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  1. Giampi

    GR.NET being considered Unsafe by Google?

    Confirmed also from India but I ignored the warning as I trust Rocky
  2. Stuck in mission 7, beautiful mission! :thumbusp: In this post I congratulate with the authors of the vehicles, there are few of them that are really astonishing but mentioning the author would mean to underrate the others so I won't do it! Congratulations to everybody!
  3. Giampi

    Are Women Born Like This?

    LOL, I have to take a video of my daughter, she is the same!!!
  4. Download an iso of Ubuntu 64bit and start it up
  5. I believe that here we are all speechless, everytime I try to say something about P2 it comes out something like "adadgagtsecxasxsaxecnioiuyueak" Mission 7 done, wonderful retexture at the port there. Couple of comments: - all the new additions are so cool that it seems we are playing with a new engine, maybe you guys where able to get the uncompleted GR2 for PC (hence the title P2 !!!) - from scripting point of you the use of sounds and voices is excellent, it contributes a lot to immerse in the war!
  6. Mission 6 How those rebels think to win the war if they spend their spare time reading gr.net?
  7. Ok mission 3 this night. Demo kit??? Where I suppose to find them? do I need to go back on those posts on top of the bridge with the only man left I have??? This brings me to the question: is the cave/waterfall the only way to go up/down the levels? But.... the injured ghost!!! WOW!!! (no spoilers)
  8. I can say I'm happy like a child on Christmas day! This mod is spectacular! I love the wolves in mission 2, I actually forgot the enemies to hunt them Also if you check the mod folder you will find a new great version of Pressure (P1) with new retextured maps, I love particularly the caves one, it looks a completely different map! Again, thanks one more time
  9. I've been waiting for this moment for years literally. And this moment came when I'm abroad and I just spent around 9 euro for the wifi connection in the hotel to download this best, 9 euro spent, I'm sure, with pleasure. Tomorrow going to reinstall Windows and then GR to enjoy this magic mod! Thanks a lot Mig and crew!
  10. The recent release of Dynacomp (in its incomplete version) brought me to start this thread where we can list all dropped mods. Maybe somebody couldd be inspired to complete them. Only 2 rules: - 1 mod per thread - link to the original developing thread and, where available, link to the beta version download link So let me start DYNACOM Authors: Parabellum, Don Miguel, others... Original thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...c=10363&hl= Most recent thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51556 Download: http://files.filefront.com/dynacomprar/;12...;/fileinfo.html
  11. Giampi

    MS Office v Open Office

    Much more complete of Thunderbird (that is anyway by e-mail client) is Evolution but this it's only for Gnome.
  12. Giampi

    Gr Mods On Dvd

    MIg, I have ordered and got the DVD compilation and it is so excellent. Actually I'm not sure I will ever use it as I have almost all the mods in a portable hard disk but it's a piece of history and mainly a piece of my life, say like a jewel to keep in your safe.
  13. Giampi

    MS Office v Open Office

    Openoffice with no doubt at all!
  14. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Ahime' not There is a mistake in the script and this is entirely my fault and not ApexMods's. I'm quite sure the problems arises only if you skip the intro as I forgot to add the following line Group: Group - Intro A Comment: G - skip intro Trigger Event: The display has completed a fade to black. Responses: Continue executing responses if (The state of Flag - Skip Intro). Cancel execution of any plan assigned to Vehicle - Boat. Teleport Vehicle - Boat to Effect - Boat Position. Unload all actors from Vehicle - Boat. Make all members of PlatoonRef - Player Platoon detectable. Teleport all members of PlatoonRef - Player Platoon to Mission Insertion. Return the camera to the default viewpoint. End Cinematic Mode. Stop playing music. Begin recording replay now. Turn on platoon AI for PlatoonRef - Player Platoon. I'm the scripter who made the DS Cinematic version where this mission is taken from and the error is on the original version. I'm sorry this error came out only 2 years after the release of the mod. Sorry again
  15. Just for my understanding: have you ever tried to use Linux or yours is a prejudice? There are things that Linux is limited but there are other things where it is much better. I'm not using Linux as a way of living, I use it because it's a very good OS. If I need to use some softwares that in Windows are better (or in Linux don't exist) I use Windows (honestly speaking right now they are only Ghost Recon, PDF Express Viewer and Nokia Suite)
  16. Aliens Authors: LV-426(A) aka AUS_Viper and LV-426(B) aka Streinger Original thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...1&hl=aliens
  17. Giampi

    Dynacomp Download

    Did you enable the mod? On a more serious note I just finished to download the 80MB mod (it tooks around 5 hours), tried and I have to agree with Apexmods that the work is very good with some excellent tweaks. Definitely a mod somebody should finish!
  18. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Post ike.log not ikecrash
  19. Giampi

    Random Radio Chatter Script

    I agree with Tinker. This looks the easist way to do it in Igorish
  20. Giampi

    Pandora Trigger - New Mission

    You're a monster. Tried twice and got killed after few mins. Better start Igor instead...
  21. I can't find the words to describe them... x3
  22. Giampi


    Try Autorun by Sysinternals http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb963902.aspx
  23. You don't need a PC to install Ubuntu, just a partition is enough (10-20 GB), heck you don't even need an hard disk as you can run it directly from CD-Rom
  24. Giampi

    Player Polltion

  25. Absolutely not. Ubuntu gives me everything I need and more free of charge.