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  1. Dannik

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    80Gb is big, especially when it's for a game that came out in 2001, but if you consider the sheer amount of development that has gone into this, 80Gb is big, but it's far from too big, currently, compared to the vast number of current titles.
  2. Dannik

    Slow machine

    If it appears but cannot be changed, near the top of the page is likely a Change settings that are currently unavailable which would enable the fast startup toggle.
  3. Dannik

    Speed much?

    So a young man, nineteen, and his pal in the passenger seat.also nineteen, decide to take dad's Mercedes out "racing.". Figuring the highways are quiet, it'll be fun. They were pulled over doing 308km/h. That's about 191mp/h.
  4. Dannik

    Help Find Product Key for Crysis

    I would contact Crytek and ask them for help.
  5. Sum of All Fears is still for sale, so it's not abandonware. Plus, abandonware still has copyright protection, so although nobody will sue you for illegal activities, they are still illegal activities.
  6. Dannik

    Ghost recon wont launch

    Windows 7 ESCROW is a pre-release developmental beta OS. Win 7 has also been retired by Microsoft. The released version, not the earlier one you're using. Good luck finding help with Breakpoint, seriously. If you do find a solution, we'd be very interested in hearing about it.
  7. Dannik

    Life Hacks

    I tried cutting my balls in half to save room, but the blood ran everywhere.
  8. Dannik

    Looking for compy help

    I have bought the above! I received the Radeon 2600X CPU, the HyperX Predator 16GB of 3000 DDR4, and the MSI B450-PRO today. I also sprung for a Samsung 970 M.2 SSD of thee 500GB variety, which I should get tomorrow, and a Corsair Carbide 100R case, which may take a few weeks to arrive. Pulling the GPU and PSU, along with some of the drives I'll use frequently from this tower. I have a spare CPU & PSU floating around,so this machine is not dead. I'll finally be just a generation back!
  9. So I have an (start laughing) FM1 chip & A75 board; it is very much time to upgrade, but as someone with a fixed income, money is very tight. So, I need some advice. I'm planning on upgrading to a Ryzen, looking at a 2600X and a B450 board. I figure I can get both for about $325, leaving me to buy 16G of RAM, and maybe an M.2 drive to boot from. I should, but don't require, a case and PSU, since I have an RX580/8G I can pull and swap out with another card in my old rig.
  10. Dannik

    Hospital for New Years

    Not that one. I spend time in a lot of hospitals, it seems. The one you visited me in was close at the time; it's also where I have almost all my medical team at. I moved a few years ago, so it's a different set of hospitals close to where I live now. I still visit the one you saw me in for everything else, but for closeness, it's the one (well, three, sort of) closer to me now. As for singing, thanks, but my vocal cords are still partially paralysed. Jerk. 😮
  11. So I'm laying in another hospital bed, possibly an infection. Happy New Years?
  12. I know with an AMD video card, you need to use an older driver on Windows 10, but I can't recall specifics. No clue about Nvidia or Intel video though. You'll need to be more specific for assistance. I know that I have ran OGR under XP, 7, and 10 just fine, both original disk based, and Steam versions.
  13. Dannik

    Hospital for New Years

    Well, at least it was a hospital that's fairly new, maybe two years old. I've been an in-patient at two prior locations, joy. Both now closed, have been for years. This hospital is close to my home, and familiar to me. The food's improved, while the "entertainment" system hasn't, at least not much. They have wi-fi only on their main floor, and at that it's spotty. The personal consoles over the beds, if you pay (a reasonable price) for them, has basic web service, and a few extras, like a choice of armature or wall mount flat panel television. I tend to get solo rooms, primarily due to a mildly compromised immune system (I'm fine, but if sick, I'm riskier than most) so that's good.
  14. Dannik

    Looking for compy help

    I would love to get an X570 chipset motherboard, for the simple future-proofing of PCIe 4 & Ryzen 3 CPU's, but they are significantly more expensive, meaning I either have to get a bare bones motherboard for a premium, or go vastly over my thin budget. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for options, though.
  15. Dannik

    Looking for compy help

    If I go for an MSI B450-PRO, a Ryzen 2600X (with stock cooler, stop laughing) and 16GB (2x8GB) of HyperX (not bleeding edge, but a solid brand) of DDR4 3000, taxes in, I come up just a few bucks under my budget of $400CAD. I can pull a PSU (EVGA NEX750B) and a Sapphire Radeon 580 8GB I have already, as well as sub in any drives I need, albeit I want an M.2 if I can. That means case, preferably full tower with drive bays, including optical drive(s) if possible, though this last one is far from set in stone. Advice? And no, Intel and Nvidia isn't an option for me. Don't even bring them up.
  16. Dannik

    Hospital for New Years

    I was released a couple of days ago, though with at least one follow up appointment with a doctor who couldn't be bothered to see me in hospital. Apparently I had cellulitis. Fun times had by none. Now I have horse pills of amoxicillin. Joy.
  17. Dannik

    Hospital for New Years

    Getting there. I have a doctor's appointment (unrelated) on Monday, and the hospital doc says I might make it, though no promises. Swelling is going down, IV antibiotics appear to be working, and I have slight TV and internet access. So there's that.
  18. Dannik

    What's up?

    Well you're a sight for sore eyes! I'll keep it brief here, but I've missed you muchly. I hope you are well, dear.
  19. Dannik

    Harpy Crimbo.

    First, a disclaimer: I'm not concerned if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, The Drinking of Beers, The Fall of Max Gruber, or anything else. I hope you find a wondrous place & time, here & now. With family, friends, alone, strangers, it doesn't matter as long as you find some degree of joy. Life can be complex and challenging. Don't let that overtake you, at this special adjunct. Live a little. Go ahead, dance like nobody is watching, or like everyone is staring. It doesn't matter. You be you. Always.
  20. Dannik

    AMD GPU won't let GR start in Win 10

    First off, Windows 10 with a Radeon 590 should launch Steam GR still. I've got a similar setup, and it has worked in the past, but not currently. I suspect it's a driver issue. Perhaps you should try to roll back driver builds before you try switching cards. Good luck.
  21. Dannik

    Too young

    My wife told me about a celebrity chef dying. She didn't recall the name, initially. Then, she said Carl Ruiz. It took me a moment to figure out why that name was so familiar, then it hit me. That was Carl "The Cuban" Ruiz, of Food Network fame. It took me a moment to find out his cause of death, and I was put off by what I discovered. He had died of a heart attack while away from home. This wasn't a shock, as he was a bit of a hard hitter. What was the shock was that he was younger than me. Not by much, but that part didn't matter. He was younger, and dead. Rest in peace.
  22. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is already beta testing an all-in-one launcher, where you can add any platform, even consoles & emulators, to one client, and view or launch any games there. There are limits, like you cannot fire up Xbox One games (yet?) but if you have a large, multi-platform collection, it'll work. And no, the game doesn't need to be on GOG.
  23. Dannik

    Too Close

    First, the good news: they are non-life threatening injuries. Second, the Bad News: two people shot, Monday around 4:30PM, about a kilometre west of my home. To add insult to injury (hah!) this was the third shooting in the city today. The first two were late Sunday night/early Monday. Boo.
  24. Dannik

    Drink of Choice?

    Beer. A variety of 'em, but with a tendency towards IPAs and porters/stouts.
  25. Dannik

    split screen online?

    You don't. Coop only exists as one player/one console.