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  1. Giampi

    Universal Mission Script Template

    This sounds really interesting, going to give it a try (if I find time...)
  2. Giampi

    Phoenix Rising, well not really...

    Welcome Mig! Would love to have some missions for Afghanistan maps by Cobaka, missions I was never able to script due to lack of inspirations.
  3. Uhm, weren't they present in the Demo CD featuring GR with just MP - Farm day version?
  4. Giampi

    Wombat50's "Migryder Festival Mod"

    If somebody asked me who are your favorite scripters with no hesitation I would say Jack57 and Migryder. 2 scripting styles completely opposide, the first one where your action (as player) are driven by the script itself (do this and then do that), the second one more openly playable. I consider Mig as the heir of Right-Hand, the classic case where "the pupil surpasses his master". I just downloaded the package, who knows, maybe it's time my son starts to understand what Ghost Recon is and starting with a great piece of art. By the way, I just remembered that when my son was born I posted immediately the piece of news in this community, well, today he is 12 years old!
  5. As soon as the USB collection is ready I'm going to order it. And the USB will stay intact until the end of my days...
  6. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Cheers, Giampi. Yes, in a mission script it is possible to dynamically alter weather conditions that will fit the map environment perfectly at all times, and of course you can adjust viewing and spotting distances to match up under those circumstances. The difficulties with dynamic weather changes arise in game type files (GTF) that are not bound to a single map but rather need to work across a wide range of very different maps, each with specific individual environments. Depending on various environmental conditions, e.g. time of day (day, night, noon, dusk, dawn), weather (clear, rain, snow, fog), sun/moon/artificial light (intensity, direction, color) with corresponding darkmaps/shadows, and drawing distance/mist/fog settings (range, density, color) of a particular map, dynamic changes implemented via GTF may end up looking very out of place and unnatural, because there is no way to query any of the aforementioned conditions to adjust e.g. weather or fog color accordingly. My bad, sorry, completely misunderstood your post.
  7. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    You might want to check my third mission in Armenia Scared where there is the decreasing foggy weather with adjusted spotting distance. I even used the same algorithm for a sandstorm mission for Afghanistan mod but it was never released (I think I still have it somewhere)
  8. ZJJ, in the end we always come back
  9. Giampi

    Your! favorite mod

    Since you are asking YOUR! Favorite mod I would say Armenia SCARed. Streinger did an impressive job with weapons, Cobaka with maps and models and Janie42 stressed the game high and low to spot the bugs I made in the scripting of the missions as the script I used was really complex.
  10. Giampi

    Quicksh0t Ghost Recon Video

    Featuring my Desert Siege Cinematic Mod! :'> Going to reinstall it right away!
  11. Giampi

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    When one day I will reinstall GR (and I'm sure it will happen as I will want to play it with my son, now 11 years old) this will be the first mod I will download it!
  12. Giampi

    Wombat50's "Migryder Festival Mod"

    Really nice work, might consider to reinstall GR if it ever gets released. What's the music BTW?
  13. Giampi

    Happy Birthday

    You're always great, my friend!
  14. If there is no official statement from UBIsoft or RSE it remains illegal to use assets of SOAF in GR mods. It is not because many years passed or because it became so common to practic such activity that it is not becoming legal. I'm definitely proud to have creates the MP3 mod or the Punisher mod (thanks to the cooperation of Streinger) that doesn't violate any copyright.
  15. Giampi

    Amphibious BMP

    Operation Stabilise
  16. Giampi

    Merry Christmas

    And Merry Christmas from me to everybody! (Still Christmas day here)
  17. Uhm... It's in violation nevertheless. I suggest you to read some of the topics posted in the forum about the same subject.
  18. Mod uses one map taken from SOAF (Wep factory) and thus in violation of EULA
  19. Giampi

    Happy Birthday

    Buon compleanno Rocky!
  20. Giampi

    Happy Birthday

    I'm really happy I logged today to give my best wished to one on the most respectful modder and member of this community. Happy Birthday Hammer!
  21. Giampi

    Changing character skins ?

    It is sufficient to edit the atr files included in the folders Demolition/Riflemen/Sniper/Heavy-Weapon under Mods/Origmiss/Actor
  22. Giampi

    Tapatalk forum application

    Any news about Tap a talk integration? Thanks
  23. Giampi

    Mp3 (SOAF for GR) by GWDS

    Here you can download the 1.2 beta version of MP3 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5UZ1yRd1QlmTlRoUXNzdmlpcE0/edit?usp=sharing The aim of the update was to include the weapons, missions were planned for a further update.
  24. Giampi

    Mp3 (SOAF for GR) by GWDS

    Please read this http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48394&page=3#entry523184 However I have no objection to let everbody further develop the mod providing full credit is given.
  25. Giampi

    Tom Clancy Passes

    RIP I can't say he was my favourite writer but definitely it played some role in my life. I'm sad.