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  1. Giampi

    Australian Defence Forces V3

    Yes, I confirm that Aus Viper is working on a campaign. Give a look at his homepage: http://www.users.bigpond.com/ajbenke/index.htm I was impressed too by the nice skins and very good weapons. Really worthy to download it even if I prefer campaigns
  2. Giampi

    Croatian Army mod

    Really congratulations Streinger. Actually I never thought to download your mod but now that I see this review (since I know perfectly Croatian ) I will do for sure. just one question: have you contacted the magazine for this review of have they done by themselves? Ciao
  3. Giampi


    While its twin JUNGLE COBRA works perfectly I'm not able to make SF to work. What do I need to make it to work? or maybe it has been modded before Patch 1.3 release? Anyway, according what I could see for Jungle Cobra, the mission is well designed.
  4. Giampi

    Mods wont work

    Well, er, maybe it was not "The dam" but you know, the work, stress, the age....
  5. Giampi

    Mods wont work

    As Jack57 said the greatest part of the new mod need patch 1.3, sometimes also 1.4. Take care that instead many old mods don't work with the new patch 1.3. I think RSE should make a new version 1.5 to correct this since the really good improvements taken with patch 1.3 forces us to forget our young age with those mods (example: Free Russia, The dam, a couple of mission of Black Sun and many more)
  6. Giampi


    - cleaning I will have my first baby on february and I will clean a lot!
  7. Giampi

    Weapon Modding and Adjusting

    I suggest to read the very goog "Igor for dummies" by El_Oso You can find it here www.ravenmouth.org You will find everything you need about this topic or the Igor basic guide from RSE
  8. Giampi


    You don't need to go so far...... http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/recon.htm
  9. Giampi

    Adjusting Weapons

    I suggest you to give a look to the Igor guide for dummies by El Oso www.ravenmouth.org/ITut/Editor.html or at the Igor official guide from RSE In case of further clarification feel free to post. Cheers,
  10. I would like to know if there is some not-english mother language member who thinks it's could be good to translate some mods in other languages. In this case the mods could reach more players in the world, more or less in the same way as they were expansion packs. If the proposal is acceptable and we think it could be worthy I could be available to translate some campaigns in Italian. Let me know your opinion
  11. Thank you very much Rocky and Yoda for your cooperation. Just a small comment: the mod has been almost entired translated, with every single text in the game, not only the briefings. Only some few speeches (wav files) are still in english The problem is that no italian will read this
  12. Giampi

    DirectX 9.0

    I confirm Direct X 9.0 is no more beta. But take care that the download is so looooong
  13. At the present I'm living in Poland because of job but soon I will move back to Italy, near Vicenza I said all the mod, not all mods! it means that I think to translate one particular mod! Very bad you never tried the best mods!
  14. My plan would be to translate all the mod (briefings and texts inside the game). I'm glad to see another italian attending this forum
  15. You catched the point Jack57. I have a couple of italian friends who will not play any mod because of the shortage of language. If I find at least 20-30 interested italian persons it could be worthy to do. Then the same thing could be good for other languages.
  16. Giampi

    DOWNTOWN map install help

    Take care that you need also to activate the DS mod as clearly stated ( ) in the readme file. Anyway since the map is desert oriented I suggest to set DS mod with higher priority than IT. So, the list of the activated mod (from top to bottom) should be: IT, DS, Downtown.
  17. Giampi

    Need an Omaha Map

    Maybe I'm wrong but I'm almost sure that Utah was the code name given to Omaha beach by the Americans!
  18. Giampi

    Damage Model Editing!!

    Quoting from the good "Igor for dummies by El Oso" http://www.ravenmouth.org/ITut/editor.html "The Combat Model Editor's purpose is to apply a percentage chance of death based on a gunshot wound to a specific area of the body on an actor.......The lower the number that you input, the greater the chance of death from the shot.These values are tied in with the "Kill energy" in then Gun Editor.....When you click the Apply button it writes to the CmbtModl.xml file that is found in the mod's equip folder." You're welcome. Let me know the results
  19. Giampi

    Damage Model Editing!!

    Welcome! It sound strange since the related file is just CmbtModl.xml located in Equip folder. The file is easily editable using the tool Combat Model Editor from Igor. Really strange!
  20. But for me it's very important to read the briefings to be deeply inside the game. This is particularly important for mods like Jack57's ones (Saving Pilot Ryan, Postcards from Peru and Band of Brothers) or Free Libya and free Russia where the plot is very important. Cheers
  21. Giampi

    All mods crash

    Take care that patch 1.4 can only be installed if patch 1.3 was previously installed. Therefore you have to download both of them. Moreover almost all the totality of mods needs DS but, be sure, it's worthy to spend few Euro for it.
  22. Giampi

    Free Libya

    Long ago Apollo, in his homepage promised an update for 30th of november corrected later on with 31st December. I think that the greatest parts of us acknowledge the huge work made by Apollo and strongly condemn the action of Dark Angel. Anyway I don't want to start again the polemic but only to make Apollo to understand we are waiting for his announced upgrade. Ciao
  23. I take the opportunity caused by the crash of the forum to remind you that my wife (eritrean) and I have drafted a document reporting the meaning of (almost) all the speeches in DS. Ethiopians speak amharic language while Eritrean tigrinia. Anyway my wife learnt ethiopian at school so only few sentences were not possible to translate. If some one wants to update the file please contact me. The file is kindly hosted by Jack 57 at http://www.users.bigpond.com/a_kcowell/gr_default.htm Thanks to RSE to take care also the small details of their games
  24. Giampi


    GR2 will not be a mission pack but a completely new game based to the UnReal engine (if I'm not wrong) and therefore not compatible with GR. However the estimated release date is end of 2003/beginning of 2004 and therefore a new mission pack is possible even if not probable.
  25. Giampi

    Postcards From Peru By Jack57

    Just a small comment to this wonderful mod. Jack57 has just released the version 1.5 with some small fixes. No big changes but in any case It shows you how much Jack57 takes care our community