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    I quit drinking and smoking at the same time. It just took a bit of willpower, and a neurological trauma.
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    Commodore 64

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    Frostbite. Duh.
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  1. DOSBox. It's what GOG uses.
  2. I believe the Steam profiler is part of the beta update (available to everyone) instead of the regular public build. Yet. JoyToKey has one significant advantage in that it works with any program, including Windows itself, even allowing you to remap your mouse to your gamepad for desktop use. Still, if you use Steam primarily, it makes sense to use it instead.
  3. mattm1121, you may want to consider JoyToKey. Shareware in the classic sense, but it'll work at a gamepad to key/mouse interface for anything, and it's cheap/free to use.
  4. "Access to path" errors sounds like a permissions error, so this video may help. Whether it does or not, I'll keep trying ideas. Note that I don't have a fix clearly identified, I'm just working on ideas I'm of the opinion will help.
  5. A space appears in your post, between "system" and "32" on your listed path that's in error. Is this accurate? I ask because it may help.
  6. So Carrie Fisher died today. As an actress I knew of her, but it was her work in mental health that was most prevalent to me. My wife was tearbound at the news. I was stoic, like usual. Good old stoicism. I died a little myself, on the inside, but damn, I'm not going to show it. I will miss you, Carrie.
  7. Christmas again.

    It's a few days before Christmas. Another one. The malls are a nightmare, and I have (of all things) an MRI on Boxing Day, at a Catholic hospital (don't ask, I just am used to it). My wife, who usually goes an hour or two away to spend Christmas with her family is taking a shorter trip this year, partially due to my appointment and partially due to her parents selling their big house for a smaller condo. Merry Christmas, everybody. I'll just sit here quietly and not watch the plethora of Christmas specials on TV.
  8. Back. Sorta.

    So, I decided to re-open this beast. Mostly because it was the bestest place to post my thoughts. I hate everything. See? Merry Crimbo!
  9. ASUS ROG Strix 1080GTX w/8G of GDDR5. I mean, it's no Titan X, but also not as expensive as a car.
  10. I have a fix, but it requires a file or files FTP'ed, which I can't do, and some minor ACP editing, which I can do.
  11. I believe it's been fixed now. Though Rocky altered the setting that affects Members, it wasn't changed for the quintillion other groups. This has been (I think) addressed now, with some minor tweaks more or less to make sure our, uh, less favoured visitors don't have a party. Drop us a note if the problem isn't fixed now.
  12. Work, sorta. Don't forget that GIFs are images, not media files (and yes, it's a technical difference) so they don't 'embed' at all.
  13. Testing that theory. It works. All file types are supported right now, though that may change. Linking, not embedding, though I have no idea if there's a technical stop or it's just a thing. SampleVideo_1280x720_1mb.mp4
  14. I thought I had an issue. Turns out, my status defaulted to the in-progress "other" theme. No wonder nothing worked!
  15. Rocky's going to need to officially address this, but the older system didn't support comments, so I don't know if the new system offers the ability to add comments is a mistake, or the lack of display of them is.