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  1. For too many years I hold hostage 3 maps that the pure genius Cobaka wrote for the never released and officially dropped mod Mission Afghanistan. The 3 maps maybe can be found in other mods (a winterized version of desert fort appeared in P2 by migryder & co.) but I thought it was worthy to give the right credit to Cobaka. The mod is self-playable as it contains some quick missions (recon and firefight type) made by me. As I'm writing this mod I'm sending the download link to Rocky for uploading. I have no doubt that Cobaka is granting permit to use his maps providing giving the deserved credit Regards, Giampi
  2. Giampi

    Cobaka's Afghanistan

    I honestly don't remember I already released the mod, fact is that I'm sure the readme file is mine. The most logical explanation is that I'm getting old. Never mind, better twice than nothing
  3. Giampi

    GR Campaign Codename: Longbow

    As I wrote in the other topic no request is needed. Credits to Cobaka's are enough
  4. Giampi

    Operation Stabilise

    Hi mate and modding team leader, We had really great time together developing this beast!
  5. Giampi

    GR Campaign Codename: Longbow

    Check here mate! http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=57259
  6. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Armenia SCARed

    I can't believe those missions are mine! The script looks so complex, Hey, once I was good And my betatester was so demanding and perfectionist! If it wasn't for her I couldn't do it.
  7. Giampi

    a new equipment mod "EDF"

    Thought of the day Scripting with Igor is like riding a bicycle: once you learnt it you'll never forget
  8. Giampi

    a new equipment mod "EDF"

    Just a clarification: the abandon of this mod is entirely on me, Ingeloop practically finished his job. It's not the place to explain what happened to me neither I want to do it. I guess it's enough to say that I pass a moment in my life where I started to think a lot about what? who? why? and so on. I'm not saying I'm back but let me tell you I just bought an old laptop with Windows with the purpose to install GR (my experiment to run GR and Igor with Wine in Ubuntu were not satisfactory). Cheers Giampi / GWDS / Giwex
  9. Giampi

    do GR mods work in SOAF?

    You may want to check this http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=759 and this, for a little inspiration http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=272
  10. Giampi

    GRPA Reloaded

    I remember I scripted a complete mission with random elements for EDF mod in one of GRPA mod and only during RC tests (not even beta ) I found out the problem. Result: -> mis file in recycle bin and click "empty recycle bin"
  11. Giampi

    Armenia SCARed v1.2 Patch

    Sorry for the long absence guys but I'm back with hopefully good news. I don't have any longer my old GR files so I don't have the patch 1.2. Anyway using some work of copy and paste with important tools such as notepad (I don't have with me the GR CDs so I can not even try to install via Wine on my Ubuntu system) I rebuilt the patch that you find attached here. The issues I remember are exactly those described in Armenia topic plus I overwritten the CmbtModl.xml file since I remember the game was too difficult. Can you please download it and tell me if it works, issues and so on? Thanks Giampi https://www.dropbox.com/s/avp3l6jy73injqt/Armenia_patch12.zip
  12. Africa Burning by Migryder Author: Migryder Type of mod: Mission Pack Download File Size: 560kb Required: Desert Siege, Island Thunder INTRODUCTION The review of last Migryder's mod, Pressure Mission Pack, had a good success among the community and this pushed me to review one of his previous mods, specifically Africa Burning. Here I remind you that the other mods by Migryder are Guatemala Mod and Knight Fork, both of them Mission Packs. CONTENTS As all his other mods, Africa Burning is an essential mod, consisting in 9 missions, all based on DS maps. Here you will not find new weapons or skins. But, unlike Pressure mod, these missions are not server-side since some new kits have been created plus some briefing world maps. As usual for Migryder all the missions are Co-op friendly; if you play them in SP be aware that the missions are really difficult. Therefore if you think you are a real Ghost and you want to challenge your ability don't hesitate to play Africa Burning, but novice players should think twice before to face continuous defeats. BACKGROUND AND MISSIONS Africa is a wonderful continent but sadly famous because of his widely spread conflicts. Here Migryder didn't take inspiration by an actual and present conflict but imagine a new conflict with "The republic of Osama Bin Laden" that is storming Africa with his armour force. Hence the Ghosts have been sent to help the conventional American Forces to stop the threat. Missions are coded to be played as quick missions. It's quite easy to create your own campaign file (and this is the way I've played them) but be aware that there is no storyboard among them. Therefore it's right to consider the mod as a mission pack and not a Campaign Mod (differently from Guatemala Mod, always by Mig). All the maps of DS have been used including the MP map Ravine. Let's analyze some of them: Migryder likes tanks a lot and this pack makes a very good use of armour assaults, both enemy and allied. Mission 1 (set in riverbed map) is incredible: I believe it's the best total war mission I've played but also the most difficult, I think I've quick reloaded the mission more than 20 times to be able to complete it. Mission 2 has no tanks but don't think it will be like a walk in the park to complete it. There are no many missions around based on Ravine map (it's a difficult map to have an inspiration from) and I believe this is a very good one. I'm not going to go on with an analyze of the other missions but don't think they are easier... In the real spirit of Co-op missions (Action first) you can't find insertion or extraction cinematics or immersion factors such as in-game messages or in game wav files. BUGS Despite what Migryder says in his Readme file I couldn?t find any bug in my gameplay. It?s true however that I?ve played the game only in SP so if you hit against some bug do not hesitate to give a look at the readme file. Anyway since this is a review I have to be as much as correct possible so I have to tell you about some small typo errors and the not so good briefing world map among others. Only minor details that do not particularly affect the good rating of the mod. CONCLUSION A very wonderful mod. The only disappointment I had is that, having played all the missions, you have the feeling of not having won the war against Osama. It looks like many movies that are directed just looking forward for a sequel. In fact there is no a final mission. But play it as a mission pack (like it is!) and you will have hours and hours of enjoyment. FINAL SCORE: 8.5 / 10 (For SP) 9.8 / 10 (For Co-op) Gossip At the beginning of the development of the mod Migryder approached me asking if I could beta-test it and he sent me the first 3 missions. I had to decline the offer since I was busy with other stuffs (mainly real life). Anyway the background of the mod was based on a new Republic of Osama-Hussein! Real events brought Migryder to change it!!! Fan Feedback ?While were all waiting for GR2 grab a copy of Africa Burning. Migryder scripts some of the best missions you'll ever tangle with."KRP 56 ?I've had a chance to play some of these missions and I agree. Very heavy firefight missions and very intense combat. "H-Hour Reviewed by Giwex
  13. Stay tuned that on October 29th Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" will be released!
  14. Just released!! Download here!
  15. Ext4 is definitely stable. Intel is working at its best!
  16. The greatest improvements I see: - use of EXT4 as default - my laptop is full working out of the box with all its devices - Intel drivers at the highest - Increased sound volume (pulseaudio) - empathy is improving day by day and definitely much better than pidgin - the new refreshed Human theme is definitely a great change - excellent default wallpapers - boot time, shutdown time improved over JJ - many minor items including the possibility to format a USB device by right click.
  17. Using Karmic since Alpha 4. This is a great major release!
  18. Giampi

    The Making of Ghost Recon CD

    I have it as well, part of Ghost Recon Collector's pack including GR, DS, the mentioned CD, a good patch to put on your bag and a great GR book to guide you in all missions and secrets of the GR. Best purchase ever regarding PC games.
  19. Giampi

    Armenia mod

    If you remember before the crash of the forum (F U hackers!) there was a small topic I started about my first mission ready to be released set with a new map called The Pond by Cobaka. I'm happy to inform you that I didn't listen some suggestions of you to release my mission as a single mission but I rather prefer to speak about something more important thanks to Cobaka and Streinger. What about it: - 4 missions by me - 4 new maps by Cobaka - the player platoon will feature all new weapons (SCAR) by Streinger. See here The good news is about ETA: 1) maps are completed 2) weapons are completed 3) 1 mission ready and one 50% ETA: end of June
  20. Giampi

    Mac GR Patches

    And the Italian patch? Actually not need, just joking
  21. Giampi

    Where Are the Reviews?

    Uhm, I actually believe Rocky was referring to some old time staff member like GWDS, definitely a bad guy IIRC.
  22. Giampi

    Armenia mod

    Ah memories!!! Definitely Armenia SCARes was a project that Cobaka, Streinger, Janie42 and myself made with great dedication and an atrocious amount of time. In every mission I made a tried to put something special and many random elements: - Mission 1: this has 2 intro cines (sort of) and 2 different outro cines (depending on the success of the mission) - Mission 2: player platoon is split into 2 different insert zones with actual cine to reflect that. But the mission will pass in the history because the spotlights of the prison actually follows the player (first ever in the mod history) - Mission 3: fog actually changes its intensity during the curse of the mission This mod has, in my honest opinion, everything except some custom uniforms. I can't believe at the time we were not able to coup with a good skinner guys when so many mods out there are skin/equipments only and suffer lack of missions. The other regret is that missions are no built to be co-op playable. Sorry if I resurrected this old thread, now you can go back reading about GR4 and all other news.
  23. Giampi

    Where Are the Reviews?

    No review yet?
  24. Giampi

    AVG 8.5 Free

    If you wanna stick with Windows then I would recommend Avira above all. There is a pop-up suggesting to upgrade to Premium version everytime you update but overall is much better than any other free AV. BTW Rocky, the other AV is Avast