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  1. So the Russians are going to give Abkhazia military hardware to support their fight against Georgia, and the US is going to support Georgia, well, NATO and the UK have already pledged their support for Georgia so things are really on line for following the GR plot! It is amazing how much the fiction is turning into reality.Let's hope it will stop soon
  2. Giampi

    Mars Update

    Great post! To see man going to Mars is a dream I have since I was a child (actually my dream was me going to Mars ) and really I would like to see it before I die (I was even born after Moon Landing )
  3. Giampi

    Gr Mods On Dvd

    I couldn't agree more. In my case I'm not going to use them but it's worthy to have all of them just as a memory of the best time passed first playing the mods and then modding myself. Cheers to Rocky and to all the great modders.
  4. Giampi

    New AVG build

    Slightly off topic... Since I switched completely to Ubuntu no more antivirus and antispyware for me
  5. Giampi

    Italian Mod

    As the oldest Italian in the forum I'm sorry to tell you that it's better not to old your breath. At 99% there won't be any Italian mod, It's one of my biggest regret in all my modding history and career
  6. Giampi

    Gr Mods On Dvd

    Just a curiosity: how many people booked their copy?
  7. Giampi

    Gr Mods On Dvd

    Simply excellent, GR is was an important part of my life and it's great to conserve all these mods in the way they deserve. But I'm sure few mods could be still created/discovered so I would propose to make a new category under the Download section for them
  8. Giampi

    Mp3 (SOAF for GR) by GWDS

    Mod updated to v1.1 Download link
  9. Can I suggest Operation Stabilise and 3 Blakarion mods . For me these are much better campaign than the mentioned ones. And of course all Jack57 mods. And finally give a look also to the much underrated Armenia SCARed, it my surprise you.
  10. Giampi

    Mp3 (SOAF for GR) by GWDS

    Unfortunately I can't say the same in regards to the support of the community and this is demonstrated by this very same thread. In fact I asked help to beta-test the version 1.1 in January (nearly 7 months ago) and I got no answer at all. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to add the greatest number of features from SOAF to GR with a result that in my opnion is quite good. I thank to Tinker who solved the problem of the sound (even if I noticed there was some problems here and there, nobody complained before so I thought it was depending on my rig only) In the past I developed a version 1.1 and even a 1.2 (although I'm not sure which phase it reached) however for me GR and PC gaming is a closed chapter of my life however Kyle if you like send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will forward it to you. Thanks anyway for your words. Sincerely GWDS
  11. Giampi


    It's very difficult recent games like that can work in Linux with WINE. Frankly speaking I can't understand why people insist to use WINE, If I need to use a Windows program I use Windows, for the rest I use Linux.
  12. Giampi

    New AVG build

    I once was a fan of AVG, now I prefer Avira on my XP partition
  13. 7 days to the release of Ubuntu 8.04. OFFICIAL PAGE This new version of Ubuntu that is punctual as always is highly awaited by a large number of users. I really feel the time for me to abandon Windows (now that I'm moving from PC to console for gaming, only GR is keeping me to Windows) is very close.
  14. I'm going to buy a DS just to play ANIMAL GENIUS ANIMALZ
  15. Giampi

    New tab system on news page view

    I wished I posted this. It's definitely new as we are already 2 people who have the same doubt Great one!
  16. Giampi

    natsanwa model pack 2

    I believe a mod currently in development would be proud to have this arsenal for the Ghosts!
  17. OUT!!! Servers are literally paralized! On my side I prefer to update from 7.10
  18. Giampi

    Anyone here use a Mac?

    I'm seriously thinking to try a MAC as well although Linux entusiasm is growing as never. I don't bother to stay to Windows for gaming as now I'm also moving to console for games (mainly because of my son)
  19. Giampi

    Happy Birthday

    If you read this Stalker.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  20. Giampi

    Scripting MP missions into campaign?

    Actually I don't think the dates are so important, we can change them to better suit the campaign plot. For example yesterday I scripted a little mission based on nightbattle map and it can be confortable inserted just before mission battlefield. Why did you put also map DP2 (day farm IIRC)? I would go actually only for the MP maps included into original GR
  21. Giampi

    Scripting MP missions into campaign?

    If I understood what you mean you would like to have an original campaign with 15+6 missions using the 6 maps available in PM mode. The idea is not bad but those maps have been already used in many other mods (the first one I can recall is Free Russia). However it wouldn't be so difficult to make 6 small missions.
  22. I'm glad as well to see it. I expect an astonished mod. Please just one favour: can you mirror it in a server that has resume feature? Here where I live now the internet connection is everything but fast and reliable
  23. Giampi

    35mm camera

    Great to see you Earl!
  24. As a really karate beginner I can only be happy about this announcement
  25. I couldn't agree more Thinking to buy an EEE PC as well, a new model has just been announced.