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  1. Sorry, I found that the installation program contains an unneccesary file. It's a "beta" desert camo texture The file is "..\Ghost Recon\Mods\Wildcat's_Woodland_v2\Character\Allied\ica_us_rifleman_body_Des.rsb". Please delete the file or download the installation program again. Download link : Wildcat's Woodland ver2.0
  2. Thank you for your comment. Pave Low already added a download link on my first post. Download : http://modworks.sakura.ne.jp/
  3. As Pave Low says, you will not need to touch the ModsCont.txt if you rename the existing folder name, you will name it to "Wildcat's_Woodland_v2". But I recommend to redownload the install program.
  4. I rebuilt the install program and uploaded again. Please download and try it. Thanks
  5. Finished. I hope that you enjoy the good old Ghost Recon with my skins. Thanks http://modworks.sakura.ne.jp/
  6. OK, Zeealex I will upload my old SOAF skins.
  7. I have only a few re-colored skins. No plans about SOAF now.
  8. > Operative Sorry, I had been away from GR.net for a long time. You can use any skins I released. I hope you finish the update. Thanks.
  9. Thank you, mates Here's a new screenshot of ver2.0. I hope to release this MOD until the middle of May.
  10. A classic camo for classic GR. I hope you like it. Edit: Download link: http://modworks.sakura.ne.jp/
  11. A good old GR feel...
  12. my mods and materials are here now. mercenaries project
  13. Very cool. I hope you convert boonie guys in GRAW to CS:S. Thanks
  14. Here's a screenshot Thanks.
  15. Oh my ! Please move this thread to GRAW section, Rocky !