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  1. Ha Paladin, you're still roaming these parts?
  2. Damn paladin you're still running around these forums? lolz
  3. if its released in march wouldnt that give it like, a whole 3 year break from the franchise? We had better get a polished title, what are they going to have to re-hash? People would be ###### if that happened. Should definately be on new technology....
  4. Metalfreak85

    new gamer

    If you're a Ghost fan, definately, theres been alot more people hopping back on and playing lately. I think the buzz of a new one coming out this year has everybody returning like the prodigal son. Since i got my repurchased copy, I play it more than any other shooter I own if thats saying something...But im a fanboy, what do I know?
  5. Metalfreak85

    GR2 Theme

    Hey I looked for this thing for like, ever and a day and couldnt find it online as a download. So I decided to rip it myself and clean it up a bit. Any diehards that want it, here ya go. http://www.mediafire.com/?shar...f025e04e75f6e8ebb871
  6. Metalfreak85

    Ghost Recon Announcement

    HIP HIP~
  7. Metalfreak85

    Gr4 Engine

    eh W@W isnt for me, im waiting for MW2. Im usually playing BF:BC or L4D at the moment.
  8. Metalfreak85

    Gr4 Engine

    Whatever it is, it wont come soon enough....Do you still play in player matches paladin? I see you all over the forums but I dont ever see you online.
  9. Metalfreak85

    When Should It Take Place?

    screw it......Georgia. Why not?
  10. Metalfreak85

    Gr4 Engine

    Yeah its an amazing engine, ive seen some screen that look better than the crytek engine...Polished from the pc of course but still impressive. Just give the devs some time to work with the Dunia Engine and just imagine the kind of difference a year can make. The game would be gorgeous. When I saw screens earlier of Operation Flashpoint two, i kinda got scared because the graphics look great. But then I saw what Ubi was doing with far cry 2 and i was blown away at the graphics they were getting on console and pc.
  11. Metalfreak85

    Gr4 Engine

    Do you think that GR4 is going to use some version of the Dunia engine that Far Cry 2 uses? If it did....that would be F'n awesome. I think its better than the crytek engine.
  12. Metalfreak85

    Pre Order Your Ghost Recon 4

    Id pre-order if it wasnt a UK store. Not to mention im probably better off waiting for gamestop or somebody to have it so I can get like a free weapon or collectors edition......
  13. Metalfreak85

    Anybody As Excited As I Am?

    I got on 360fanboy today and saw that they're getting ready to announce the next gr and rs installments....i almost crapped my pants, considering they're saying they may be out this year........anybody else as excited as i am? Because seriously my man juice towel is saturated...
  14. Metalfreak85

    Map Editor Ideas

    a map editor for console?
  15. Metalfreak85

    When Should It Take Place?

    haha a prequel? What is becoming of us? Are we turning into Treyarch?