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  1. Rocky you have two different Vid driver numbers also!
  2. I don't think you should leave but you should try to have a more balanced view of the game IE. The game can be played with no hud and very tactical which changes the game play from a Division style to a style similar to Old Gr games. It's all in how it is played and you have yet to see that.
  3. It's really funny how Attracted too this game you have been but yet EVERY Damned post you make is Negative. What is there to lose by buying the game nothing! So if you have no plans on buying it stop trolling these Forums!!!
  4. Awesome. This game will be a hit!
  5. Just finished preloading the 44.53 gb! I'm ready for Bear!
  6. Steam = knhalli uplay = Halli-SPARTA
  7. Yeah a little. A couple guys play a mode called Exile. http://www.legionofspartans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12055-spartan-exile-server-arma-3/ Now back to Ghost Recon ! ! !
  8. Ya'll can Use the Sparta TS if needed as I have kept open a couple GR.net channels.
  9. I know I was just thinking that I will be needing the controller mounted on a cain!!
  10. Waiting for a new OMG game hope one shows up soon before my old ass eyes and reflexes give away haha!
  11. Would be nice though as I haven't played a fps in a long while!
  12. RIP I love the movie/novel The Hunt for Red October.
  13. Rocky, My system shows the very same at boot up (no hard drive found) but still boots up and as stated above I quit using sleep-hibernate and now no problems.