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  1. Giampi

    I want to personally thank

    I agree with all of you. Thanks so much to the guru of modding out of there. And I personally enjoy when I see that there are so many guys who want to emulate our heroes modding new campaigns or full mods...... I see that GR is hard to die!
  2. Giampi

    Operation: Slash & Burn

    The power of the ghostrecon.net community
  3. Giampi

    Can't get started!

    to upgrade to version 1.4 before you have to patch to 1.3 that, if you don't have IT, weights more than 40Mb. Can you tell which mods are you speaking about to know if it's really a problem of version?
  4. Giampi

    Silly question

    http://www.ghostrecon.com/patch.php Ciao
  5. Giampi

    The AI in GR

    As correctly stated by phantom110565 the good advantage from the point of view of AI (and many many others) is given by patch 1.4 (and previously 1.3). For those who don't want (for any obscure reason) to buy DS and IT (and thus not being able to play the gretest part of the best mods available) I suggest to download patch 1.3 and then 1.4 For those instead they later bought IT I can advise to go back and play again GR and DS.... you will find a completely different game thanks to new improved AI
  6. Giampi

    Navy Seals 2.0 problem

    CRC error is a typical error of downloading so you might download it again. I hope you are not a dial-up user otherways let me know the link you downloaded it from so I could try.
  7. Giampi

    Operation: Slash & Burn

    I understand you very well, I think this is a problem common to many GR players and modders. And be happy that now she is only your girlfriend, when she will become your wife 3 weeks of time? so let me make some calculations..... 3weeks = 21 days 1 mission = 2 days as stated by DWilliams 21/2 = 10.5 => 10 missions a 10 missions campaign from DWilliams in bound
  8. Giampi

    Operation Stabilise MOD OUT NOW

    The problem of Aus_Viper is that he has not yet finished to script a mission and he is already thinking the next 2 Anyway things are progressing very well
  9. Giampi

    Operation: Slash & Burn

    Having played the mission in my lunch break-time I can confirm that Dwilliams11 is one of the best single-mission mod out there. I remember with pleasure all the missions he scripted. It's time for the big jump to a full campaign mod, isn't it?
  10. Giampi

    Operation: Slash & Burn

    I choose the second one Campaigns, campaigns and more campaigns Ciao
  11. Giampi

    Still crashing mods!

    Free Libya: be sure you downloaded the version 1.4 of the mod; previous ones do not work properly. Visit www.fl-ava.net for further detail Balck sun: mission 5 crashes to desktop 'cause of patch 1.3. The issue has not been corrected by the authors so the only possible thing is to manage the campaign.xml file in order to remove mission 5 from the list. In this way you will pass from mission 4 directly to mission 6
  12. Giampi

    More weapons please

    And if you can resist soon Operation Stabilize will let you to use some new weapons.
  13. So what was the problem of having Jodit Haile not appearing as specialist? I'm curious
  14. I found at ghostrecon.com forum the advertise of this mod who seems really nice with new maps, skins, weapons...... http://www.icebreaker39-45.com I guess the author doesn't know about the existance of gr.net
  15. Do you have two desktops? Ciao PS Where is Jodit wallpaper? You promised it, SAF_Camel!
  16. That kind guy called Jack57 made available in his home page the NV modification as single mod. All you have to do is to activate it as a mod before to play your favourite mission. Look at http://users.bigpond.net.au/jacks_joint/gr_default.htm at the section `Option` Ciao
  17. Pretty cool but it`s a bit too dark for my taste. Can you make one for my fovourite specialist Jodit Haile? Ciao
  18. Giampi

    Astra, Lindy or Susan?

    I fully agree with you Mig, Jodiet is the best My wife looke like her
  19. Giampi

    icon displays on screen

    These kind of questions do not deserve any reply. Oops, is this to be considered a reply?
  20. NO, IP address always changes if you are connected through dial-up. Only in the case you use a LAN the IP is fixed. Ciao
  21. Don't worry The_Slink! Jack57 didn't forget to release it. At this time he is working for the final adjustments. I'm playing Brothers in Arm every day to find every possible bug but to tell the truth this is a job I love to do Unfortunately I have also to waste a lot of time of my day to work in the office I guess not more than a week to wait......
  22. Giampi

    Help in Flava?

    I remember that Saddam Hussein will come to the scene after some time immediately stopping at the beginning to the road to Baghdad since he smells something wrong. The problem is that after some time he will retreat so I'm afraid you are not able to execute him since he already escaped. Ciao
  23. Giampi

    help with counter

    Maybe I would be stupid but if we are speaking about the window of the scripting you obtain it pressing PrintScrn simultaneously with ALT. This will copy the active window otherways you will have the entire desktop. Ok I know I'm stupid but I learn't it few days ago and I wanted to show my new knowledge