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  1. Wow! I came upon this thread because I recieved notification of a PM and I couldnt remember my screenname to log in so I had to search for it. Im about to commission as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps and havn't followed the scene for some time. I have to say that its flattering that people are still playing this mod, and equally impressive that people still have an interest in GR. Its also nice to see a little bit of a reunion among the team involved. Sleeper, OSO, DM, Rebar and XY69YZX(?) all brought unique talents to YOTM and if it wasnt for them, it would have probably ended up just a
  2. I just hope you got new skins, because my skins would REALLY make the mod feel outdated!
  3. I have not downloaded any mods for this game yet, but I promise you this. If you finish this entire map (the whole version, not just the day MP portion), I will be first in line to DL it. Just please script a mission on it!!
  4. Yeah..I did. Its called autowin. I dont have the patience that I used to have anymore The map is too large and things are too spread out for me to want to restart everytime I get caught by the alarm.
  5. been experiencing a bug in mission 11 in regards to saved files. I have tried to load a saved game after I have been caught by the alarm and all I get is a black screen. Just FYI
  6. Yeah I thought my guy was out of ammo too, but then I see him firing away when we get attacked. Talk about unforgiving!! I havent been able to get very far on the third mission so far!
  7. On it. I'll post my findings when im back up in running. *Fingers Crossed!* UPDATE:Uninstalled and reinstalled via your command and Im still getting the crash. Nutlink, Were you getting the same kind of lockups where your monitor loses signal like I am?
  8. I had ONE crash on GR:AW yesterday, but other then that none. I also had the VPU Recover pop up on my twice yesterday while just on normal desktop ops. Yesterday was the start of my problems. I initially thought cooling so today i removed the cover from my pc and the only crashes I had were on Vegas today. I played GR:AW multiple times today with no issues at all. It doesnt really happen at any certain point, just after a few minutes of gameplay. I should add that when I can play the game, it runs great. Nice and smooth. UPDATE: The last three times I have tried to play it I ha
  9. this technically belongs over at agr-s, but rocky suggested I post it here, so here it goes.. Im running an ATI Radeon x1600 Pro 512mb PCI-e graphics card, and I keep getting lockups about 5 minutes into playing Rainbow Six Vegas. Everything runs fine, and then all of a sudden my monitor acts like it loses the signal and goes into sleep mode requiring me to do a hardboot out of it. My first thought was GPU temps, but I checked it while running the game and the hottest I got was 55c, Im also running it with a 650W Power Supply. Vegas is patched to the latest version and I meet all
  10. Finally got around to upping my specs so that I could play this game. On mission 3 right now, LOVE the hot insertion. My prayers were answered with that one. So far, I have to say that I really enjoy the game. Its immersive and not AS linear as I feared that I would be. Not a big fan of the sci-fi uniforms the ghosts wear, but it looks like they are changing that a bit for GR:AW 2. One thing I noticed is that I get a funny sound loop issue sometimes after loading saved games. One of my teammates keeps "resaying" that he is reloading. Im sure its just a funny issue with my soundcard
  11. possible solution...With the exception to the terrain map, only use stock GR textures. At the most allow for small edits to the texture. Im surprised that my name came up..I suck at maps. Tried to make one once and Im pretty sure Sleeper is still laughing at it. I could never picture things that large in max. The only thing I would probably be good at in a project like this is making objects to place in the map. Even buildings might be a little much for me. Most of what I know about maps are what I have learned from working with the real talent...OSO, Sleeper, etc @OSO, Funny y
  12. There a a few things I think would make the game cooler. First, like others have mentioned, is non linear maps. I loved having the option in GR to roam the map and attack the objective how I see fit Second, if they are gonna keep the units small like the 4- man fireteams (or whatever the Army calls them) that we have been seeing, It would be cool to be able to control the team and be able to command different formations. third, CQB is done, lets see some maps out in the sticks. Fourth, There has been debates on the usability of vehicles in the GRAW. I think that if they do get mo
  13. I saw it. I was pretty impressed with it. I look forward to seeing more for the game soon.
  14. From what I have seen the FR Marines dont really get issued anything different then the standard Fleet Grunts. I know that Recon definately has a lot more lee way on what they can get away with, so i wouldnt be surprised if they mod their stuff out a lot. I heard that during the Iraq invasion a lot of the Recon guys modded their Humvies to work more to their liking. Recon guys go through a lot more diverse training than Infantry grunts do. IE.. jump school, Dive School, etc. Things like jump school are big for Marines because we dont get the same opportunitys to go like the Army does.
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