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  1. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Bin Laden Compound   

    Anything Oso has got to be good!
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  2. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    looks good Rocky. thx.
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  3. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    hey, what'dya know, the old men still have it Oso!

    Glad to assist. I imagine mod launchers around the [GR] world that have a similar problem will have a similar solution to. Happy gaming!

    Hey Rocky, maybe this is a fix to add to any GR "check this before posting errors" thread? YOTM, Frostbite, WOI, any that use the mod launcher, and I think the other mod launcher that was out there all used the same registry entry for the path info. Might be useful.
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  4. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    quick test to see without having to launch into it everytime would be to open up the \Mods\War of Infamy\Actor\Demolitions folder and open any .atr file in notepad. If you run the launcher and pick say the SS then hit apply and just click cancel when asked if you want to start WOI then you reopen the .atr you should see info in there that points to SS stuff. Do it again and pick russian or japanese and check again, same should be true. That'll let you know the launcher is changing the .atr files like it was made to do.
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  5. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    no AppPath would definitely cause an issue. That was an entry that the original installer added when installing from CD and what alot of us modders used in the Wise/Clickteam type .exe installers (and eventually the launchers I did).

    Here's the AppPath registry entry info:
    Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\GhostRecon.exe
    Subkey: Path
    Subkey type: String
    Value: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ghost recon\

    See if that will work for you.
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  6. DonMiguel added a topic in GR (PC) - General Discussion   

    Wow, it's been 10 years....
    I wanted to take a moment to just say thank you to this whole community for the support over the years. November of this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the inception of War of Infamy. From the start, it was intended more as a platform for others to mod with than as a mod itself (even for us who made it, the "expansions" were always the end goal, not the main mod). After 10 years, to look back and see that it actually became that, that there are still mods developing using the content, and to see people still playing it....well, it's very humbling and honoring. So thank you again, from every modder who made it and went on to make other awesome things (Frostbite, Year of the Monkey, and more). To look back and see the impact over the years makes it worth the blood, sweat, tears and toil that went into them back then. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This community will always have a special place in my heart!
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  7. DonMiguel added a post in a topic GR: WOI - Screaming Eagles Mod   

    yeah, will have to check it out myself!!!
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  8. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    question: does steam create a ghost recon folder under it with a mods folder under it where \mp1 \mp2 \origmiss folders are? If so I think if you just updated the AppPath (if not there) to the Steam GR folder path it may work. Someone want to post a tree view of the folder structure so I can see it maybe we can verify somehow (as I already own GR I don't plan on buying it again to test).

    All the mod launchers, generic launcher, and WOI launcher used the apppath data in the registry. about the only "hardcoded" thing outside of mod folder names. Not sure if I have the code for that stuff anymore (El Oso, do you still have the old source data after that HD crash??? Maybe Mindriot or Bajabravo still have it if we can get ahold of them......
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  9. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Problem with [War of Infamy] mod   

    El Oso msg'd me on this and I'm not sure what it might be. I want to think I had an issue actually with it running on Vista/Win7 (was coded way before those came out, lol). Maybe try it with compatibility mode for those .exe's turned to WinXP SP3? Also, be sure the registry entry is there for the AppPath ( had that how-to on it's tutorials years back, if it's not there now maybe someone can refresh our memories).

    Totally humbling and awesome to see people still playing these mods!!!!! Don't forget Frostbite or Year of the Monkey either!!!!
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  10. DonMiguel added a post in a topic MS Office v Open Office   

    Only thing Outlook is really just that its more of a true PIM than alot of software out there. Plus if this is for business, alot of 3rd party plug-ins are developed with Outlook only in mind (Due to Exchange being so popular, though I don't know why, Kerio Mail is my preferred choice). But if you aren't needing a PIM than Thunderbird is as good a choice as anything (course so is GMail ).
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  11. DonMiguel added a post in a topic MS Office v Open Office   

    I'm with these guys for all except Outlook. Open Office still has no email client and if you're looking for a full featured email program (tasks, calendars, free/busy, group sharing, ect) then Outlook is great. To top it off, as much as I don't like the new 'ribbon' in Office 07, Outlook 07 is actually quite good. And unfortunately alot of free email clients out there don't support many of the protocols the full Outlook does.
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  12. DonMiguel added a post in a topic John Sonedecker Interview Take 2   

    John, you've got alot of backers here. I'm looking forward to seeing what all you've done with things (haven't seen it since a very very very early version of the engine). If for no other reason that to contribute to the success of fellow modders and those passionate about developing good games.
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  13. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Modders Hall Of Fame   

    dunno if he's been mentioned yet or not, but Mike Schell. Without him many of us that started modding GR at the very beginning would've been unable to. It was his tools that gave us the ability to get a head start before the long wait for RSE's tools.

    Also have to mention Piggyson, while he wasn't actively modding, his tutorials and tool tips gave a good many of us the insight and knowledge in GR modding to explore new things.
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  14. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Dropped Mod: Let's Try To List Them!   

    sry Oso, it's been a while and I forget more these days
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  15. DonMiguel added a post in a topic Dynacomp Download   

    no, just load the mod like any other mod from in GR and play the missions from there. Ithink I saw a campaign test in there might try that.
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