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  1. Commando shirt ain't bad. It helps you see the tats if you rock any. The update was my favorite though due to the combat shirt change.
  2. So I broke down and bought the Special Forces pack which includes the beret, helmet with NVGs, commando shirt, pants and boots, ranger and liberator tattoos, beret skull patch and the pre-made m4 and sr-25. Didn't bother with the weapons. The nvg's on the helmet are just cosmetic. They don't flip down when you put your night vision or thermal on. I like the pants and the shirt is alright, but i think I'm gonna use the beret to make an Expendables loadout since they had the black berets. I don't like the ranger tat because it looks like it says "mess with the best die with the best" Kinda confusing. I'm guessing die with the best means you as a Ranger die as the best. I would think it should say "Mess with the best die like the rest" as in if you mess with the Rangers, you're gonna die like all others who have messed with them. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Dang call that guy Steven Seagal. He's snappin necks n cashin checks lol
  4. To get back on topic, everything is FINALLY in game. I was worried that they weren't going to add em since some genius leaked the content online like some of the other things. The beret, nvg helmet, tats, and a few others are in a pack you have to buy, but the combat shirt and pants are available in ALL camo patterns. Yee yee!
  5. Disappointed that my MK14 at the max level still doesn't do near as much damage as my level 14 L115A3.
  6. I'm on PS4 and it's the right analog stick for me, but for interrogations, i saw people say you hold X on the xbox controller to grab and press Y to interrogate. Knocking guys out may be different for Xbox controllers. Hope this helped.
  7. Is there a level cap for your weapons? I'm at Level 30 for my MK14 and its still lower than my Level 14 L115A3 EDIT: Nevermind just found out 30 is the highest level for a weapon. Kinda bummed about that. Just means i gotta use my L115A3 for convoy takedowns.
  8. Yeah and I'm a nooby type player so I'm judt chillin at 45.
  9. Just 45. It went from arcade to regular.
  10. Any updates on this or is it just rumored? I feel like these leaks could be effecting the release dates of these items. I remember hearing they were gonna release an American themed pack for 4th of July. Never happened. Hopefully it's not the same deal with these.
  11. A little off topic question from someone who has never left the states. How was Paris? One of the places I'd like to visit eventually.
  12. It's still my favorite PS4 game to play. I enjoyed the OGR games a lot more, but that's cause I actually had friends to play them with. I game with my one coworker, but it's very limited and his style doesn't match mine. He's more Leroy Jenkins. I need to get back to makin YouTube vids. Fun game to add commentary on.
  13. What does everyone think of the new flight controls? For the most part I like em, but when it comes to dodging SAMs I kinda like the old ones.
  14. I guarantee it has to do with Tier 1 mode. Wish it was for purchase. I'm perfectly fine at my tier level. If I go up any more I'm gonna take a beating.
  15. My ACR now does more damage than the MK17 and my L115A3 is almost caught up to the HTI. Both level 10.