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  1. techwarrior

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    OK found the update post sorry about the post earlier. Downloading now. Great job as usual Apex. Thanks for hosting Rocky.
  2. techwarrior

    Thank you for HU!

    DID Apex ever update HU from a couple years ago? I think I am using 9B or something to that effect. I see the ads for the Mod but I don't know if I need to update mine or not.
  3. techwarrior

    Steam games install on 2 drives?

    OK been a LONG time since I was here last and this maybe a mute point (and opening a dead thread possibly) but this Steam install is STILL working on the same 2TB i did 2 years ago. So I would say that it is a viable way of running your games if your really that stuck on drive space. I run all my Steam games from this drive with no issues. I also recently ran a Steam install on a 3.0 flash drive and it runs great there as well. So for longevity reference here ya go.
  4. techwarrior

    GR/DS & IT works on Windows 10 (STEAM)

    We actually had this working last year. Old news