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  1. hi all im starting graw soon and im making a clan. its called tanith first and only and any warhammer 40k player will no wot im talking about im looking for at least 6 clan members to act as the council. so the first 6 people to send in an email to me with reasons i should choose for my council with your email adress attached will win the seat.we will meet on this page until i have an ez board forum up.but i will keep you informed.also u will have to change your graw name to 1 i will assign you thanks [TFAO]gaunt
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    ... Ive installed teamspeak and ventrilo. Joined in on BADS teamspeak some times, nice, but I can't join them on a GR game since my Island thunder CD is broken, and I cant get hold of it...(dont want a post order since my wife will get angry ....) I play graw online in the evenings but i never found a ts server that hosts GRAW, and the exact game I joined ..... That's why i'd like to join a clan, it is way esier to pick your games when you know who is online when.... You should come join us on the TuG Teamspeak - we're heavily into GR:AW & run a nice dedicated server as you know along with playing alot of competitive matches in GR:AW1 & will be We're started off as a UK based team, but we have members from all over europe - sweden, germany, holland, denmark, and a few others. Website: www.tugteam.com - come join the forums & say hello & we'll get you on TS with us. yo tug team guy im gonna get graw and i wouldnt mind joinin ur clan so 2 things do u accept noobs who will get better over time and 2 wots the age limit to joinin tugteam? thanks mini manic
  3. hi yall, so im gonna by graw and i wanna set up a clan but there is one fatel flaw... i dont no how to make one so could anyone tell me how 2 make one please thanks mini manic
  4. minimanic

    making a clan

    hi all i need to make a clan but the one little snag is that i dont have a clue as to how u make one can anyone help me with my dilema? from mini manic