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  1. Wombat - you ROCK for making this uniform-mission-vegetation pack! Burner, ACU works well in environments that produce a light sheen - as it then more closely matches the more "reflective" nature of the ACU. But put it in an environment where that "sheen" is reduced, and its massive shortcomings come shining through (pun intended!). Some examples... All I know is that when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, I'll be rushing for the Multicam, and hope that every cannibal I'll ever encounter is wearing ACU.
  2. From BlindSniper Is this observation strictly in relation to the caves-based headquarters' mission, or also in relation to the very first mission, Iron Dragon? I'm interpreting this statement as strictly applying to the caves-based mission. If so, has anyone else found success with BlindSniper's observations regarding the first Campaign mission, "Iron Dragon?" That dealing with the truck and its load of soldiers will allow for proper reloading of Saves made after they've been eliminated? I'm 95% certain that I did take out that truck and its squad before I saved, and upon reloading I still had a CTD, BUT I can't recall if I tried reloading from a Save that was made PRIOR to the truck's appearance/being destroyed. If anyone else has success with reloading after the truck and its men are destroyed, then the bug is most likely confined to whatever scripts govern what's happening with that vehicle and its occupants. In regards to the Ghosts' uniform's camouflage... ...I'd greatly prefer to have the pattern changed to something that was much better at concealment. I wouldn't even care if it was completely fictional, as these guys are supposed to be "The Best of the best," and I'm quite certain that they'd field test gear that nobody else would get their hands on. Whatever it is, in the end, I'd hope that it would be based on Multicam or Crye samples, and completely avoid the ridiculous digital pixelated patterning. I still can't wrap my mind around that. Mother nature is overwhelmingly dominated by CURVES. The only sensible purpose of going full on pixelation is that it would look "cool" enough to recruit video game junkies. I'm so grateful to see that the Pentagon brass is correcting this super obvious anti-nature travesty. Said "mistake" nicely made millionaires out of some crony professional shysters who clearly didn't care how many needlessly lost lives and injuries that would result out of their pathological selfish greed. "Look! Glow-in-the-dark blocky 'camouflage!' Aim there...!" In regards to sound effects of passing rounds... ...for both the default game and the modified one, I don't hear bullet cracks/snaps. This would be a sound file assigned to every traveling round, unless it was sub-sonic. If I recall correctly, the STALKER series' engine limitations make travelling-bullet cracks/snaps impossible to do. HOWEVER, there are a few mods out for the games that came up with a "solution" that was good enough to keep: they assigned the cracks/snaps to replace SOME of the material-strikes. Thus if a burst of rounds impacted an object, some of the sounds would be of the bullet hitting the material, and some would be of the "passing bullet" crack/snap. Those cracks and snaps are enough to fill someone's diapers when they're heard. I'm convinced that being able to find a way to put them in the game would be a significant way to increase the sense of immersive dread. In regards to wombat50's FUNCTIONAL smoke grenade efforts... ...First, I have to say, I love the Multicam uniforms you have your unit wearing in the screenshot that you provided! NICE! Second, in all of my years of contributing to mod development, it never ceases to amaze me the patient workarounds and tricks that are used to get a desired feature to work properly. Seeing the vegetation-smoke cloud is more than a little surreal! And funny! Hopefully, assigning the correct tag will finally deliver a satisfactory result. Third, if AI-blocking smoke is achieved, please widen the distribution of the cloud being generated. It's far too narrow, and, if my memory serves me correctly, ceases producing smoke too quickly. Fourth, I wouldn't be taken aback if the AI reacted to seeing the smoke cloud by laying down suppressing fire into the region of the smoke, BUT I have a sneaking suspicion that if that was done, that one's Ghost comrades would always automatically freeze where they were, when, in reality, they would most likely take advantage of the concealment and bravely charge through. If the Ghosts would freeze up, then I wouldn't want the AI to blind-fire into the cloud. Fifth, it'd be great if the AI could use the smoke wisely to their advantage as well. Keep up the great work everyone! Real Life's been keeping me far too busy to play this ASTOUNDING mod, hopefully I'll get a break soon. Peace!
  3. Thanks for the nicely detailed reply Jose. I see. Engine limitation. Engine limitation. Engine limitation. Now that I know that a SDK was never released, and I look at all of the content that was STILL created, I'm all the more awestruck by it. Wow! The modding community just blows me away with its hard work and dedication. Yeah, seeing the Big Picture really humbles me all the more. Thank you for the information.
  4. So, I'm here mainly to sing the praises of HU's Campaign alterations. Every mission so far has an introductory cinematic that is extremely well executed. They are IMMERSIVE and to-the-point. In short, they get your head into the world and into the action quickly; they're elegant. It's worth playing these Campaign missions just for them alone. Most of my screenshots are from the cinematics. Some of the missions also have ending cinematics. When these are present, they're as well done as the new introductions. Splendid. The combat intensity is really ramped up. The AI is not only smarter (once they're aware of enemy presence, they will HUNT you and your men down), but what they wear is a clear indicator of what they're capable of. This adds another layer of information that's now rightfully important to gather. I've had a few encounters where I got the drop on a group of patrolling enemies, and I had to quickly decide whether or not I should take out the more lightly armored men, or go after the ones with the bulkier gear. In the default GR, this was a matter I never had to consider. I have some recommendations for future releases. Most of these are "cosmetic" but I have no doubts that they would also deepen the sense of immersion into the game... (1.) Add bullet whizzes, snaps and cracks for when they fly near their targets. Arma III has a couple of enormous sound mods that do a superb job of putting this into action. (2.) Add reverb/echoes to gunshot sounds and explosions. (3.) Give the default Ghosts camouflages that have more colors in them other than coyote brown & gray. Multicam, or a fictional derivative of multicam, would be ideal. (4.) If possible, supply a means by which the player can easily select the primary firearm and a secondary to each Ghost (via a scrolling drop down menu?). (5.) Fix the CTD-on-Loading issue for the Iron Mountain campaign mission. (6.) Allow corpses to be lootable. (7.) Intensify the burning effects when armored vehicles are destroyed. There should be intense showers of flaring particles streaming out of barrels, hatches, etc. that should last for several minutes. (8.) Make smoke grenades throwable (currently, they just drop immediately down at the "thrower's" feet). Also, I'm unsure as to whether or not the smoke cloud is actually hindering the enemy AI's ability to see their targets. (9.) Some of the missions seem to demand a more *precise* solution for dealing with the threat and/or achieving a specific goal. The one mission that most comes to my mind in regards to this is the one where the player has to protect the U.N. outpost that's near a rail bridge. There seems to be only *one* solution to actually pulling this off and it'd be appreciated if more options were available. (10.) Supply a "free camera" option when watching films. The player would be able to "fly" the camera wherever they wanted to on the map. Again, I deeply appreciate all of the hard work that's been poured into this astounding endeavor. Arma III's infantry-scale tactics are a far cry from what's available here. This game with HU nearly hurts my brain from the thinking I have to do. I love it!
  5. That's good news. Could this provide clues to fix the other maps that don't reload properly?
  6. Last night I tried Iron Dragon through MISSIONS, and not as the first part of the Campaign. Loading the save of the Iron Dragon mission led to a CTD, exactly as if I had played it as part of the Campaign. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised. I didn't know if the Mission version was as heavily scripted as the Campaign version - I guess that it is. Prior to this, I've played the maps, but only as part of the Firefight game type. I haven't had any issues (so far) with loading up a Save that was made for Firefights.
  7. Yeah, but Real Life throws WAY too many diversions at me. I have an 8 yr. old and an 11 yr. old and they interrupt me every 2 minutes or so. lol Makes reloading a necessity.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that I'm not the only one having Loading/CTD issues with the Campaign. Oh man... Bummer! I was really enjoying the changes that Apex had made. It was pretty exciting, especially when one considers that it was only the first mission out of a whole series of them! The convoy of troops, the new placement of enemy AI, how they react and respond... Man! Well, as negative as this consensus is, there is one good thing that came out of it: how the community came out and generously offered help. In my years of coming here, I've never been left disappointed by the GR community, and I'm very grateful for that. It's a great feeling to have. THANK YOU again guys! So, I'll keep my fingers VERY tightly crossed that some more development-TLC is poured into getting the campaigns' Save/Load/CTD issues resolved. It'd be a shame if they couldn't, as the tremendous potential truly is amazing to comprehend. Who knows, maybe it can even be figured out how one can loot items from fallen corpses. If one's going to dream, dream BIG I say! I've recently given up hope on Arma III, to the point that I uninstalled it. The scale of Arma's battlefields are very enticing, but ruined by how pathetic the infantry AI still are. It's challenging for me to comprehend how after all of these years of technology advancement, AI has yet to be produced that even meets what was created over a decade ago... I'm talking about the AI found in GR, Rainbow 6, SWAT 3 (stunning work there!), and more. It convinces me that game producers keep aiming for the lowest common denominator. Titles such as the ones I stated above are true gems that deserve every bit of polish that they can get. Again, thank you for your help. I'll be keeping a very close eye here in the hopes that substantial improvements are made to the stability of the campaigns. The rest of HU is already amazing - and I'll be sure to keep playing whatever I can of it.
  9. gr via hu 1 That's what I named my play of the Campaign. It's shorthand for "Ghost Recon via Heroes Unleashed 1". It's not the name of the very first in-game Save. I have no control on what to name those Saves (I wish I did, lol ). So, that's what I titled my play of the first Campaign.
  10. From Wombat: I'm jealous! The campaign mission that I'm having the CTD issues with upon trying to reload is the very first one, "Iron Dragon," set in South Ossetia. I've tried reloading Iron Dragon by using the Quick Save as well as restarting the game and reloading from the game's every-2-min. auto-Save. Both approaches led to CTDs.
  11. Considering then, that I deleted my first installation of HU, and it contained the game Saves, then said deletion also addressed Wombat's advice. Running off of the new installation of HU, with the two missing files installed. I created a Save at the first mission's start of the default GR campaign, and then I Quick Saved. I had only one Ghost on the map (me), and after I was killed I tried Quick Loading. The game informed me (as usual) that the movies were not going to be saved, and that the loading of the mission would commence, then CTD. Here's the Ike log... I hope that it's informative, and leads to a solution. The upgrades to the default GR mission that HU provides are amazing!
  12. Thank you for the files Jose! I downloaded/installed them per your advice. I'm copying over the fresh download of HU now, and it's going to take a while. I didn't realize how HUGE it was: 15GB+...! I'm trying to find where Ghost Recon keeps its Saves so that I can delete them per Wombat's advice, but I can't find it. Google's no help either. I own the Steam version of the game. Could someone direct me to it?
  13. The campaign CTDs regardless of the Save that I try to reload. The Quick Saves fail, the every-2-minutes auto-Saves fail, and the Save I make at the very start of the map fails. All of them show the Loading Screen, but then when it's ready to launch, it CTDs.
  14. I downloaded HU again, this time from ghostrecon.net, just in case ModDB's listing is defective. After I acquired it, I decompressed it, and did a keyword search for the two missing files, " opposing_force_120" and "opposing_force_1000" --- no luck. Neither of those files were found. I searched for those in case they were accidentally misplaced in the wrong folder, but they're missing altogether. Assuming that it's these two missing files causing the CTDs, does anyone have these two files that could (hopefully) be provided here? If so, please inform me where I need to insert them for the Campaign to function/reload properly.
  15. Thank you Wombat50 for your help. I tried to load the mission from an auto-save that was created at the 4:00 mark. The loading screen appeared, and right as the mission launched, it CTD agin. Here's the text from the Ike log: It's failing to find opposing_force files and having an error downloading effects. Should I download a new copy of HU, and reinstall it, or...? I read in HU's promotions how it significantly altered the campaigns - and that's no understatement! With the very first mission, the changes are almost immediately noticeable and VERY welcomed! It makes me want to find a fix for the CTDs all the more desperately. Again, thank you for your help!