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  1. Hi all! Im new here, and begin with an ask to you. Im beginner in GRAW, and very excited about this game, but there is one thing, that annoys me much: aiming when zoomed. Crosshair is flowing approx 3-4 inches on screen, and there is no 'breath hold' button. It woudnt be so bad (even nice, realistic), but this 'feature' in GRAW is implemented in very, very stupid way. Its just a fake shaking, because the gun fires always (accurately) in the same place (center of the screen) , but NOT in the actual position of crosshair. So i have completely NO control of shooting. I dont know if you understand whats my problem(sorry for bad english), but maybe i'll give an example: the only thing i can do, is to mark a crosshair by a pen on the center of my screen, to fire accurately, because gun always fires in this direction, even if crosshair (in-game, of the scope) is 5 inches left/right/up/down from 'my marked crosshair' I think ubisoft uses the most stupid way to 'simulate realism' in game. Comparing to f.e. Hitman - codename 47, where crosshair is shaking too, but gun fires in place where is actual position of crosshair. So, whats my ask to you, is that you help me write such a mod(or if you'd be so nice and write it yourself ), which completely removes shaking when zooming. I dont place this topic in 'issues' subtopic, because (i suppose) this is not my fault, its just engine of the game, and only way to solve it, is write mod, i think. Thanks a lot in advice, also thanks for reading such long and 'mistaked' post Hope to see solution or help from ypur side. Cheers, Zradom PS i heard that this 'crosshair issue' might be caused by small amount of RAM (i have 512), because of engine funcions, but unfortunately, i cant upgrade my RAM. I just belive, this thing can be solved by making a modification.