like the original, wildlands takes the easy to learn hard to master approach and excludes any on rails elements. All while being set in a fantastic open world environment. This IMO is the sequel GR finally deserved. And trying to remain on topic here, did anyone else think that mission where you had to bust the ex unidad guy out of prison just screamed M11 Dream Knife?
  15. I'm obviously a diehard GR fan by being here. I'm not bored of GR or looking to move on, I'm looking to expand my horizons and ARMA is a staple of the "tactical" game community. I've played R6, RO/RS, BiA, FSW, BF, MOW, CoH, and none of these games gave me a lasting impression. However the original OFP did leave an impression on me, and that impression was OFP is hot garbage. I tried OFP on consoles and promptly sold them. Now I've played about 30 mins of ARMA 2 between 5 different sessions. The abysmal voice acting and god awful clunky mechanics make it a chore to endure. Some animations seem like they are from the DOOM2 beta and I assume once I solve the mathematical equation known as the controls I might have a little more fun. The problem is I can't escape ARMA. Its everywhere in internet military culture. And in concept it doesn't seem like a bad game. The modding community is gigantic and explores almost every military conflict. Please convince me to try it. ARMA2 or ARMA 3? ARMA3 seems more active but ARMA2 seems to have way more mods. How is SP? I dont have time for MP and I'm not into these "tactical" clans who play every game like its a real war zone that they've never been in. Are mods really that complicated to install? the mod structure of ARMA intimidates me. Anything else I should know?

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