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  1. hey, anyone know of any walkthroughs of the coop missions from CC1 and CC2. Some of the missions, especially the first 2 - the ones involving the VIP - are proving tough to crack. as usual, anyone wanting to form a squad to do these missions - hit me up ox xbox live: GT = DoomBeard666 cheers jaymz
  2. DoomBeard666

    Coop Campaign Map Icons

    Nice one dude, that should help things along nicely
  3. DoomBeard666

    Coop Campaign Map Icons

    Hi, (probably) a total noob question here but is there anywhere i can find an explanation (or can anyone offer an explanation) of the the icons that appear on the map (accessed by the back button on the 360) in the coop campains? Like which ones are the primary and secondary objectives, which ones refer to resupply points etc. Ive been getting into the coop campaing lately but some of the missions dont give u much time to study the map n work out whats what before you get capped by some kinda gun toting muchacho Also, anyone wanting to play some coop campaign with me? Drop me a friend request to DoomBeard666. I'd like to play with a crew of at least 4 people (like your squad in single player campaign) with one person designated team leader to hand out orders n generally coordinate things - Im sick of playing with guys that just run off Cheers
  4. DoomBeard666

    im looking for mature people to play co-op

    id be up for some of that, have been wanting to get into the coop campaign for a while now, got the new maps n that but my housemates went all soft n dont wana do multiplayer campaign now Drop me a request to DoomBeard666 cheers