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  1. Hey @wombat50, any possibility to add Winter Jodit? Commando Crazy was the winner of the poll
  2. Are there any other Ghost Recon but the original? 🤔
  3. Giampi


    Benvenuto paesano!
  4. Giampi

    My questions to create maps

    That's great. AFAIK so far the only modder able to add working spotlights was Cobaka (see mission 2 in Armenia SCARED mod)
  5. Giampi

    Multiple Myeloma

    Thanks for sharing. I'm praying for your mom ZJJ
  6. Giampi

    Happy New Year Ghosts!

    Happy New Year everybody from Japan! It''s 9 am and I just started a mission on Desert Siege!
  7. Giampi

    Igor editor basic movie's

    If this was done 10 years ago it would have been a blast. Nowadays it is however still very interesting. It would be interesting to put the videos on a Youtube channel or even better set up a course on Udemy.
  8. It's a matter of fact that we are all getting older. More than 15 years have passed since we started to play GR and the fact that we are still here to speak about it and among us is really astonishing. The greatest part of us now has family, children, possibly grand children and that means we are likely old. So if in the (hopefully very distant) future we read again such news it means we are still here together and this was possible thanks to @Rocky who brought us together in this incredible community.
  9. I read this only now... and I even wrote him a PM one year ago and of course didn't get any reply. I can't express my sadness
  10. Recently purchased a Dell XPS (new model). Still wasn't able to pass the UEFI to install Ubuntu. I will try over the weekend.
  11. After a couple of months I'm not sure if you are still on this forum, since you posted your question as your first and only post. Not sure what is "ghost recon mods" mod anyway, some more info would be needed to help you out.
  12. Giampi

    Heavy fog mission?

    You might want to check the script of the third mission I made for the mod Armenia SCARed. That mission plays in "The Pond" map by Cobaka and the script features a fog that is slowly lifting up, depending on the difficulty level. Maybe the same mission is included in the mod "The Pond", a stripped down mod featuring only that Map and playable without any expansion packs. And how to forget the wonderful 12th mission in the Operation Stabilise Mod set in the Swamp original map. I remembed the fog was very thick! Links Armenia SCARed The Pond Operation Stabilise EDIT: I confirm the Pond Mod features the same fog script. And by the way I just got my ass kicked! 😄
  13. Giampi

    Been a while..... HEY!

    Hey mate! Great to see you. It's always nice to be back at GR.net, isn't it? We are all getting older I guess, I remember I posted here in the forum the pic of my first son, in 20 days he will be 15!
  14. As a side project to Blood Oil Mod a new equipment mod is going to be released soon by Ingeloop, Thales100 and myself with many other contributors's stuff. Working title is EDF:The parallel Siege. We hope to give you some details soon
  15. Giampi

    a new equipment mod "EDF"

    Today I remembered I had a Dropbox account and was able to retrieve login and password. With a big surprise I found the zip file of this old alpha phase mode. What a great work Ingeloop did! I played the first mission I scripted and it was a blast! meaning I have been wiped out in 3 minutes Problem is that time is little otherwise I would really like to go back to modding and release this mod!
  16. Giampi

    Happy New Year!

    So late but Happy New Year Apex!
  17. http://www.[removed].com/pictures/blood-splash4.jpg
  18. Giampi

    BlackHawk Crashed Model

    Thanks a lot thales100. Doing good, currently teaching my 14 years old son (remember? I posted a pic of him the day he was born!) to use Igor and he came out with a mission idea. Who knows? We might release a new campaign as Giampi & Son 🤩
  19. Giampi

    BlackHawk Crashed Model

    I resurrect this old thread. Is there any damaged Blackhawke model available after 13 years? Maybe rusty?
  20. Giampi

    Ghost Recon Modders Hall Of Fame

    Aus_Viper, the mod leader for Operation Stabilise. It was a pleasure to be managed by him!
  21. Giampi

    Right Hand's 8 Days Missions

    You wouldn't believe but I just reinstalled GR and didn't even launched it but opened straight Igor. Seems still very familiar!
  22. Giampi

    Right Hand's 8 Days Missions

    For some reasons I found this thread and oh boys, how much we enjoyed and supported each other. I love you all, modders!
  23. I actually bought GR only few months after the release as I purchased the Collector Pack with DS expansion, a tactical guide and the logo patch. I uremember very well that I bought it just because of the DS expansione being set in Eritrea, country much beloved by me. One month later I started to play some mods, having approacheg GR.net that changed my life, and immediately contacted Jack57 to congratulate wih him after played the mission 2 of his Saving Pilot Ryan campaign. The rest is history!
  24. Giampi

    Happy Birthday

    My very special wishes of Happy 50th Birthday to the man, Rocky, who somewhat affected my life (in a good way) creating this incredible community. Cheers mate!
  25. Giampi

    The Forgotten Mods

    One of the little gems I loved back at the origin is Riot in Belgrad by -wH- bEnDeR. A single mission, quite simple in its essence with a music taken from Gladiator (if I'm not mistaken). However I think to recall it wasn't udpated for patch 1.3/1.4