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  1. firefox

    Weapons changing help

    In GRAW (for xbox) can you change your weapons at the start of every level in campaign? because I can't, it really angers me Any help?
  2. firefox

    Favorite gun???

    My favorites are (in order of how much I like them): M82 7.62 sniper SA80 M136 M4 SOCOM
  3. firefox

    take down carlos

    Do you have a Zeus? that's what i used. It's really hard though.
  4. firefox

    Favourite Weapon

    I really like the as50 but i also like the scar and m136 AT4
  5. firefox

    Available weapons on GR2...

    Ok thanks i've been confused for a while .
  6. firefox

    Available weapons on GR2...

    Hey question are all the games your talking about for xbox? Because the game for gamecube is really different.