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    Mod that allow more Teammate

    Wow it passed loads of time, 4 years hehehe. Anyway i just re-installed it now and i wanted "the same thing" hehe. I've installed a mod which gives me M4, m16, m14 you name it... but i would like to play with other ppl in the team, like 11 or so. I've found a mod that gives me this with other features but not the weapons. And somehow i can not make works this mod with the weapons mod (which contain loads of other cool stuff) TO MAKE THE POINT. Is there a way to ADD manually teammates in the missions? Is there a mod just for this? Is out there someone that good to do it? I hope someone will answe this
  2. TJ_Rider

    Mod that allow more Teammate

    thank you, it's really nice to play with 11 teammates, AWESOME ! i've put too, a weapons mod and some skin for the marine, really nice. and, i've another problem with internat gaming... i've an account with Gamespy, but when i try to login, it take 5 second to load then, "error, can't load that account" or something like that... anyone know the reason about that? anyay, thanks again.
  3. First of all, as a new member, HI EVRYONE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ok, let's go. I've a "simple question" about a mod, or something like that, i just saw in a picture. this one... http://ghostrecon.filefront.com/screenshots/File/83594/1 as you can see, there are MORE than just 3 freindly unit... 1 anyone here know where i can find this mod ?? i've looked all around with google... but nothing was found... 2 if i'll find this mod... can i let it work with other mod already installed, like weapons or other stuff?? 3... SORRY !!! for my english (not my motherlanguage), and if this, is the wrong section or something else. thank you in advance