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  1. i think its because the ps2 version was made easier and more accessible to console players. the music cues were essentially firefight warnings.
  2. YES! it does! i noticed it too when i replayed the ps2 version a few months ago. imo it makes the game more immersive
  3. Good! I'm happy Apex made weapons harder to use. I thought B8 was too much of a click shooter. For those of us who have used some of these weapons in real life, we know there are plenty of variables that can affect a bullet hitting its designated target. Unlike vanilla GR, snipers shouldn't have the ability to pick of groups of enemies with ease.
  4. happy birthday rocky! thanks isn't enough for being the glue for this community!!
  5. I must confess, I've never played GR online in anyway, not even Coop mode. Been 100% single player for all 12 years of GR. With the new HUb9 I'd like to start playing online or doing Coop missions with all you crazy GR nuts. I know nothing about servers and hosting for this game and it seems most of us are all in different time zones, but It'd be awesome if we could all have a reoccurring GR session.
  6. i apologize, my fellow audience members. I'm currently brainstorming my reply!
  7. loving the great posts everyone!
  8. happy birthday jeza! one of your GR videos popped up on youtube and i watched it today lol oh gee look at the calendar it's my bday too
  9. Apex, what is ghost recon to you? now you cant dodge the question
  10. well said zee!
  11. We've all been drawn to GR and this forum for some reason. What sets us apart from other gamers? The vast majority of shooters are linear, point-n-shoot games with the player always playing the hero who saves the day. These games require virtually no tactics or thinking outside of unlocking the most overpowered weapon and spamming grenades. The smaller majority of shooters is a niche market of tactical shooters. Shooters geared more to realistic weapon handling, damage, and less run-n-gun. Inside the niche of tactical shooters I've noticed a good portion of players who seem to disregard the tactical gameplay. The people who brag the most about playing tactical shooters tend to be the same players who only use SMGs, shotguns, and sniper rifles while selfishly running and gunning to get ahead. Tactical game or not, Counterstrike rules seem to always apply. Now what draws me to GR is not being the hero who saves the day by head-shotting every enemy. What draws me into GR is the ability to be the man on the frontlines. The vulnerable man who plays a small part in a big war, the man who has one life and doesn't intend to lose it, and the man who battles fear and confusion more than the actual enemy. Using only M4s/m16s/M249s and the occasional marksman rifle, no overpowered easy to shoot SMGs, shotguns, or sniper rifles. Using teamwork always, never being the lone wolf. Having a plan then a backup plan and then the capacity to think on the fly. Suppressing enemies before moving and sometimes being pinned down by the enemy. I play GR with the perfect mix of cautious self-preservation and aggressive fire-and-maneuver. To me that's what a tactical shooter should be. So what draws you to GR and tactical shooters?
  12. Is there an easy way to clean up kits for SP? i'd like to remove all the kits i dont use (looking at you lame SMGs) and have the kits i use organized. and possibly add some kits from the USMC add on
  13. i was thinking the exact same thing, mainly all the ground/grass textures
  14. did some of Project Novo make it into HU b9?