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    Paint ball, camping and survival skills.
    Trauma and resuscitation.

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  1. Any thoughts about TS recordings Rocky, I like them as much, if not more than replays?
  2. sorry for no pm, was back late last night. i am free friday evening if you want to host Havok? Alterman, are you free too? if so lets give tinker a heads up aswell!
  3. cool mate, will pm you tomorrow Tony
  4. Am up for it mate, PM me with details
  5. we are off to manchester on the 27th with our girls mate
  6. am still going too, hope to finish this weekend
  7. same here, still playing and scores are in
  8. zeroalpha, e mail sent, the scores on the doors = mission 1 = 0 points mission 2 = 20 points mission 3 = 80 points mission 4 = 100 points mission 5 = 100 points mission 6 = 20 points mission 7 = 0 points mission 8 = 60 points mission 9 = 20 p0ints
  9. hi ruin, be safe and be lucky. respect tony
  10. no worries mate, its an honour system, had my 2 goes and thats the way it went, still like the mission though
  11. add a zero score for mission 1 for me!
  12. been working, have all mods installed, just waiting for the weekend to try mission 1
  13. ZeroAlpha hot to trot
  14. you can laugh now mate, she will be up for some coop soon so we had better play nice, remember what happened to storm when he shot the teddy bear and my daughter was watching?
  15. Funny that mate, am at work tonight and popped in to search for a long forgoten titbit, anyway, spent this afternoon in IGOR scripting a mission to teach my girlfriend how the AI react to contacts under different conditions (if the AI know where your fire came from the nearest surviving AI will engage as the others seek cover) i still love the way the AI works, it keeps me coming back for more!