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    I quit drinking and smoking at the same time. It just took a bit of willpower, and a neurological trauma.
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    Commodore 64

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    Frostbite. Duh.
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  1. Dannik

    Drink of Choice?

    Beer. A variety of 'em, but with a tendency towards IPAs and porters/stouts.
  2. Dannik

    split screen online?

    You don't. Coop only exists as one player/one console.
  3. Dannik

    Forums Logged Out Issue

    Again, coming at this late, but the weird log outs, though they did affect me, stopped weeks ago, under the dark skins and any others. That said, bug me to help, if you need specifics.
  4. I don't know if it'll help, but I had the seemingly exact issue a full week before the update. It was a particular link, though I didn't try a few to make sure. Again, this was well before the update.
  5. Dannik

    Win 10 64 bit ??

    Just now ran it (Steam) on Win10/64b. No issues, other than obvious age.
  6. Dannik

    Tier 1???

    Linky Basically, max. out your level, and you unlock Tier play. You can progress (level up) from Tier 50 to Tier 1, with difficulty & rewards increasing. There's more to it, but the link above has an overview.
  7. So, I found this pic, from high school, 25 years ago. Laugh as you will.
  8. So, after four years or so, I got a new hearing aid today. For those who may not know, I've had nerve "deafness" in my right ear for eight or nine years. Anyway, after a hearing test and a forming session last month, my insurance said "go for it" and I picked up a new hearing aid today. Besides being intensely blue, which the med. tech was very excited about, my aid came with a set of tools, and of all things, a remote to set volume. I'm still trying to figure out why. Sounds good, though.
  9. So my mother had a stroke, on February 8, 2017. She's okay, mostly, just a bit weak on one side and with some memory issues. Strange, the same thing happened to me seven years ago. Of course, living 200km away from home, and being in a wheelchair, I can't exactly pop by and see her. Funny.
  10. Dannik

    SEAL Team (DOS, 1993)

    DOSBox. It's what GOG uses.
  11. I believe the Steam profiler is part of the beta update (available to everyone) instead of the regular public build. Yet. JoyToKey has one significant advantage in that it works with any program, including Windows itself, even allowing you to remap your mouse to your gamepad for desktop use. Still, if you use Steam primarily, it makes sense to use it instead.
  12. mattm1121, you may want to consider JoyToKey. Shareware in the classic sense, but it'll work at a gamepad to key/mouse interface for anything, and it's cheap/free to use.
  13. "Access to path" errors sounds like a permissions error, so this video may help. Whether it does or not, I'll keep trying ideas. Note that I don't have a fix clearly identified, I'm just working on ideas I'm of the opinion will help.
  14. A space appears in your post, between "system" and "32" on your listed path that's in error. Is this accurate? I ask because it may help.
  15. So Carrie Fisher died today. As an actress I knew of her, but it was her work in mental health that was most prevalent to me. My wife was tearbound at the news. I was stoic, like usual. Good old stoicism. I died a little myself, on the inside, but damn, I'm not going to show it. I will miss you, Carrie.