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  1. thanks so much Tinker, works great!! i been through all missions without the cheat but with the cheat i can explore different parts of the maps that i couldnt go to before because of getting killed all the time lol.
  2. thank you for that info i will give it a try and see what happens, thanks again you been a big help
  3. i do not have a folder called english, i tried other folders but with no luck.
  4. can someone please tell me how to bundle the unbundled files back to the game? i unbundled the quick bundle and the patch bundle files to a temp folder and changed all the god modes to true now i need to know how to get them back in the game files. i sure would appreciate it. thanks,larr
  5. larr

    3d Studio Max 5

    i went and put 3dsmax on the want it now list on eBay and got a reply, the person said that they could get a fully working copy of 3dsmax up to 3dsmax 2009 for $25.00. you can go on eBay and post it on want it now. larr
  6. i went and put 3dsmax on the want it now list on eBay and got a reply, the person said that they could get a fully working copy of 3dsmax up to 3dsmax 2009 for $25.00. if you go on ebay and post it on want it now you should get a reply. larr
  7. your welcome, i actually bought 3dsmax for weapon modding,which I'm still trying to learn i looked into making maps but i have a lot of learning to do before i even think about maps i'm looking for a tutorial to teach me how to model the weapons,i know a little bit but i dont know how to put the material on the weapons. like i said im still trying to learn.
  8. i got my full working 3dsmax on eBay. i went to "want it now" on eBay and posted that I'm looking for 3dsmax 4 or 5 and received a reply for it. i also bought the book 3dsmax 5 for dummies which had the trial CD in it on eBay,had to request it through a seller who was selling those "for dummies" books and the person had them in stock but was not advertising them. hope this helps. larr
  9. larr

    Sniper Team 2

    i'm going to miss you guys mods, they are some of the best mods ive ever played. i wish i would of came to the gr modding scene sooner, there is so much more i would love to learn from everyone here. but i guess this day had to come sooner or later. i still wished i had the chance to learn more. thales keep in contact, maybe we can hook up in a game on xfire. again im sorry to here that you all are leaving the gr modding scene larr
  10. larr

    Reading Qob Files?

    i told you i could be wrong lol larr
  11. larr

    Reading Qob Files?

    I'm no expert but i believe once you export a qob file from 3dsmax you cannot open them. like i said I'm no expert, i could be wrong larr
  12. larr

    Sniper Team 2

    i wasn't worried about you helping me,i know that you are busy with other things and I'm in no hurry, i was worried that you would be leaving the [GR] modding scene for good you and all the other modders out there are doing a fantastic job on [GR] modding and i hate to see it fade away.
  13. larr

    Sniper Team 2

    are you leaving the [GR] modding scene after this mod thales?
  14. larr

    For the New Folks

    photoshop 7.0 is ok haven't tried it on a mac. 3dsmax 3 to 3dsmax5 only. for 3dsmax try online book stores for 3dsmax for dummies,it has a demo version disc in the back. i found mine on ebay. hope this helps, larr
  15. larr

    Gr Mods On Dvd

    thats better time than if i sent something from the east coast to the west coast here in the usa lol