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  1. ZJJ

    Man, how much I love this site!

    Hear, hear! 🍻
  2. ZJJ

    What's up?

    Sorry I'm late to this topic. I'm not considered essential, but I'm still working...only from home (most of the time). It's been crazy getting everyone set up with laptops and the capability of logging into our server, while at the same time having to still do my work. I've been putting in 12+ hour days. Stay safe!
  3. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    Power tools, liquor in a glass bottle and a computer nearby. What could go wrong with that?
  4. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    A good idea when the power cord isn't long enough.
  5. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

  6. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

  7. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    Why haven't I thought of this before!
  8. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

  9. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    Want To Turn Your Drink Into Diet? No Problem! Just Push This Button This Tiny Tool Can Make Any Pair Of Headphones Wireless
  10. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    More winter life hacks, use at your own discretion.
  11. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    A couple more winter tips (for those of us in the northern hemisphere currently experiencing cold, icy weather). Ice on frozen door handles can be melted off with hand sanitizer. Likewise, a spray of WD-40 can keep a keyhole from getting frozen.