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  1. Well, I guess no one is playing it, shame
  2. Anyone here played it? It can be more frustrating than the Battlefield series, it's got something in common with OGR though I can't quite put my finger on it, nevertheless, I thought I'd try cause I can't stop playing it... PUBG is a battle royal that's as much about desition making as it is about shooting or accuracy as you must always remain aware of the shrinking player area that can be difficult to predict, not to mention navigate, all the while scavenging for weapons, attachments, armor, health packs and yes, transport for when you need to move a long distance to remain within the player zone. It's absolutely riveting stuff when the key to being the last one standing, or lying, as the case often is at the end of a round, is not how fast you can aim your gun, not how accurate you are at throwing grenades, but how well you match your tactics with the loadout that you previously looted earlier on in the game. I won my first "chicken dinner" (round) using only a red dot sight! I kept low and chose my time to engage at close range to achieve the highest chance of success as I only had a very basic loadout, I did have a silencer and that sealed the fate of others who chose to engage me at distance with a 15x PM scope, I simply through smoke and positioned myself inside the zone waiting for him to be forced to move, it didn't turn out well for the sniper facing my fully optioned Tommy gun on auto at under twenty yards and no one heard a thing, in fact, I doubt anyone saw me apart from the lone sniper who wished he didn't. There are no two rounds that will turn out the same, you can go lone wolf or in teams of two, four or even in squads of eight with the total number of players on the map at approximately 100, however, that number drops fast because even though size of the map is huge, players tend to go to the same places where loot is known to be plentiful and shoot it out early. Others spread out purposelessly to avoid engagement, others just load up a shotgun with a chock and lay and wait for an unsuspecting looter to arrive and become the looted lol. There really is no end to the tactics you can devise in this early access game that's taking the world by storm. As far as graphics are concerned it looks somewhat like an updated version of OGR, or rather, more what I would have preferred for the GR series to have turned out, I'm not much for level up systems like BF including players lighting up all over the map and giving away positions from UAV's & drones, whatever. In PUBG you give your position away by engaging your enemy inappropriately or making mistakes, timing is everything; when to set a trap & ambush, when to loot or when to hunt, when to move and when to camp, or perhaps you'll drive? That always turns out interesting lol Anyway I rate it 9 out of ten chickens and I'm not alone, it's about to overtake CSGO as the most popular online game selling almost five million copies in five months since it's release and a hundred million in revenue. In fact, Microsoft just secured a deal with Bluehole releasing it on Xbox in an effort to kick the sh!# out of sony. Well, I'm off to play another round of PUBG, please add me on steam and team up to share in a "chicken dinner!" together.
  3. Hello Led, Gamerecon forum TS address is >> ts.gamerecon.net LINK The donate link is at the bottom of the gamerecon.net website Hope to catch up on TeamSpeak, I'll be on this weekend
  4. So true, I'm going back to seven even though I know it will only be supported for less than two more years. Truth is if I could get GRAW2 running on Ubuntu I wouldn't hesitate to run it. As time becomes less of a commodity people are turning to Linux while Windows becomes nothing less than a time vampire!
  5. Hi True, The database connection times out after a month or so - see here I have restarted the script and you should be good to go, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other question or issues. If you get a chance please post something in our forum so we don't look like a Ghost town and while you're there think about supporting us with a little donation to help me keep this game of games alive Also... If you join our TeamSpeak server while playing it might help the community get back together again Enjoy! -JH
  6. Well done, I can't wait to play it but I have no time right now, I wish I could get people like you working on the gamerecon project. : )
  7. Original Ghost Recon in Arma 3 It looks like someone been busy, I haven't played it yet but I'll report back here once I get a chance to download it and get it on! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871329059
  8. Hi pachanga, good to hear you still play GRAW2 once in a while. IMOP wildlands is a port and it's nothing like a GR game, so it's not surprising people still play GRAW2, by your own admission, including you. : ) Cause it is a better game than the crap they sell now in 2017 That's incorrect, it's working fine and it still gets some action. LINK TO LAUNCHER (That works if you run it as admin) Hope to see you all at gamerecon.net Best regards
  9. login_php script needed restarting, happens about once every other month should be fine now : )
  10. Before you do that have you tried running the editor in compatibility mode XP sp2? You could use VirtualBox or the windows hypervisor to manage a VM with win7
  11. New Launcher at gamerecon.net
  12. Wolfseye is correct, the error is win10 not allowing access to the host file, so go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Recon\Launcher right click Launcher.exe and run as administrator. That should allow it to run
  13. so true... ...and I miss the hardcore TDM 32/64 player spawn camping backin' forth slather that ARMA can't provide. It's much the same story from one clan to the next, most have moved on to other titles, and why; hardcore 32/64 TDM modes, dedicated server files, mod tools & anti-cheat support. I miss the sound - the frightening anticipation of hearing players at distance sneaking up all around you with only one objective in mind, or actually getting a sense of humiliation when taken down with the sound of a deafening projectile ripping through flesh. Rather than the sensation of having a tin of paint thrown over one's head coupled by a slap in the face. For me, it seems a somewhat diminishing progression irrespective of the title or series with most modern games. Nonetheless, GRW will turn out to be quite a coop once they fix the above-mentioned issues but again, I'm troubled by my addiction to FP, TDM and have my doubts that this game will help me get over it, I will buy the game to support the series that's provided me so much inspiration, joy, and a community spirit I've loved for over a decade. I truly hope the community embrace it and moves into the future with this title. It sure looks to offer a huge amount of content with a different approach than other games, who knows, this might just change up the field. -JH
  14. Gamerecon is proud to announce a new... Server running 24/7 at a data center in San Jose That's right folks a professional GRAW2 COOP server. TDM server will follow soon.