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  1. Ubisoft montreal GRAW off , Red storm GRAW live! GRAW2 i dont know....but maybe red storm... Pc version GRIN.... Yes graw 1 PC not improve
  2. GRAW 2 for 360 is action, this is sure, but have some option for limited gameplay , for example set only first person, no drone, no reticules friend/enemy, no respawn, no explosive and more! but remain action for moviment and aimpoint....
  3. I switch from x360 to PC version, love original GR/GR:it for xbox... I Hate graw for 360..... But 360 have best online system imho... (not for graw )!
  4. Freisar

    GRAW 2 Demo out now

    X360 version have some problem with aim (i have 360 demo), in GR:it for xbox aim is perfect....
  5. Freisar

    Only 3D person

    360 version have third person and first person but no with weapon, remeber classical GR view?
  6. Freisar

    GRAW 2: PC Developer Q&A

    I have E4300 + 2gb drr400 + x1950pro agp! I hope GRAW2 have no problem....
  7. If Ms insert Live service in Windows Vista , i sure player PC and Xbox play together if videogame is the same, in this case the game is different! For example , story(level designed) ,menù, gameplay,maps and more in Graw1 for 360 is complete different, its impossible to converge for online game! And console version have third person..... (i have 360 version )!
  8. Hi, Graw2 for PC and X360 is a different game! Different in gameply, different for visual and more...