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    S.A.S. Desert Eagles recruiting

    Another point to be raised which was suggested by one of our leaders, if you're thinking of joining, then please be serious about it. We can't be bothered with people who want to waste our time by acting all interested then not joining our training sessions when requested...just like the other person who contributed to this thread. So please, only serious players wanted. Thanx.
  2. x Stevie B x

    S.A.S. Desert Eagles recruiting

    Just to let everyone who reads this know in advance, you must have the chapter 2 patch. This is a mandatory rule of ours as we like to play on all maps whenever we can. Check out S.A.S Desert Eagles for rules and info for those who wish to join.
  3. Hi. I'm one of the leaders of the S.A.S. Deset Eagles GRAW 360 clan and we need lots more members to join in order to get our clan off the ground. There are currently 3 members but we want to face an opposing team of more than 3 members each time we play Team Elimination. We play most nights and we're looking for experienced players who are willing to show some commitment. If anyone is interested then please go to the below link for more info on the team or send me a message via Xbox live. Thanx for reading. www.freewebs.com/sas-de