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  1. hello all, 32 yr old male, clean living seeking busty soulmate for....."ah S*** i thought this was adult friend finder!!!!" P.s my gamer tag is KARL1976 add me i don't bite!!!( i am however know to kick the living daylights out of people from time to time) got to go time for my pills!!
  2. KTC1976


    Trust me on this one, I WILL NOT BE WASTING ANYMORE MONEY ON GRIN, UBISOFT JUNK, PERIOD!!! If and i do say if!!!? Ubisoft, GRIN or whoever is going to develop/publish a new GR. Have listened to whats been said in this forum and many others like it and have had the balls to do something about it....Then and only then would i consider buying. I really would love to see a return to the [GR] and getting rid of the advanced war fighter monicker.
  3. /me whisper's to both of you, i have heard of this thing you call Ground Branch!!! I'm sure it's going to be the Mutt's Nutt's!! However it would have been very nice to have had the people at Ubisoft give the fan's of the GR series what they deserve...a game worthy of the original GR, rather than someone else pick up the standard (for which i'am most grateful ). I will be keeping an eye on project Ground Branch and see how it develops. over and out.
  4. God was i bored at work today...ehh hold on im still at ***king work!!! no peace for the wicked!! joking aside, i really do love the ghost recon games especailly the first installment with the fantastic expansion packs. I enjoyed [GR] because it was so real, it felt so real and looked so good....unfortunately that is somehow missing from GRAW and GRAW 2 and this pains me. I'm really not sure what the Devs were smoking when they thought up the story line for the GRAW series but it must have been some strong ######!!! Why did they feel the need to move away from what was already fantastic in [GR] i'e Eastern Europe teetering on the brink of World War 3, to sunny, American Students on the ######, ****ing Mexico!!!! Come on please treat us like the Grown up's we are, i'm sorry but GRAW and GRAW 2 have been aimed at kids and console gamers not serious PC gamers who enjoyed [GR] for what it was a beautifully crafted game for adults with enough of the right stuff to keep everyone happy ( n.p im not in anyway having ago at kids im sure there are some very nice ones ) I really hope that somebody somewhere listens to the pleas of the hundreds of loyal fans, who don't want to give up on the Ghost Recon Franchise, but how long can we keep taking the dross you keep serving up!!!?? nuff said!!!!
  5. WoW!!!! KTC1976 what a novel idea, i love it, yes update the game and re release. Bring back the [Ghost Recon] format complete with SF soldiers who look just like SF soldiers and not like something out of Doom or Gears of War!!? A campaign that see's you take on the might of the Russian Bear not some bandits from Mexico!!! to be able to unlock new characters as you go through the campaign and medals!!! My God the list is endless You know you could be on to something here you really could!! now all we need to do is to get the people at ubisoft to sit up and take notice... Brothers and Sisters we will not stand by and watch our game destroyed we must unite and call for the immediate re release of [GR] (Updated Version)
  6. My fellow Ghost Recon Fans, the problem is one that is easily rectified!!! You get rid of the Advanced War fighter crap, you take [GR], you update it graphically making no changes to the game play or story line and then re release it. Job done everyone's happy!!!! No bloody Star Wars Stormtroopers or Mexicans, just the good old US of A and maybe a little bit of help from some allies!? And a s**t load of russians to blow to kingdom come, how hard can it be!!!? I'm also available for after dinner speeches. yours aye karl rant over no really it is!!!
  7. KTC1976

    GRAW2: Co-op Collection Update

    hello everyone played ghost recon since it first came out and love it ....what i would like to see is [GR] faithfully reproduced both for PS3, xbox 360, and the pc...same great game updated graphics and no star wars stormtroopers!!! bring back the military feel to this game mud and guts not sci fi uber soldiers. p.s just watched the movies !!thats what im talking about please release this as the full game in all its updated glory!!!!!