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  1. Very cool and promising !
  2. Well, you can do a mod the way you want AND share with the community right ? I mean one thing has nothing to do with the other.
  3. A bit selfish, isnt it ? ...
  4. I'm definitely wanting to learn how to properly implement them? Have you got any mission where they've been scripted & work which I could look at, or maybe a short step-by-step writeup? There is a test/example mission included in the mod, made by ita_killabees.
  5. Ghost Recon is very alive,sure,so if i may suggest you,could you please make some missions with that "Air Strike Call Tools" (its in the download section, mod-tools i think),it would be something new and pretty damn cool. That F-18 flying rocks.
  6. GregV

    Eager Smoke (Alternative)

    Will you use the F-18 model and stuff from that "Air Strike Call Tools" ?
  7. GregV


    Centcom is a very good mod, with xcool maps and some nice stuff, but there are maaanyyy bugs , CTDs, at least in the single player campaign. Tinker has found, described and fixed many of the bugs with his "unofficial" patch, what means the beta tests havent been enough, considering the amount of stuff that has been added to the mod's mix. Anyway, it is certainly an "Unofficial Expansion Pack". Thats my opinion.
  8. GregV

    Centcom Mission Issues

    Perhaps you need to reread my post . Everything available is installed. Ok, but anyway there are still some issues, like in mission 7, the meeting wont end even after 1 hour of wait.
  9. GregV


    I had an issue in mission 7, the meeting simply doesnt end, i've waited more than 30 minutes and nothing. Any idea about how to complete this objective and finish the mission ?
  10. GregV

    Centcom Mission Issues

    Install Tinker's patch (the last one, its in the download page of Centcom), it will probably fix all mod's bugs.
  11. GregV


    Fileplanet isnt a good hoster. I got the same message here, couldnt you people host the patch in filefront ? Cant wait to play the mod without the bugs !
  12. GregV


    Release date: Dec 31 2006 .... .... 2006 forum awards ....
  13. GregV

    Halien Recon

    I think you should check this first. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...0850&st=30#
  14. GregV

    Where to download Ubi

    GR disk has the software, it will take some time for it to auto update till the last version.
  15. GregV

    Centcom Mission Issues

    Tinker, please, if possible, could you make a mission using that "air strike tools" stuff ive checked in the download tool - modding section - looks damn cool.